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UK tots up £6bn in climate finance for developing counties since 2011

Business Green

Totting up the UK's International Climate Finance (ICF) since 2011 in an update report published on Tuesday , the government said it had mobilised £4.1bn public and £2.2bn private finance for climate change efforts in developing countries over the period.

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Shutting Down All Of Japan’s Nuclear Plants After Fukushima Was A Bad Idea

Jim Conca

By now, more Japanese have died from the closing of Japan's nuclear power plants following the 2011 Tohoku quake than from the tsunami and the earthquake combined, which was about 20,000 people. But no one has died from any radiation released by the crippled reactors.


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Uranium prices hit 12-year high as governments warm to nuclear power

Financial Times: Energy

Cost of ‘yellowcake’ jumps to levels not seen since before 2011 Fukushima disaster

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SEPA household waste statistics 2019 highlight positive trends on recycling, carbon emissions and reduced landfill use

Envirotec Magazine

million tonnes of CO2 equivalent from 2011. The 2019 metric shows a continued downward trajectory since 2011 in Scotland’s household waste carbon impact. million from 2011. achieved in 2011. Carbon impact of waste down 1.1 Less than 1 million tonnes of household waste sent to landfill for the first time.

Recycling 250
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Trend: The bots are coming (to ratings and reporting)


Roughly 20 percent of S&P 500 companies published a sustainability report in 2011. Corporate reporting on sustainability has grown more than fivefold in the past 10 years. In 2018, that number rose to 86 percent.

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ESG is rewriting the job description for CSOs


With investors driving environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration, the field has grown by more than 228 percent, from just 29 CSOs in 2011 to 95 CSOs in 2021. Women hold 54 percent of CSO positions, up from 28 percent in 2011. Today there are: More CSOs who have more influence. Who occupies the CSO job also has changed.

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Japan to release second batch of wastewater from Fukushima nuclear plant next week

The Guardian: Energy

On 24 August, Japan began discharging into the Pacific some of the 1.34m tonnes of wastewater that has collected since a tsunami crippled the facility in 2011. Continue reading.