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Breaking the cycle with upcycled food


Breaking the cycle with upcycled food. Soon — just as the plastic milk gallon in the dairy aisle and the beer can in the alcohol section have the three arrows signaling the packaging is recyclable — food products at grocery stores will have a new label to indicate the product is made with upcycled ingredients. .

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Group attempts to turn plastic waste into a useful soil additive

Envirotec Magazine

Researchers from University of California, Riverside, have detailed a method to convert plastic waste into a highly porous form of charcoal or char that has a whopping surface area of about 400 square meters per gram of mass. The plastic-to-char process was developed at UC Riverside’s Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering.

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Mycocycle uses mushrooms to upcycle old tires and construction waste

TechCrunch: Climate

The startup's fungi use their mycelium to consume oil-based rubbers and plastics, creating new bio-based materials in the process. © 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

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Recycled plastic to soon pave Los Angeles roads

Inhabitat - Innovation

Substituting asphalt road materials with upcycled plastic waste could spell cost savings for both road construction and waste management endeavors.

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Network Rail introduces coffee cup recycling points to busy stations

Envirotec Magazine

As passenger numbers slowly increase and with 60% of station retailers now open, those travelling by train or visiting the stations can make use of the bright orange bins to recycle any paper coffee cups purchased during their journey.

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Latest and Greatest Recycling Technologies

GreenTech Gazette

There are several new and emerging technologies for recycling that are being developed and implemented around the world. Here are a few examples: Chemical recycling: Chemical recycling is a new technology that breaks down plastic waste into its basic building blocks, which can then be used to make new plastic products.

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Project recycles CDs into flexible biosensors

Envirotec Magazine

According to the paper, “this sustainable approach for upcycling electronic waste provides an advantageous research-based waste stream that does not require cutting-edge microfabrication facilities, expensive materials or high-caliber engineering skills.”. How can we upcycle those types of CDs with the same kind of process?

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