Metamorphosis In Fukushima — Installing 11 Solar Power Plants & 10 Wind Power Plants


How does one renew an area devastated by nuclear waste? One of the dreams depicts the horror and abyss after the fallout of a nuclear accident. I think of brilliant Kirusowa's film Dreams. Indeed, in real life, there are farmlands in Japan that are ruined, land that cannot be cultivated anymore. The Nikkei Asian Review reports mountainous areas where population outflows continue.

Nuclear power can deliver a 'levelled-up' green economy - with the right support from government

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Sue Ferns of trade union Prospect argues the government can help ensure nuclear power provides a vital plank in the net zero transition. But, with rumours that the new Chancellor is about to foreclose on new nuclear , the government risks sabotaging its own agenda from the outset. New nuclear is widely acknowledged to be a critical component of the clean energy mix needed to meet our net zero emissions goals.

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FERC revises three-year forecast to reflect rapid growth of renewable energy

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Sharp declines are foreseen for fossil fuels and nuclear power while accompanied by even stronger growth in renewable energy (i.e., biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) than earlier projected. News Hydropower Storage Bioenergy Wind Power Solar Geothermal

Powering into the Future? UK nuclear strategy after Hitachi

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The government must rebalance nuclear's place in the energy portfolio and bring the public onside while there is still time, argues Bright Blue's Andrew Leming. Efforts to build nuclear capacity in the UK have long faced an uphill challenge.

Ameren Missouri Looks to Harness Wind, Solar and Batteries With $7.6B ‘Smart Energy Plan’


million customers by 2025, adding nearly 700 megawatts of wind power, plus more solar and battery storage systems to boost rural reliability. A subset of that funding will go toward more advanced grid controls, such as sensors and switches to sectionalize circuits and reduce the scope of power outages. Missouri's lagging wind market. Unlike most utility grid modernization plans, however, Ameren Missouri’s plan also includes $1 billion for wind power.

How America Thwarted a Giant ‘Extension Cord’ for Renewables


Unless you’re trying to string 700 miles of high-voltage transmission lines to bring wind power from Oklahoma to Tennessee. Our guest this week is Russell Gold, author of a new book about the saga that unfolded when wind energy pioneer Michael Skelly tried just that. Then, two top presidential candidates are calling for a ban on fracking and promising to phase out nuclear power.

How NextEra Overtook ExxonMobil As The Largest U.S. Energy Company

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The company has used the stable cash flows from its regulated Florida power utility (70% of revenue) to help finance its investments in renewables (30% of revenue). In the process, NextEra became the largest producer of wind and solar power in the world. NextEra’s renewables unit, NextEra Energy Resources, is primarily oriented toward wind power (58% of this unit’s fuel mix) and is the largest generator of wind power in North America.

Renewables Overtake Coal, Thanks To Natural Gas

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The short version is that policies to curb carbon emissions were put in place about the same time the shale boom and renewable power revolutions created cheaper, cleaner alternatives to coal. This surge is better shown by the following graphic, which highlights the three categories of modern renewables that have driven the consumption surge: Wind power, solar power, and biofuels. quads of nuclear power.

New York?s Energy Transition (and Challenges) in 5 Charts


Grid operators around the world are unusually busy these days, but few have quite as much on their minds as NYISO, the independent system operator that manages New York state's bulk power system and wholesale energy market. New York state’s zero-carbon energy goals will require new transmission to carry upstate wind and hydro to downstate markets, plus a wave of new batteries and other balancing agents to balance the state's increasingly intermittent renewable mix.

New Jersey to Build Nation’s Largest Offshore Wind Port


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced plans on Tuesday to develop an offshore wind port on an artificial island along the Delaware River, potentially giving the state a leg up in the race to attract offshore wind jobs and manufacturers. The New Jersey Wind Port, which is unlike anything yet revealed in the U.S., The first phase will cover 30 acres, including a staging and marshalling area for offshore wind components and a 25-acre manufacturing facility.

Three-Quarters of New US Generating Capacity in 2020 Will Be Renewable, EIA Says


Energy Information Administration has confirmed what it and industry watchers predicted a year ago—that wind and solar power will expand on their already-large share of new U.S. According to EIA data released Tuesday , wind and solar will make up 32 of the 42 gigawatts of new capacity additions expected to start commercial operation in 2020, dwarfing the 9.3 EIA’s numbers also break records for both wind and solar in terms of annual capacity additions.

FERC Order Will Restart PJM’s Capacity Market


Under that plan, offshore wind farms will almost certainly be priced out of the market, but state-subsidized onshore wind, solar power, nuclear power and demand-side resources may be able to win approval for bids low enough to clear.

Ohio Governor Calls to “Repeal and Replace” Scandal-Tainted Nuclear Bailout Bill


DeWine’s call to overturn House Bill 6 at a Thursday press conference came just a day after he expressed support for the law, saying it is needed to retain zero-carbon energy output — and several thousand jobs — from the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power plants.

PJM’s Compliance Plan Doesn’t End FERC Order’s Threat to Renewables, Experts Say


Mid-Atlantic grid operator PJM has submitted a plan that wind and solar industry groups say might shield them from the most harmful effects of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order that has upended the country’s biggest capacity market. In fact, many are still requesting that FERC reconsider the order and planning lawsuits to challenge it, or simply awaiting November’s election, which could shift political power in Washington D.C.

Midwestern Utility Evergy Pledges Carbon Cuts in Line With Paris Accord


On Friday, the 1-million-customer utility, formed last year by the merger of Westar Energy and Kansas City Power & Light parent company Great Plains Energy, announced plans to cut carbon emission by 80 percent from 2005 levels by 2050. Since 2005, Evergy has reduced the share of coal-fired power in its 6.2-gigawatt generation fleet from 52 percent to 40 percent, while reducing natural gas and oil from 38 percent to 26 percent.

Can the US Catch Up in the Green Hydrogen Economy?


Experience with the roughly 25,000 fuel cell-powered forklifts in use in the U.S. will enable expansion to larger classes of vehicles, for example, and fuel cells being used for on-site power at data centers can serve as models for integrating hydrogen into large-scale generation.

Hawaiian Electric Reveals Full List of Winners From Its Big Energy Storage Procurement


Two French energy giants won bids to develop solar-battery systems on the Big Island of Hawaii, each to consists of 60-megawatt/240 megawatt-hours of storage: Engie North America , a large-scale renewable energy and storage developer owned by French energy and water project giant Engie, and EDF Renewables North America , the subsidiary of French utility and nuclear power giant Électricité de France. formerly 174 Power Global), a U.S.-based

'Our seas hold immense potential': PM pledges to power all UK homes with offshore wind by 2030

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Boris Johnson trails first stage in '10-point plan' for a green industrial revolution, as government confirms new £160m wind turbine manufacturing investment.

How Should Europe Decarbonize? Depends Who You Ask


The EU's own new strategy for decarbonizing its energy system draws largely from European Commission projections from 2018, predicting that in 2050 more than 80 percent of the electricity supply will come from renewables and 15 percent from nuclear.

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Could The U.S. Automobile Fleet Run On Wind And Solar Power?

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with electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) power. on solar power would require a substantial amount of backup power or storage for when the sun isn’t shining. solar power generation has increased by a factor of 66. wind power generation, which started from a larger base at that time, has increased by a factor of five. gasoline demand could be displaced if all of the wind and solar power generation went into powering EVs.

Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2050


Virginia has become the latest state to pass a law that sets it on a path to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050, as well as setting targets for massive investments in energy efficiency, energy storage and in-state solar and wind power. The primary feature of the law, SB 851, is its call for Dominion Virginia, the state’s dominant utility, and the smaller Appalachian Power Co., Dominion also gets more than one-third of its energy from nuclear power.

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Arizona Utility APS Charts 15-Year Plan on Its Way to Zero-Carbon Energy by 2050


More immediately, the utility aims for 2030 goals of 45 percent renewable electricity, with the Palo Verde nuclear power plant bringing the tally up to 65 percent carbon-free power. While it calls for ending coal-fired power by 2031, it keeps natural gas-fired power plants running through at least 2035 to maintain reliability for a region with sky-high summertime temperatures and energy demand.

Global Briefing: EU set to push for more stretching 2030 climate target

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Poland accelerates coal phase out, pushes for nuclear and offshore wind. It said the new energy facilities would create 300,000 jobs, adding that Poland's coal power reliance would fall to an 11-28 per cent share of country's electricity mix by 2040.

Microchip Giant TSMC Signs ‘World’s Largest’ Corporate Renewables Deal — for Offshore Wind


Ørsted has signed what it calls the world's largest corporate renewables power-purchase agreement to supply 920 megawatts of offshore wind power to Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC, a key supplier to Apple. Ørsted’s power-purchase agreement (PPA) breaks new ground for the corporate renewables market. The burgeoning Taiwanese offshore wind market. gigawatts of offshore wind by 2035 as it phases out its nuclear power plants.

Dominion Targets 24GW of Renewables and Storage in Move Toward Virginia’s Clean Energy Goals


Dominion Virginia’s new integrated resource plan (IRP), announced Friday, represents a potentially historic shift for the state’s largest utility, which has seen previous plans rejected by Virginia regulators for their over-reliance on fossil fuel power plants and infrastructure to be paid for by ratepayers. The new plan, by contrast, sets out a goal of nearly 16 gigawatts of solar, more than 5 gigawatts of offshore wind, and 2.7

Vistra, LS Power Top Winners in PG&E?s 420MW Storage Procurement


gigawatts of carbon-free resources to help meet grid reliability needs that will arise when four natural gas-fired power plants retire next year to reduce their environmental harm to coastal waters. PG&E’s portfolio of new battery projects isn’t the biggest one meant to make up for those power plants, whose retirement has already been delayed by a year to allow clean energy replacement resources to be brought online.

'Our seas hold immense potential': PM unveils £160m offshore wind investment

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Boris Johnson is set to cast a major vote of confidence in the UK's flourishing offshore wind sector tomorrow in a bid to help the country "build back greener", confirming a higher target for 40GW of capacity by 2030, backed by £160m investment towards state-of-the-art turbine manufacturing.

'Grounds for optimism': Global CO2 emissions flatlined in 2019, data indicates

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The global energy agency put the halt in CO2 growth down to declining emissions from power generation in advanced economies such as the EU and the USA, thanks in large part to the expanding role of renewable energy such as wind and solar. Fuel sources switching from coal to natural gas as well as rising nuclear power generation also played a key role in these economies, it said.

Global Briefing: Coronavirus crisis will have 'negligible' impact on emissions without green recovery, study warns

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Climate Home News reported this week on plans from India's Power and Renewable Energy Ministry to imposedutires of up to 25 per cent on solar modules and 15 per cent on cells imported from China and Malaysia. Study: China accounts for over 90 per cent of planned global coal power capacity.

Fukushima on track to become a renewable energy hub


In hopes of reinventing its image, new life is breathing into Fukushima, the Japanese northeastern prefecture that was devastated by a 2011 tsunami and consequent nuclear power plant meltdown. earthquake triggered a massive tsunami, overwhelming the Fukushima reactors and causing the worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl incident. Decontamination of Fukushima’s nuclear plant and surroundings are ongoing.

Jeff Bezos And Amazon Can Empower Consumers On The Greatest Challenge Of Our Time

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Clean Electricity Like their peers, Amazon has been transitioning to fuel its data centers with solar and wind power. or, just save the nuclear power plant currently slated to be shutdown in Ohio. They could also negotiate cheaper power for their customers using the low-cost renewable energy sources available to them. We need our powerful players to contribute. With great wealth comes great responsibility.

FERC Chairman Highlights Progress but Key Decisions Languish


This could effectively bar capacity market participation for gigawatts of solar and wind power expected to be built under state renewable portfolio standard programs in PJM’s 11-state region stretching from Illinois to Maryland. But it could also challenge state-subsidized nuclear power plants in Illinois and New Jersey , the nuclear and coal plants that won subsidies from Ohio lawmakers this year, or future resources receiving state assistance.

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