Tesla's co-founder is pioneering a circular system for electric vehicle batteries


Tesla's co-founder is pioneering a circular system for electric vehicle batteries. This week, I've been thinking a lot about electric vehicle batteries and the massive potential for battery recycling and reuse. As the market for electric vehicles takes off, that means eventually hundreds of millions of EV batteries will be in use and then face end of life. Electric Vehicles.

How Much Do Electric Vehicles Help in Reducing Pollution?

The Environmental Blog

The US is one of the countries with the highest number of motorized vehicles per capita, with a fleet of well over 250 million. Fortunately, there’s a new trend on the rise – that of electric vehicles (or EVs for short). Foregoing fossil fuels, these vehicles are charged directly through a power outlet, generating no harmful emissions, and offering savings in the long run, despite their higher initial price.

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India x Cleantech — September 2019


Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new India x Cleantech series! On a monthly basis, we will pull news from across clean technology sectors in India into a single, concise summary article. Ongoing, this series will find a home over on CleanTechnica's “Future Trends” page. Without further ado, here are this month's highlights from India x Cleantech.

Real-Time Innovations to Showcase Electric Vehicle and Plug-and-Play DER Solutions at DistribuTECH International


RTI In-Booth Demos to Address Urgent Issues Facing the Electrical Power Grid

Could the UK run a net-negative emission power grid by 2033?

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National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios analysis paints a compelling picture of the potential for an energy system replete with hydrogen, CCS and millions of EVs.

VIGIL hails successful electric vehicle-to-grid trial in Birmingham

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Government-backed project assessed grid impacts of bi-directional EV charging at two sites at Aston University. Researchers running a government-backed electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial in Birmingham have hailed the success of the project in demonstrating the potential benefits of bi-direction electric car charging technology for building owners, power grid operators, and EV infrastructure firms.

Canada’s power grid is pretty clean. Here’s why it needs to be cleaner

Clean Energy Canada

It also includes the people who manufacture electric cars and buses. So far, our series has covered what the federal government has implemented to support electric vehicles. The electricity that powers our country. Not only that, it’s the electricity that will power much of the transition to a carbon-free future. All of them incentivize plugging more things — from our cars to our homes — into our electricity grid.

Western Power Distribution seeks 100 drivers for electric vehicle-to-grid trial

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One hundred electric vehicle drivers are being recruited across the Midlands, South West England, and South Wales to take part in the next phase of a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial announced this week by Western Power Distribution and EV charging phone app service CrowdCharge. It also opens up the potential for electric car drivers to be paid for storing excess power and sending it back to the grid when required.

Tesla’s co-founder is pioneering a circular system for electric vehicle batteries


Tesla’s co-founder is pioneering a circular system for electric vehicle batteries Katie Fehrenbacher Wed, 09/02/2020 – 01:30 This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about electric vehicle batteries and the massive potential for battery recycling and reuse. As the market for electric vehicles takes off, that means eventually hundreds of millions of EV batteries will be in use and then face end of life.

Canada to award $2 million to Mogile for EV infrastructure projects in Quebec


The first project includes an investment of $1.136 million to test a technology designed to reduce demand on the power grid during peak charging periods. The goal is to allow utilities to adjust power output and pricing based on predicted load use. Newswire The Infrastructure Electric Vehicles in CanadaNatural Resource Canada will award nearly $2 million to Mogile Technologies to develop two EV infrastructure projects in Quebec.

Fermata receives UL certification for vehicle-to-grid EV charging system


The standard covers bidirectional equipment that charges EVs from an electric power system (EPS) and also allows the vehicle to export power to an EPS, potentially enabling EV owners to earn money by helping to stabilize the electric power grid when the vehicles are parked. “By Newswire The Infrastructure Fermata Energy V2G Vehicle-to-Grid

Kaluza and Bosch tout direct-to-car smart EV charging system

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The two firms announce successful trial of technology they claim could help extend the power grid and consumer efficiency benefits offered by smart charging electric vehicles.

A Closer Look at Lyft’s 100% EV Commitment


Lyft is going 100% electric. The rideshare company just pledged to transition every vehicle on its platform to an EV by 2030. It will require building out an entire ecosystem of electric vehicle infrastructure and incentives, and getting into the weeds on policy. We talk to Arons about the EV target and how to meet it, as well as related policies and how electric rideshare vehicles can support the power grid.

German Startup The Mobility House Stakes Claim on US EV Charging Market


electric fleet charging market is small but growing, just like domestic EV adoption. German startup The Mobility House launched in 2009 to figure out dynamic charging for electric fleets, the kind that use enough power to throw off a facility's electric bills without careful scheduling.

November Cleantech Roundup: The Energy Transition in Red States | Building Decarbonization |…

Clean Energy Trust

November Cleantech Roundup: The Energy Transition in Red States | Building Decarbonization | Mainstream Electric Vehicles Clean Energy Trust’s cleantech roundup highlights interesting cleantech news and perspectives across industry, technology, policy, and investing. The Michigan City Generating Station, a NIPSCO-owned coal power plant scheduled to shut down in 2028. a battery-powered version of its Focus compact. tesla electric-vehicles energy-transition news

Nissan launches pilot in Australia, will offer V2G to customers this year


A major government trial of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology in Australia will demonstrate the Nissan LEAF’s ability to supply energy to a home or commercial site, or to feed power back to the grid, thanks to its built-in bidirectional charging capability. The Realising Electric Vehicle Services (REVS) project is a precursor to the customer launch of Nissan’s V2G technology in Australia this year.

Sonnen Launches ‘Much More Accessible’ Battery for Home Backup and Grid Services


The Germany-based company, acquired by oil major Shell in 2019, designed its sonnenCore system to deliver daily cycling for grid services as well as backup power. We intend the battery to be installed indoors, we intend this battery to be used for grid services," Gentner said.

GreenCom Lands Funding to Expand IoT Home Energy Controls in Europe and Beyond


Enabling European virtual power plants. Another large-scale project with German energy services firm Getec envisions replacing up to 1 million electric heat storage systems with new controllable heaters over the next 10 to 15 years, he said.

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A Blockchain-Enabled Smart Meter for Clean Power Trading?


Blockchain’s energy sector uses range from the highly speculative—think peer-to-peer energy trading using cryptocurrency raised in initial coin offerings (ICOs)—to more incremental efforts, grounded in real-world challenges of operating an increasingly decentralized power grid.

Report Cites Planning, Market Failures at Root of California’s Rolling Blackouts


California’s two days of rolling blackouts in August were the result of disconnects between its existing grid reliability constructs and the needs of an increasingly solar-powered grid, and its failure to prepare for a Western U.S.-wide

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Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Green hydrogen — made by splitting water’s hydrogen and oxygen using electricity produced by renewable sources — is a small fish in the "energies pond." Other technologies are in the mix, such as battery electric vehicles. Later this year, the developer intends to build a plant in California to make hydrogen from waste for transportation fuel or for the power grid; it is negotiating with a healthcare provider to supply the trash.

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Emerson Acquires OSI for $1.6B as Grid Edge Software Landscape Consolidates


The all-cash transaction is expected to close in early 2021 and will create a “complete electric utility solution from generation to metering,” according to Emerson’s press release. Portland General Electric, for example, has worked with OSI Inc.

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V2G Charging Pioneer Nuvve to Go Public via SPAC Reverse Merger


Nuvve, the San Diego-based company that’s spent the past decade pioneering electric-vehicle-to-grid (V2G) projects around the world, plans to go public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). electric school buses offer a particularly attractive V2G proposition.

GRIDSERVE breaks ground on first ultra-fast EV charging station

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Construction is underway on the first of a network of super-fast electric charging forecourts aimed at boosting take up of electric vehicles (EVs), while reinventing the concept of petrol stations. GRIDSERVE's electric forecourt is being built just off the A131 near Braintree in Essex. The development is part of a £1bn UK-wide programme from GRIDSERVE to deploy 'Electric Forecourts' across the UK.

FreeWire Technologies Raises $25 Million, Starts Shipping Battery-Boosted Fast Chargers


Startup FreeWire Technologies raised another $25 million to commercialize its electric car chargers, which are designed to reduce the infrastructural costs of installation. The Bay Area company finished development of its Boost Charger, which delivers fast charging (up to 120-kilowatt output) while minimizing stress on the local power grid with the help of a built-in 160-kilowatt-hour battery.

From parking to power: Major Vehicle to Grid electricity trial ready for take off

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team up for large scale pilot of vehicle to grid systems that aims to provide businesses with clean power from their parking lots. V2G technology allows energy stored in EV batteries to be sold back to the grid when demand for power is high. Nissan and E.ON

‘Math Doesn’t Yet Add Up’ for Utility Decarbonization Goals: Deloitte


Each still plans to build new natural gas power plants in the near term, despite the additional emissions they will cause. electric grid relies on fossil fuels for 63 percent of its generation, and according to the U.S. Stage 2: ‘reshape’ the demand side of the grid.

Consumers Are Playing a Big Role in Keeping the Lights On in California This Week


After a massive heat wave in California that led grid operator CAISO to order its first rolling blackouts since the 2001 energy crisis on Friday and Saturday, the state has thus far managed to avoid further forced outages. Why did power plants drop offline?

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Could Flex Services Draw New Players to Energy Sector?


The mobile giant and the energy blockchain leader last month announced a partnership to use subscriber identification module (SIM) technology as a means to identify distributed electricity system assets on the grid. “This means that renewable and distributed assets like wind turbines, batteries, heat pumps and solar panels can be integrated with energy grids safely and efficiently,” said the companies in a press release. electricity provider.

How the UK Is Building Grid Markets to Reward Flexible Distributed Energy


’s novel approach to enlisting rooftop solar, behind-the-meter batteries, electric vehicle chargers and grid-responsive appliances as an integral part of its power grids. ” Making the DER markets for real-time grid operations.

Media brief: The impact of clean stimulus measures on the U.S. economy following the 2008 downturn

Clean Energy Canada

Jobs spanned industries such as , renewable energy, energy efficiency, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as advanced grid and energy storage. The clean-energy-related investments made following the financial crisis leveraged about $150 billion in private capital to match government investments in electric vehicles, energy efficiency, wind, biomass and other technologies. In 2020, renewable energy will account for 21% of total electricity used in the U.S.,

WCS + ClimateLink Virtual Happy Hour: The Rise of Electrification and Renewables after Passing Peak Oil

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

What can be done to prepare for power loss when wildfire season comes as we shelter in place. We’ll also talk about our transition from oil & gas into the power grid to a more “connected” society by answering these questions: What will be the effects of the low gas prices on people buying electric vehicles? What will happen when millions of electric vehicles join the grid? May 14, 2020. 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST. Virtual Event.

Cornish mining firm finds 'globally significant' lithium grades beneath county

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Cornwall could emerge as a key region for the UK's growing green economy, after mining firm Cornish Lithium Ltd claimed to have found "globally significant" grades of lithium, a key component in battery technology for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, in the county.

Cutting the ‘Total Cost of Electrification’ for EV Bus and Truck Fleets


Electric trucks and buses may be approaching cost parity with their fossil-fueled counterparts, and they’re certainly cheaper to fuel over the long run — and that’s not counting their carbon and pollution emissions benefits.

GTM’s Live Coronavirus Blog: The Impact on Clean Energy


For all their momentum, the clean-energy sectors — solar, wind, energy storage, and companies transforming the power grid — will not escape the COVID-19 downdraft. Tesla Closes Its Factories in California and New York : As calls for people to stay home grew increasingly urgent, Tesla announced plans to close two plants making electric vehicles and products for the solar and energy storage markets.

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A New Era Is Beginning for the Grid Edge. Is the Utility Industry Ready?


The degree to which this wave of new flexible resources can be tapped for grid-balancing will depend on four key areas, according to a new research insight from WoodMac. These areas are regulatory reform, evolution of market models, the scale of grid edge investment around electrification, and de-risking grid edge investment. Both electric vehicles and electric heat are expected to see record growth in the 2020s. De-risking grid edge investment.

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Major Cornwall green grid trial cuts bills and CO2, Centrica finds

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UK's largest smart grid trial saw 200 homes and businesses fitted with solar panels and batteries trade electricity to offer local grid flexibility. This could lead to assets being switched off, which is expensive and inefficient; and in extreme cases power cuts.".

Chevron to Build 500MW of Renewables to Power Oil and Gas Facilities


Chevron announced it will build 500 megawatts of renewable energy plants to power some of its global facilities, in what amounts to a sizeable clean-energy upscaling for an oil giant with comparatively few big investments in renewables to date. oil companies lag in clean power investments.

Texas Utility CPS Energy Kicks Off Search for More Than 1GW of Clean Resources


Responses will help inform options to meet its FlexPower Bundle plan, which envisions adding about 900 megawatts of solar, 50 megawatts of energy storage and 500 megawatts of “new technology solutions” to replace the need for buying natural-gas-fired power from outside power plants.

Demand Response Industry Asks Feds to Open States to Energy Market Competition


Now FERC is being asked to put that authority to a new use: ending a decade-old provision allowing individual states to opt out of letting demand response companies enlist customers to turn down their energy use to support the power grid.

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