The United States Consumed Record Amount Of Renewable Energy In 2019


In 2019, consumption of renewable energy in the United States grew for the fourth year in a row, reaching a record 11.5 energy consumption. quadrillion British thermal units (Btu), or 11% of total U.S.

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Tesla Energy Storage Demand “Far Outpacing” Production Capacity


Tesla energy storage is in high demand, growing faster than Tesla can keep up. Meanwhile, solar demand is down, but much if not all of that relates to the coronavirus shutdown. Batteries Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Green Economy Grid Grid Storage Investment Lithium-Ion Batteries Manufacturing Elon Musk Fremont CA Tesla Tesla Energy Tesla Energy Storage Tesla Megapack Tesla Powerpack Tesla Powerwall

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Kansas Supreme Court Invalidates Demand Charges For Residential Solar Customers


Solar energy advocates have won an important legal battle against demand charges imposed on rooftop solar customers in Kansas. Clean Power Consumer Technology Policy & Politics Rooftop Solar Solar Energy Solar Panels Demand charges distributed energy EarthJustice Kansas Sierra Club Vote Solar

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Utility Adds 2.5 MW Of Demand Response Capabilities With Very Unusual “Batteries”


Hawaiian Electric (HECO) recently added 2.5MW of grid services to its grid, allowing it to store energy during peak solar and wind production periods, and did so without any traditional batteries, flywheels, or pumped hydro. Buildings Clean Power Climate Change Consumer Technology Demand Response Energy Efficiency Energy Storage Grid Home Energy Management Smart Grid Solar Energy Virtual Power Plants Demand response grid services Hawaii peak demand Shifted Energy

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Solar MD’s South Africa Ramp-Up Shows Demand For Battery Storage Is Growing


If a critical mass of home batteries can be installed, it may help avert some of the load-shedding during peak demand hours. One of the companies that has been quite active in the battery storage market is Cape Town-based Solar MD.

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Tesla May Offer German Customers Energy Options As Well As Cars


Tesla is asking potential customers in Germany what energy services they would like to be offered, from rooftop solar to residential storage and expanded charging options.

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Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand?


Could trash-to-energy technology feed hydrogen demand? Early pioneers of these hydrogen-from-waste technologies such as Ways2H, SGH2 Energy (SGH2) and Standard Hydrogen say not only are they making carbon-free, energy-rich fuel, their approaches also will divert mountains of trash from landfills and waterways, cutting greenhouse gas emissions. . Hydrogen from waste is an even smaller fish than hydrogen from renewable energy. Energy & Climate.

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CalSEED Awards $4.2 Million To Young Cleantech Companies


28 clean energy startups were selected to receive $150,000 each for their concepts.

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World Energy Outlook From IEA Is Full Of Doublespeak


Fossil fuel companies continue to hang onto an in-your-face stance that the global energy demand for oil will rebound after covid-.

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SolarTaxi’s Electric Motorcycles Charge Up Ghana’s On-Demand Delivery Market


Bicycles Clean Transport Electric Bikes Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Motorcycles + Scooters Solar Energy Africa co2 emissions electric motorcycles Africa EV technology Female Engineers Academy Ghana Ghanaian SolarTaxi

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Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy


COVID-19 Energy & Climate Renewable Energy Solar Wind PowerWith the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted.

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The Electrification Of Transportation Must Be Accompanied By On-Demand Access To Renewable Energy


Unprecedented growth in global electricity demand must be met with renewable sources and technologies delivering new levels of energy efficiency. Sponsored electric vehicles electrification Energy energy efficiency Energy Storage Systems ESS EV onboard chargers EVs GaN Systems global energy Jim Witham LIDAR

Renewables Crushing Coal ? 100 Days Already In 2020 In USA


If you need some good news at a time when there’s plenty of the less-good sort, try this: Renewable energy is crossing some really important milestones in its contribution to the US power sector. Clean Power Coal Market Research Policy & Politics Research Solar Energy Wind Energy co2 emissions electricity demand us coal US electricity demand US renewable Energy US Solar Energy US Wind Energy

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Covid-19 May Speed Up Low-Carbon Shift, Google Says


Clean Power Climate Change Consumer Technology Demand Response Energy Efficiency Grid Home Energy Management Smart Grid Solar Energy Wind Energy Corporate Renewable Energy COVID-19 EV procurement Google Jeff Hamel NEST opower Utilities

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We Should Drive EVs To Use Extra Electricity Capacity


The need to decarbonize our economy presents new opportunities to increase electricity demand beneficially. Batteries Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Demand Response Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage EV Charging Grid Lithium-Ion Batteries Research Smart Grid Vehicle To Grid California distributed energy distributed energy production distributed energy resources electricity demand electrify everything New York pandemics Utilities

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Coping with a changing demand

Envirotec Magazine

So, how do water companies prepare for an unexpected surge or drop in demand? Faced with challenges and aging infrastructure, the European water industry is focussing on rejuvenating its existing assets, building resilient systems, and improving operational and energy efficiency.

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As Historic Heatwaves Cook California, Tesla Activates Its Distributed Army To Save The Grid


Batteries Demand Response Energy Storage Grid Lithium-Ion Batteries Smart Grid Vehicle To Grid Virtual Power Plants Storm Watch Tesla Tesla Energy Tesla Powerwall

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Demand Response Industry Asks Feds to Open States to Energy Market Competition


Over the past half-decade, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has consistently won court battles upholding its authority over states to set the rules for how distributed energy resources can play in wholesale energy markets.

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Fees Dampen Demand For Rooftop Solar In Alabama


Clean Power Rooftop Solar Solar Energy Alabama alabama power rooftop solar fees Southern Environmental Law CenterAlabama Power, which serves two-thirds of electricity customers in the state, assesses people who have rooftop solar systems a fee of $5.00 a month for each kilowatt their systems generate. Some residential customers are challenging those fees.

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The Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Is Like An X-Ray For Your Home Electrical System — CleanTechnica Review


After the climate change-fueled wildfire season of 2017 gobbled up our home, we rebuilt our home the right way, with rooftop solar, energy storage, and no fossil fuels piped to the house. For our new fully electric home, I was eager to understand what appliances were energy hogs and by how much. Having just talked with Sense CEO Mike Phillips about their solution, a review was the obvious next step and it was right on time.

Large-Scale Virtual Power Purchase Agreement to Cover 100% of Henkel’s Electricity Demand in the US


Henkel accelerates climate action and renewable energy usage with plan to generate 100% of electricity needs with virtual wind power purchase.

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Siemens Seeks To Optimize Microgrid Solutions With New Building Management System Integration


Siemens is pushing into microgrid development with news of the launch of a new microgrid test bed at its New Jersey R&D facility.

Lyft or Uber Electric Car Cuts 3× More Pollution than Your Electric Car


Cars Clean Power Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles EV Charging Research Science Smartphone Apps Solar Energy California electric taxis Lyft On demand taxis on-demand ridesharing ridesharing taxis Tesla Uber University of California University of California at Davis

7 Bonus Solar + Storage Stories — Sonnen, Sunrun, Stem …


We've published many solar energy articles in the past month and many energy storage articles, but here are 7 more solar plus storage (solar+storage) articles we just couldn't dedicate full articles to. Energy Storage Association (ESA) UL LLC US DOE US energy storage US Solar EnergyThere's only so much time in the day — a lesson I seem intent on not learning.

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Energy Efficiency Is A Core Target For Machine Learning


Multiple firms around the world are leveraging machine learning to optimize building energy consumption for cost savings and carbon reductions. Buildings Clean Power Climate Change Consumer Technology Demand Response Energy Efficiency Energy Storage Green Economy Grid Home Energy Management Investment Manufacturing Microgrids Smart Grid Smartphone Apps Ancillary Markets electricity markets Hot Water Heaters HVAC machine learning

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Grid Coordination Opens Road For Electric Vehicle Flexibility


Unlocking the Value of Electric Mobility Technologies to Drive Efficiency and Reliability Across the Power System.

New York Utilities, Enel X, & Uplight Launch Smart EV Charging Program


Those utilities have partnered with Uplight and Enel X to get more smart EV chargers into people's homes and help them charge on 100% green, clean, renewable energy.

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Nissan & E.ON Partner On Large UK Vehicle-To-Grid Project


Batteries Cars Clean Power Clean Transport Consumer Technology Demand Response Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage EV Charging EV Charging Stations Grid Smart Grid Solar Energy Vehicle To Grid Wind Energy Coventry e.on

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Sense Analysis Highlights Benefits Of Home Energy Management (CleanTechnica Exclusive)


Installing a rooftop solar system on your home might feel like the best way to fully offset the electricity usage of the home, but new analysis from the home energy monitoring experts at Sense reveals that might not always be the case. Before we dive in, let’s talk a bit about Sense. The team at [&hellip.

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Generac Pivots From Generators Into Residential Energy Storage & Solar At #SPI2019


We connected with Generac's Chief Marketing Officer and president of its new clean energy business, Russ Minick, at SPI 2019, to talk about its big pivot into energy storage products to learn more about where that strategy came from. Right off the bat, Russ said that Generac had been eyeing the residential energy storage market for quite some time, but until recently, felt that, "it wasn't worth the diversion of focus.".

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HOMER Grid Software Now Models Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Boulder, Colo – HOMER Energy by UL, global leader in the development of standard-setting energy modeling software, has announced that HOMER Grid, software for designing grid-tied distributed energy projects, can now model how hybrid systems power electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Adapting To Fire: How Cities Can Enhance Resilience With Distributed Energy


Batteries Clean Power Climate Change Community Solar Demand Response Energy Storage Fossil Fuels Grid Grid Storage Health Lithium-Ion Batteries Microgrids Policy & Politics Science Solar Energy Solar Power Plants California California power outages cities City engagement City resilience. distributed energy resources (DERs) fires PG&E Rocky Mountain Power states Urban Sustainability Urban Sustainability Directors Network Wildfires

City Of Sydney Goes 100% Renewable


Clean Power Solar Energy Solar Power Plants Wind Energy 100% renewable energy Australia Demand response Flow Power LED street lights load matching Power Purchase Agreement SydneySydney, the largest city in Australia, has signed a power purchase agreement that allows it to source all of its electricity from renewables.

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Hydropower demand is damaging Indigenous lands

Inhabitat - Innovation

states rush to set ambitious renewable energy goals, people don't stop to think where the hydropower is coming from and whom it may be hurting As many U.S.

Solar, Storage, & EV Charging: The Holy Trinity Of Home Energy Management At #SPI2019


Batteries Clean Power Clean Transport Community Solar Concentrating Solar Power Demand Response Electric Vehicles Energy Storage EV Charging EV Charging Stations Grid Grid Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Microgrids Rooftop Solar Smart Grid Solar Cells Solar Energy Solar Leasing Solar Panels Solar Power Plants Solar Prices Vehicle To Grid Virtual Power Plants 2019 Solar Power International EV charging EVSE inverters Salt Lake City smart home SPI 2019 utah