Scientists look for the Holy Grail: The whitest paint ever


White roofs are one of those climate solutions that sound too good to be true. Compared to solar panels and electric cars, painting the roof of a building white is a suspiciously cheap, analog way to usher in a low-carbon future. That’s why it can cool below the ambient temperature.”

Sunlight-Reflecting ‘Cool Walls’ Can Save Building Owners Big Money, Study Says


sunlight-reflecting “cool walls” could save as much or more energy than reflective cool roofs. There's no formal universal definition of what constitutes a “cool wall," said Ronnen Levinson, study co-author and staff scientist at Berkeley Lab. cool walls could lead to annual HVAC energy costs savings of up to 11 percent for standalone retail stores, 8.3 Some manufacturers are already making paints that use cool colors.


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No waste, no carbon, no wonder this net-zero home breaks the mold


When the Baboolals looked around their North Carolina community, they saw what many people see in their local areas: cookie-cutter houses that consume excess energy. First, the net-zero home needed to be well-insulated, air-tight and energy-efficient.

A defence of geoengineering

Business Green

Historically, the proposed examples have been pretty far out - including some in the literal sense, such as the mirrored "space shade" originally proposed back in 1989 that would deflect the sun's rays - like the white, cool roof concept used for buildings only on steroids and in orbit.