Ricoh launches 14th annual Eco Action Day, pledging to tackle key sustainability issues in the areas of energy use, climate action, and responsible consumption


Based on the MEWR's recommendations, individuals are encouraged to take simple actions such as reducing shower times and increasing air-conditioner temperatures, to help lessen energy usage and carbon emissions. This reduces the reliance on agricultural imports and minimises carbon emissions.

Asia 87

Tug of War: The Impact of Climate Change on Economic Development


This group of stunning islands was at the forefront of the Tsunami destruction in 2004. A small kingdom in Asia seems to be offering an alternative At a time when citizens are desperately asking their governments to take action, there is one country that is already carbon negative; it is the land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. We need to develop a model that helps people to generate income without widening their carbon footprint or placing further pressure on the land.