Different Uses of Recycled HDPE Plastic

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In the United States, HDPE is a commonly used plastic. This plastic is sturdy, so it can resist bursting and tearing. Also, it’s an easy-to-recycle plastic polymer in which recycling companies collect and process HDPE products. Thin-film plastic shopping bags.

Funding for plastic recycling tech

Envirotec Magazine

Greenback Recycling Technologies , a company striving to develop circular solutions for packaging waste, has closed an approximately £8m series A financing round. The post Funding for plastic recycling tech first appeared on Envirotec. Image: Shutterstock.com/Dusit Kachatong.


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The Plastics Recycling Puzzle: Can Chemistry Close the Loop?

CleanTech Group

Challenges associated with plastics across their lifecycle have become increasingly apparent in recent years. Materials & Chemicals Materials and Chemicals Plastic Recycling Recycling & Waste Resources & Environment chemical recycling circular plastics plastic waste Plastics

Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics


Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics. As companies and consumer brands incorporate recycled plastic content into their products and as part of their circularity goals, product integrity becomes an important consideration.

How To Recycle Cars

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Scrap car recycling is a major industry in North America. million cars are recycled each year. About 95 percent of vehicles eventually make their way to the recycling yard. If you have an old, non-working or junk vehicle you need to recycle, where should you take it?

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper team up for recycled plastics drive


The collaboration spearheaded by WWF will focus on boosting recycling infrastructure and public awareness campaigns in the U.S. Circular Economy ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Recycling Waste Management

Which plastics recycling tech will dominate?

Envirotec Magazine

Titled “ The Future of Plastic Recycling ,” the report looks at four of the main plastic waste recycling processes – mechanical recycling, depolymerization, pyrolysis, and solvent-based recycling – and analyzes the factors impacting the economic viability of each.

PADI is making face masks from recycled ocean plastic

Inhabitat - Innovation

The recycled plastic masks feature fun ocean-inspired prints, too, like sharks and waves

To boost recycling, give consumers discounts, deals and social connections


Incentives for recycling can bring that number down. Circular Economy plastic Plastic Waste Recycling Waste ManagementOver an average lifetime of 78.7 years, one American would send 67,000 pounds of waste to landfills.

Recycling Plastics And Other Important Materials Needs Some Real Help

Jim Conca

We just aren’t recycling the materials that we need to recycle to address climate change as well pollution. America landfilled 27 million tons of plastic in 2018 but only recycled 3 million tons.

Facility to process hard-to-recycle plastic items will open in Fife

Envirotec Magazine

A state-of-the-art facility to allow the recycling of flexible plastics is to open in Glenrothes, Fife. Our multiple million-pound investments have enabled us to create a state-of-the-art patented recycling technology. ” Recycling and Reuse

Research continues to unravel plastic industry recycling lies

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A new study has proven once more that plastic recycling is a lie. According to American Chemistry Council data, only 14% of all plastic is recycled. The data further shows that 16% is incinerated and 70% ends up dumped into landfills

Commercial-scale facility will recycle all forms of plastic waste

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· New HydroPRS process creates raw ingredients for “infinitely recyclable new products” · World-first commercial-scale plant starts construction in Teesside, UK, backed by global partners and UK Government. tonnes of plastic packaging – the second highest per capita in the world.[iv]

Why plastics are also a climate issue


We can’t tackle one successfully without tackling the other, as many of the reasons for and solutions to the growing plastic and climate problems are the same. Circular Economy Oil & Gas Plastic Waste Recycling

Episode 215: Recyclable snack pouches, climate athlete-activists


Circular Economy plastic Podcast Recycling Sports GreenBiz 350 PodcastPlus, how COVID-19 could affect the future of building decarbonization.

This year’s resolution: Fix the broken plastic material system


The momentum to stop plastic pollution continues to grow, so how do we channel it into real systems change? Circular Economy Plastic Waste Recycling Waste

Conference programme announced for Plastics Recycling Show Europe virtual event

Envirotec Magazine

Organisers have confirmed the full conference programme for the Plastics Recycling Show Europe Virtual Event taking place 9-11 December 2020. Fellow panellists include Ton Emans, President of Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) and Maria Ciliberti, Vice President at Borealis.

To increase recycling rates, empower consumers and skip the guilt trip


Circular Economy Plastic Waste Recycled Paper RecyclingMessaging has to change.

Designer Lucas Couto joins Precious Plastic for recycling project

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Lucas Couto, Senior Industrial Designer at EGGS Design in Norway, is focused on turning plastic pollution into innovative recycled designs. The designer has teamed up with plastic recycling company Precious Plastic to help reveal the potential of plastic waste in the design space

Moving beyond 100% recyclable goals


Moving beyond 100% recyclable goals. Numerous companies have set 100 percent recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging goals such as Colgate-Palmolive and Kellogg. Other questions include: Is the packaging collected in the vast majority of recycling programs? Recycling.

How China and the U.S. can innovate on plastic waste


Circular Economy Plastic Waste RecyclingThe world's two biggest producers and consumers of stuff stand to play a pivotal role in creating a circular economy, but they'll both have to get out of their own way.

Are Bio-Based Plastics the Answer to the Plastic Crisis?

CleanTech Group

As our global addiction to plastic worsens, bio-based plastics offer an alternative solution. While 85% of plastics can be substituted with bio-based plastics, Cleantech Events Cleantech Insights Plastic Recycling Plastics Policy Recycling & Waste Resources & Environment

Greenpeace finds most 'recyclable' plastics are sent to landfills

Inhabitat - Innovation

Study findings have revealed several alarming results, including that many plastics labeled as recyclable are not actually recyclable

Oil and plastic industry spent millions to mislead the public about plastic recycling

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new investigation by NPR and PBS Frontline reveals that for decades, executives in the oil and plastic industries invested millions of U.S. dollars into misleading the public about the recycling of plastics. As a good citizen, you sort your trash, thinking that the plastic will be recycled to reduce pollution. Unfortunately, all that effort might be in vain

How BASF’s reciChain aims to improve traceability of recycled plastics


How BASF’s reciChain aims to improve traceability of recycled plastics. The vision for BASF’s reciChain project is to take circularity into the real world by increasing traceability of recycled plastics. The company created a plastic additive that enables the traceability.

How does plastic recycling certification work?


Recycling keeps some plastic out of waterways, but is no silver bullet for ocean pollution. Ryan Schoenike of OceanCycle tells Eco-Business how recycled plastic certification works, and how his firm is fairing in a sector rocked by Covid

EPA might finally regulate the plastic industry’s favorite kind of ‘recycling’


One of the fossil fuel and plastic industries’ favorite “solutions” to the plastic pollution crisis may finally be coming under greater scrutiny from the federal government. Ninety-one percent of the plastic ever produced has not been recycled.

PET plastic recycler receives planning permission for first UK plant

Envirotec Magazine

PET plastic bottles collected at a recycling plant. Specialist PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycler Enviroo has had its planning application approved for its first plastic recycling facility in the UK. million tonnes of plastic waste created in the UK annually.

Recycled plastic wireless chargers work twice as fast as regular cables

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New from Gomi, these wireless chargers made from recycled plastic waste promise 15W charging capabilities and even offer magnetic attachment to devices

Waste 208

This cool electric skateboard is made from recycled plastic

Inhabitat - Innovation

One designer felt inspired to clean up his town's coastline by turning plastic waste into electric skateboards

Nimble makes phone accessories from recycled plastic, CDs and more

Inhabitat - Innovation

Nimble is taking care of plastic and e-waste by turning them into cool new accessories for your smart phone

Adidas is latest fashion company hoping to weave recycled plastic into garments


The growing demand for recycled polyester, coupled with a limited supply, signals scarcity and competition ahead. Circular Economy Fashion In the Loop

Plastics recycling *isn’t* a scam…

Terra Infirma

Arwa Mahdawi, writing in today’s Guardian, takes the statistic that only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled and concludes that all the sorting and cleaning we do as householders is just a scam by big business to make us feel better about using plastic.

6 Practical Ways We Can Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution

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Plastic pollution is one of the most visible environmental issues of our generation. Australia produces around 2-3 million tons of plastic every single year, with a frightening 130,000 tons on average typically finding its way into our oceans. Reduce Single-Use Plastic.

Start-up spotlight: Recycling waste plastic into bricks

Envirotec Magazine

A Dorset start-up says it is turning plastic waste into building materials, and looking to empower communities in developing countries to do the same. This would also recycle around 800,000 tonnes of plastic otherwise headed for the ocean, or around 1% of global ocean plastic leakage.

Recycling Mystery: Plastic Shower Curtains


If your shower has a plastic curtain or liner, has it seen better days? If… The post Recycling Mystery: Plastic Shower Curtains appeared first on Earth911. See the original post: Recycling Mystery: Plastic Shower Curtains.

Equal Recycling Access


Equal Recycling Access. communities and industry partners collaborate to ensure access to recycling? While most Americans would agree that recycling is important, access to recycling bins, store drop-off options and other facilities can vary greatly depending on your location.

How Corona virus is Disrupting Waste & Recycling

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The escalation of COVID-19 across the globe has hampered recycling efforts in Europe and North America. It’s also not great news for waste management and recycling, with recycling centers closing in most cities across the world, which has led to service disruptions for consumers.

The Australian government unveils plan to end plastic pollution

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With the National Plastic Plan, Australia aims to address challenges with biodegradable, recyclable and compostable plastics

'I Am a Plastic Bag' is made from recycled single-use plastic bottles

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Following the sold-out success of “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” in 2007, designer brand Anya Hindmarch has launched a new product, called "I Am a Plastic Bag" aimed at recycling single-use plastic and leaving behind a net-zero carbon footprint from production

Cheap virgin plastic is being sold as recycled plastic—it's time for better recycling certification


Prompted by the low price of oil, factories in China are mixing virgin plastic with recycled plastic and selling it as recycled. Brands with sustainability commitments need to be sure what they're buying is genuinely recycled material.

This recycled plastic beehive is designed for happy bees

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This apiary combines the functionality of classic human-made hives with a sleek and durable product sourced from post-consumer recycled milk jugs

6 circular economy trends that will shape 2020


From refill schemes to more practical and viable recycling options, there's a stronger sense of urgency to find solutions. Circular Economy Chemicals & Toxics ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Recycling