MINI Strip car uses 3D printing and recycled materials


Visible screws incorporated into the design spotlight ease of maintenance and the ability of the car to be dismantled and the panels recycled at the end of useful life. The team chose to 3D-print sections of the car using recycled plastic.

Different Uses of Recycled HDPE Plastic

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In the United States, HDPE is a commonly used plastic. This plastic is sturdy, so it can resist bursting and tearing. Also, it’s an easy-to-recycle plastic polymer in which recycling companies collect and process HDPE products. Thin-film plastic shopping bags.


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Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics


Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics. As companies and consumer brands incorporate recycled plastic content into their products and as part of their circularity goals, product integrity becomes an important consideration.

Arctic explorer tests the RIKR recycled plastic backpack

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Explorer Robert Swan tested the RIKR backpack to prove the durability of recycled materials

An idea for solving the plastics crisis


An idea for solving the plastics crisis. A major problem with behavior-change programs in the waste industry is that they rely on consumers being taught to feel the guilt of plastic in the ocean, and the harm to turtles and whales. First, admit that recycling is broken. Plastic.

Bamboo Compression Socks offer support via natural and recycled materials


” The socks incorporate recycled and natural materials into an eco-fiber blend made up of 50% bamboo, 25% recycled polyester, 10% recycled nylon and 15% spandex. Bamboo Compression Socks offer support via natural and recycled materials. Life is busy.

The U.S. Plastics Pact launches new initiative to redesign the plastics value chain at Circularity 20


Plastics Pact launches new initiative to redesign the plastics value chain at Circularity 20. recycling system had been a mess for far longer — seeing as the country never fully developed the infrastructure to recycle anywhere near the amount of plastic waste it produces.

Cheap virgin plastic is being sold as recycled plastic—it's time for better recycling certification


Prompted by the low price of oil, factories in China are mixing virgin plastic with recycled plastic and selling it as recycled. Brands with sustainability commitments need to be sure what they're buying is genuinely recycled material.

Could a plastic tax be coming to Asia?


Recycling sector expert Antoine Grange says a tax on plastic — like one rolling out in the EU this month — would have an immediate effect in increasing the volume of recycled material used by brand owners

This durable luggage is made with replaceable and recycled materials


Introducing PHOENX, a modular luggage brand with a focus on sustainability through its use of recycled and regenerative materials. Sustainability begins with the materials sourced for the product. In the case of PHOENX, 95 percent of the materials are recycled or regenerative. For example, the shell of this hard-sided carry-on suitcase is 100 percent recycled polycarbonate. This durable luggage is made with replaceable and recycled materials.

Are businesses ready for the plastic packaging tax?

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With less than a year to go until the Plastic Packaging Tax is introduced in the UK, a study by Veolia appears to show that 83% of businesses asked were NOT aware of the tax. 84% of businesses we spoke to agreed and support the incremental increase to the Plastic Packaging Tax.

Hotel Sustainability & Waste Management: Reducing Food, Water and Plastic Waste

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This article exposes the flawed system of waste management within hotels and provides practical solutions for reducing three prominent hotel wastes: food, water and plastic waste. Implement the 4-R’s for Plastic Waste Reduction.

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Five Tips For Running An Eco-Friendly Business

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Eco-friendly businesses are very attractive in today’s market. Customers are more and more interested in “green” companies. Our landfills are brimming, and the oceans are struggling with toxic waste. And because of this, public opinion has changed.

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Work from home in style in these slippers made of natural and recycled materials


I spent the past year-and-a-half designing and sourcing sustainable materials to make the perfect house shoes for women.” Each shoe is made in Portugal using these earth-friendly materials, along with recycled plastic and recycled polyester. Work from home in style in these slippers made of natural and recycled materials. Eco Green Recycle a-natural-berm airtight amsterdam boar shoat environment jordan seattle self-sufficient shoes solar power

Pharrell Williams debuts The Pebble, a recyclable dining kit

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Pentatonic, a circular economy company focused on removing single-use plastic products from the marketplace, partnered with acclaimed singer and outspoken opponent of single-use plastic Pharrell Williams to launch a portable dining kit made from recycled materials

PET plastic recycler receives planning permission for first UK plant

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PET plastic bottles collected at a recycling plant. Specialist PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycler Enviroo has had its planning application approved for its first plastic recycling facility in the UK. million tonnes of plastic waste created in the UK annually.

KALOs PVC Bench is made from plastic waste and wood scraps

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This stylish piece of minimalist furniture is made out of recycled materials and fit for two. Broken and discarded plastic pipe parts make up the main top part of the seat while The piece, simply titled “PVC Bench,” is made up of four different components.

Circulor, TotalEnergies and Recycling Technologies unveil plastic waste traceability software

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Backed by Innovate UK, the blockchain innovation aims to provide fully traceable and accurately-labelled record of recycled material. The consortium then also aims to work closely with several plastic waste suppliers, including an unnamed multinational consumer goods firm, it said.

Italys 2020 World Expo pavilion celebrates sustainable, circular design

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The temporary structure embodies circular principles to minimize waste and integrate recycled materials such as coffee grounds, mycelium and ocean plastic

German clothing detergent opts for bottles made from chemically recycled plastic

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German industrial and consumer products manufacturer Henkel announced on 17 October that it has produced bottles using chemically recycled plastic for the first time, working in collaboration with packaging manufacturer Alpla. Through chemical recycling, mixed plastic waste that was previously impossible to recycle can be effectively reprocessed and reused. This is how chemical recycling could complement established technologies like mechanical recycling.

Gomi portable chargers repurpose plastic waste and batteries


Not all plastic is recyclable. In the UK, flexible plastic consisting of plastic bags, bubble wrap and pallet wrap are not accepted by local councils for recycling. Each year, the world produces 150 billion kilos of flexible plastics with the potential to pollute the environment (about 1.2 While both single-use and rechargeable batteries, such as lithium and button batteries, are recyclable, not all areas have access to recycling.

Plastics Recycling Show Europe goes virtual from 9 to 11 December

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Plastics Recycling Show Europe (PRSE) will now run as a virtual event from 9 to 11 December 2020. Materials focus sessions will explore in depth the challenges, issues and opportunities within the sector for plastics recycling. Recycling and Reuse

Project secures EU funding to create sugars, chemicals and plastics from household waste

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An 11-strong European consortium has secured funding for a project to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of generating waste sugars derived from household waste and producing a range of high-performance bio-based materials and products. Reduce environmental plastic pollution levels.

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Firms combine expertise to test and validate systems to chemically recycle waste plastics

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grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has been awarded to three firms for an ambitious chemical recycling project that aims to make hard-to-recycle plastic packaging recyclable. Recycling and Reuse

England plans single-use plastic ban


England has announced a planned ban on polystyrene cups and single-use plastic cutlery and plates. This autumn, the English government will start coming up with a plan to curtail single-use plastic and polystyrene perhaps within a couple of years. Related: 4ocean and Poralu Marine present BeBot, the beach cleaning robot The English government has a firmer plan for a plastic packaging tax, which will go into effect in April 2022.

Will recycled plastics survive tanking oil prices?

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Single-use plastics are helping keep people safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, but creating new challenges for governments in dealing with the waste problem. Some of the world's largest corporations promised to quickly slash their use of virgin plastic packaging.

Waitrose and Riverford hail progress in driving down plastic packaging

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Supermarket to halve single use plastics in its Easter eggs and confectionary, as Riverford ditches plastic bags in its delivery boxes. per cent of Waitrose's Easter range packaging is now "widely recycled", according to the firm.

Report: Half of global single-use plastic waste traced to just 20 petrochemicals firms

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Petrochemical firms such as ExxonMobil and Dow responsible for half of global single-use plastic waste, research finds. Because while we bicker, the oceans are getting trashed with plastic and the environment is getting destroyed by global warming.".

State-of-the-art plant for post-consumer plastic waste sorting and advanced mechanical recycling opens in Germany

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We are proud to have initiated one of the most advanced mechanical recycling plants when it comes to post-consumer polymer waste. Borealis is responsible for the plant’s commercial success and contributes its expertise and knowledge in innovation, recycling and compounding.

Aldi pledges to halve plastic packaging by 2025

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billion single items of plastic of its shelves within the next five years. Aldi has committed to halve the volume of plastic packaging it uses in the UK by 2025, a move it estimates will prevent 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging from reaching supermarket shelves.

Recycled components and plastic-free packaging: Samsung powers up 2025 sustainability plan

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All Samsung phones are to feature recycled materials from 2025, the company has pledged as part of a new set of wide-ranging sustainability targets. Firm launches new Galaxy for the Planet sustainability platform in bid to help deliver on tech giant's environmental goals.

Tesco toasts removal of one billion pieces of plastic from its shelves in 2020

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Supermarket claims to have met its pledge to remove one billion pieces of plastic, working with suppliers to remove unnecessary and excessive packaging of products. Our work to remove, reduce, reuse and recycle will continue into 2021.

Recycling Identifying Device takes the guesswork out of figuring out what's recyclable

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The ability to recycle materials has been around for generations, and as an increasing number of residential and commercial facilities take on the metal, plastic and glass, it has become a common task to put your recycling at the curb on garbage pick-up day

Honor your favorite on-screen icons with the newest Adidas collection


One of the biggest names in fashion, Adidas , has committed to ending plastic waste. The soles are made with recycled rubber, and the uppers are made with Primegreen technology, which uses recycled materials.

Extra 823 million plastic bottles will be produced under proposed DRS, warns aluminium packaging recycling group

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· Aluminium packaging recycling body urges caution to avoid unintended consequences of a DRS. · Two thirds of shoppers will switch from buying infinitely recyclable cans to plastic bottles. · One in five people will lose their deposit as they continue recycling at home. on top of the purchase price of a 24-can multipack[iii] compared with a deposit of 80p for four large plastic bottles containing the same amount of liquid. News Recycling and Reuse

PepsiCo to switch to fully recycled plastic bottles across nine European nations

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The goal is a marked acceleration of targets previously announced by the firm, reflecting technological innovations and market development in the use of recycled plastics. We are committed to immediate action to address the plastic waste challenge.

Sanikind kickstarts refillable hand sanitizer bottle project


Hand sanitizer has become an essential part of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, but its environmental impact via plastic waste increases with each empty bottle. This support shows how many people feel frustrated about plastic pollution, and it’s not hard to see why.

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Everloops sustainable toothbrush comes with replaceable bamboo bristles


Mexico City-based NOS has come out with a design to address one of the many causes of plastic pollution that consumers tend to overlook: toothbrushes. The company’s Everloop toothbrush combines a reusable, recycled plastic handle with replaceable bristles made from compostable bamboo.

'Infinitely recyclable': Viridor unveils plans for circular economy plastics hub

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Company inks memorandum of understanding with Plastic Energy to explore feasibility of new facility capable of processing previously unrecyclable plastic film. The plan would see a new Plastic Energy chemical recycling plant co-located with one of Viridor's waste-to-energy plants.

Coca-Cola brings its first 100 per cent recycled plastic bottle to the US

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Firm plans to begin rolling out 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles for select Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Dasani water brands in coming months. The world has a plastic waste problem," the company admitted in a statement. "In

Cathedral City launches solution to cheese's plastic recycling challenge

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Leading brand launches new effort to recycle flexible film packaging. A new frontier in plastic packaging recycling was opened this week, as Cathedral City announced a scheme to recycle flexible film cheese packaging.

P&G to ramp up recycled plastic in its packaging with five-year Viridor deal

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Agreement will see recycling firm Viridor supply consumer goods giant with recycled plastic for use in its packaging. Our investment in sophisticated recycling infrastructure will not end here.

Cadence: magnetic travel capsules made of plastic waste from beach cleanups


Made from recycled, ocean-bound plastic, the Cadence magnetic, refillable containers offer a sustainable, convenient and stylish solution to single-use travel bottles. Cadence uses a proprietary blend of recycled plastic specially designed to keep products secure and fresh.