Residential energy is becoming companies' business


Residential energy is becoming companies' business. In this crazy upside-down world, the line between residential and commercial energy is getting fuzzy. . Everything changed so quickly, it makes sense that climate and energy teams have yet to figure out how to account for the shift. And it’s not too soon for climate-forward companies to think about how to incentivize employees to make their home (office) run off clean energy. . Energy & Climate.

A Home Buyer’s Guide to Green Homes

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If you’re in the market for a new home and conscious of being environmentally friendly, you may consider looking specifically for a green home. Green homes are designed to be sustainable through their energy usage, building materials, or both.

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Sense Delivers Insight into Home Energy Usage

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If your house could talk to you about your energy usage, what would it say? The creators of Sense think it would say you could reduce your energy usage by at least 20 percent—and tell you how. Sense is a home energy monitor that gives real-time insight into your home’s energy usage. That background in speech recognition informed the way they approached home energy monitoring. Photo courtesy of Sense.

Residential Buildings Adapting the Sustainable way


As the effects of climate change are getting more visible across the globe, developing nations like India are switching to sustainable building engineering. million sq meters of green building space and this statistic is from the end of 2018. Sustainable & Organic Solutions.

How Can You Help the Environment At Home?

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Seemingly small changes to make your home life more harmonious with the environment could ultimately make an appreciable difference. Here are practical innovations and forward-thinking solutions that can make it possible for you to help the environment at home.

Effective Investments for Becoming More Sustainable at Home

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Sustainability continues to be an important topic today. The following are some effective investments to ensure sustainability at home. Upgrade to Solar Power. People use a lot of electricity, and it leads to some high bills. Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances.

Energy-Efficient New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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Energy use in your household can be challenging to monitor because it’s a resource you can’t see. Every day, your home sucks up immense amounts of energy through appliances, lighting, and climate control.

Top Environmental-friendly Tricks To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

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You may think that your energy bill is out of your control. This might be true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. This blog post will go over some practical ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on utilities each month.

How You Can Save Energy at Home

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Everyone still needs to use that fuel to carry out their daily lives, so how can you reduce your consumption, change your life for the better and aim towards sustainability? There are a number of different ways that you can make a difference, save energy and reduce your own carbon footprint.

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Accelerating energy transition by forming virtual power plants on blockchain

Renewable Energy World

Influenced by the increasing penetration of “behind-the-meter” distributed energy resources (DER), power systems are experiencing a paradigm shift from a centralized structure to a decentralized one. Contributed by Dr. Mohsen Khorasany , TYMLEZ.

A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid


A new love story: Electric vehicles and the electric grid. How will the electrical grid handle so many vehicles charging at once? Especially when fast-charging stations gulp down prodigious amounts of power? Electric Vehicles.

Smart Meter Capital Project Manager

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Smart Meter Capital Project Manager | SDG&E | San Diego, CA. At SDG&E, we are committed to the community we call home, delivering clean, safe and reliable energy to better the lives of the people we serve in San Diego and southern Orange counties. Our commitment means 40% of the energy that SDG&E delivers to customers comes from renewable sources, exceeding California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.

Home Energy Reporting’s Evolution to True Home Energy Management


Hear more from Bill Hughes about the future of Home Energy Management , and learn more about the design philosophy behind Bidgely’s industry-leading HEM solutions. . I spend 15% of my electricity on cooking, is that high? Case in Point: Electric Vehicle Adoption.

Workplace EV charging: Lessons from sustainability trailblazers


Workplace EV charging: Lessons from sustainability trailblazers. Businesses are reaping the environmental and social benefits of providing electric vehicle charging for employees. Last fall, a research team from PGS conducted a study on workplace electric vehicle charging practices.

Energy Analytics: The Power to Reach Net Zero


These companies are deeply invested in diversifying their energy sources, embracing energy efficiency, evolving their business models, and fully transitioning. Consumers themselves are realizing that the way they use energy is proving to be unsustainable.

'Zero energy bills home': Developer Ilke Homes plots ultra-efficient house in Essex

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Solar panels, heat pumps, domestic storage, insulation and energy efficient lightbulbs set to make the building highly efficient and self-sufficient, according to developer.

Tech Startup Sustainability Guide: Running An Eco-Friendly Business

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Tech startup sustainability. Tech startup sustainability means to be purpose-driven and sustainable. For the major tech giants Salesforce , Lenovo , and Microsoft , sustainability lies at the core of these organizations. Tech startup sustainability: 6 top tips.

Get a free home energy audit & help with upgrades

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See if you qualify for a new Evergy program that offers a free home energy assessment, some easy energy upgrades and upfront payment for new energy-efficient equipment that can reduce energy bills. In total, 900,000,000 kWh of electricity has been saved since 2013.


Utilities must educate customers about their power to curb climate change

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The renewable energy industry and utilities have a unique opportunity to educate consumers about how that buying power can turn into climate action. Read more: The automated vessel designed to transport electricity from offshore wind farms to shore. Make the move to clean energy.

How Does Your Online Activity Affect Your Carbon Footprint?

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In order to tackle this issue at home, you may have already made adjustments to certain aspects of your life, whether that’s driving an electric car, or using renewable […].

20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021


20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021. These 20 C-suite executives have steered their companies forward through much disruption, providing inspiration for the possibilities of advancing sustainability, social responsibility and circular business models — sometimes all at once.

In New York, a New Way for Stay-at-Home Customers to Get Paid for Shaving Peak Energy


New York is struggling with the country’s worst coronavirus outbreak, but it’s also pushing ahead on its ambitious clean energy goals. Taking advantage of Con Edison's new smart meters. Having smart meters is only the first step, however.

Sustainability Guide for General Contractors: Sustainable Construction and Renovations

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SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION. The industry is moving toward sustainable construction. General contracting businesses that are eco-friendly and practice sustainability are realizing real benefits including new customers including sales growth. . WHY ECO FRIENDLY HOMES MATTER.

Sustainability Guide for General Contractors: Sustainable Construction and Renovations

Green Business Bureau

SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION. General contracting businesses that are eco-friendly and practice sustainability are realizing real benefits including new customers and sales growth. . WHY ECO FRIENDLY HOMES MATTER. HOW TO RENOVATE A HOME TO BE MORE ECO FRIENDLY. Solar Power.

Connecticut powers into the lead with breakthrough customer battery program

Renewable Energy World

By Todd Olinsky-Paul, Clean Energy Group / Clean Energy States Alliance. That capacity goal is evenly split between commercial and residential customers. In Vermont, Green Mountain Power has placed batteries behind 3,000 residential customer meters.

Simple Sustainable Living Tips You Can Implement Today

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As such, the human race has seen it wise to adopt sustainable lifestyles that will allow the environment to recover with time. You might be thinking that… Read More Simple Sustainable Living Tips You Can Implement Today.

Why Australia is Truly the Virtual Power Plants Market Frontier?


Why Australia is Truly the Virtual Power Plants Market Frontier? As one scans the world for opportunity during the current energy transition, one of the most vibrant regional markets is often forgotten due to its geography. Energy Network Australia/CSIRO).

7 Energy-Saving Changes To Implement In Your Household

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Many households today are spending so much more energy than they’ve been doing so in the past. When it comes to your home life, however, it’s often difficult turn a blind eye on using those technological advancements to your advantage. Switch To Renewable Energy Sources. Energy

7 Sustainability Ideas To Green Up Your Small Business

Green Business Bureau

As the climate crisis intensifies, customers, employees, partners and governments are putting pressure on businesses to become more sustainable. So, no matter the size of your company, there has never been a better time than now to get serious about sustainability. .

Home Improvement Month: Thank You to Our Industry Professionals


It’s Home Improvement Month, and we want to empower and celebrate home improvement contractors. More people at home, and working from home, has caused an increase in the wear-and-tear on their houses—and the need for home improvements and home improvement financing options.*.


Post pandemic environmental monitoring

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The Environment Agency’s Environmental Sensor Network (ESNET) comprises modular water quality monitoring systems that can be quickly and easily deployed at remote sites. Water quality monitoring. Real-time, high-resolution water quality monitoring systems. Water Monitoring

Redesign your home for healthier, resilient living

Greenability Magazine

After another year of working from home and sheltering against more extreme weathers, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their dwellings more climate resilient, energy efficient and healthy. Kitchen: Choose Energy Star & sustainable products.

Duke Energy’s SC Net-Metering Replacement Won a Crucial Ally: Rooftop Solar Companies


Few grid policy battles have been fought as bitterly as those surrounding replacements for net-metering, which determines how much rooftop solar customers get paid for power they export to the grid. South Carolina launched retail-rate net-metering in energy legislation passed in 2014.

Energy and Sustainability Community Program Manager

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Energy and Sustainability Community Program Manager | Sonoma County | Santa Rosa, CA. Bring your energy and sustainability knowledge and program leadership experience to the County of Sonoma and become the next Energy and Sustainability Community Program Manager! Well-versed in developing budgets and funding proposals, preparing and monitoring budgets, and exercising fiscal control. About the Energy & Sustainability Division.

Montana’s renewable energy city coalition grows

Renewable Energy World

For this episode of our Voices of 100% series of the Local Energy Rules Podcast , host John Farrell talks with Helena Sustainability Coordinator Patrick Judge and Citizens Conservation Commission Member Mark Juedeman. Driven to sustainability by identity.

Loom House is a first of its kind green home renovation


This sustainable, highly modern design pays homage to the home’s decades-old roots. The project was designed by the Miller Hull Partnership, a Seattle -based firm that has made a reputation for itself through green building achievement and sustainable design.

Solar100’s Jon Powers: The Chief Sustainability Officer of Solar


You might not know that he’s also an army veteran, former Federal Chief Sustainability Officer under the Obama Administration, and a multi-hyphenate who’s dedicated his career to public service, renewable energy, and sustainability. Starting in renewable energy.

Schneider’s new end-to-end EV solution integrates charging with building energy management


Energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric has launched a new EV charging solution designed to make buildings smarter and more sustainable while adding EV charging infrastructure. Source: Schneider Electric.

Finding a Sustainability Career in Business

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Sustainability Careers. The field of sustainability in business offers many career paths, including roles in corporate, consulting, government and entrepreneurship. Some roles are very specialized and may require a degree or certification in a specific sustainability field.

Law Firm Sustainability: 6 Steps for Creating an Eco-Friendly Practice

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Sustainable Law Firms. Law firm sustainability is a strategic business shift that aims to prevent socially and environmentally damaging operations in the legal industry. There’s heightened market demand for sustainable practices with robust and transparent disclosure.

Law 80

Drone data helps a Minnesota city conserve energy

Renewable Energy World

For this episode of the Local Energy Rul es Podcast, host John Farrell speaks with City Administrator Shannon Mortenson of Warren, Minnesota. Warren owns its utilities, including electric and gas, so Mortenson’s role as city administrator includes oversight of the city’s energy supply.

Sustainability Performance Management: How to Measure Sustainability When Your Workforce Is Remote

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Becoming a sustainable business can seem complicated if all or the majority of your workforce is remote. Even if your company operates in different corners of the world, your employees can collectively oversee sustainability performance management from the comfort of their home offices.

Zero Energy Ready Homes bring you net-zero energy bills


Zero Energy Ready Homes push the limits of sustainable living. In these houses, the total amount of renewable energy produced is equal to the amount of energy used per year, resulting in net-zero energy bills and carbon-free homes. Because of their incredible efficiency, the standards are among some of the most rigorous criteria for eco-friendly residential architecture. Excerpt from: Zero Energy Ready Homes bring you net-zero energy bills.