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Most innovative energy start-ups recognised in German awards

Envirotec Magazine

Fifteen start-ups deemed to have the most innovative business models in the field of energy transition and climate protection were celebrated at an award ceremony in Berlin on 28 March – recipients of The Start Up Energy Transition Award (SET Award) administered in part by the German Energy Agency ( dena ).

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Why carbon tracking and reporting is necessary to hold corporations accountable


Why carbon tracking and reporting is necessary to hold corporations accountable. Now, new breakthrough climate accounting technologies are emerging as solutions to track and verify energy and carbon emissions, and report energy purchases and consumption. Daniel Goldman. Thu, 01/07/2021 - 01:30.

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Plugging into electricity’s energy challenge

Envirotec Magazine

How is technology helping to address the challenges faced by power grids? Despite popular belief, electrification does not always lead to a reduction in carbon footprint. Due to demand, even with the rapid growth of renewably generated energy, electricity generation from coal and gas is at record levels.

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Planet Becomes a Carbon Neutral Company

Planet Pulse

In December 2021, Planet officially became a carbon neutral company as part of our commitment to sustainability. SCS found that the main source category of GHGs for Planet is Scope 3 ( Purchased Goods and Services, Business Travel ) and Scope 2 ( Purchased Electricity ). “We High-Quality Carbon Credits.

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L’Oreal achieves carbon-neutrality across US operations

Renewable Energy World

French-headquartered beauty products company L’Oreal has reached carbon neutrality for scopes 1 and 2 emissions across its facilities in the US. Our customers can be proud their products are made in facilities that use 100% renewable energy.

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UPS Goes Carbon Neutral With Offset Program

Green Business Bureau

The transportation industry, and heavy and light-duty vehicles in particular, uses a significant amount of energy and emits large portions of CO2 every year. An offset program like UPS’s carbon neutral service , though, can help minimize these emissions, paving the way for a new era of sustainable shipping.

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Farmland water “battery” storage and leak-detecting broadband cables among winners in Ofwat innovation competition

Envirotec Magazine

These water “batteries” could form the basis of a smart water grid, improving the resilience of the water supply in the wake of climate change – in the same way solar batteries in homes store excess electricity that can be sold back to the National Grid. A full list of the winners is included below.

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