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Introduction to Intelligent Power Management

The Environmental Blog

The urgency to reconsider our energy consumption and render it more sustainable has never been greater than it is today. As climate change advances and natural resources become scarcer, attention is increasingly drawn to the efficiency of electricity and gas usage.

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PG&E’s Latest Energy Storage Procurement Includes Fleet of Behind-the-Meter Batteries


Pacific Gas & Electric is asking state regulators to approve another massive round of energy storage procurements, including its first large-scale contract for behind-the-meter batteries to serve grid needs. gigawatt-hours, of energy storage projects. The 15-year agreement calls for Nexus Renewables U.S.,


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California’s patchwork push to scale up virtual power plants

Canary Media

New rooftop solar systems are worth a lot less than they used to be in California , following the state’s dramatic changes in net-metering policy. Even batteries added to those solar systems to store power when the sun is shining and feed energy back after the sun goes down — a primary goal of the state’s new…

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Boston Solar Introduces SPAN Panel for Solar+Storage Installations

Solar Industry

subsidiary Boston Solar has integrated the SPAN Panel into its suite of home energy management systems. The SPAN Panel offers real-time monitoring and circuit-level control, allowing homeowners to maximize their energy savings. SinglePoint Inc.

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Q&A with Power Factors on large-scale battery O&M considerations

Solar Power World

The operations and maintenance (O&M) of a utility-scale solar project is largely obvious — keep solar panels clean, monitor inverter health, maintain the grounds and check tracker mechanisms for wear.

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How to Choose a Solar Installer to Finance B2b

The Environmental Blog

Key Takeaways: How to Choose a Solar Installer to Finance B2b Evaluate Experience and Expertise Choose installers with extensive commercial project experience. Expect a customized system design tailored to your business’s energy needs. Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including installation, maintenance, and energy savings.

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Paired Power launches PairFleet microgrid solar charger and battery storage solution for EV fleets


Paired Power makes a solar-powered microgrid EV charger that can be used in grid-tied or off-grid applications. As regular Charged readers know, getting adequate power to a site is often a major bottleneck for EV charging station deployments. Source: Paired Power