Prefab, floating waterlilliHaus is completely self-sustaining in Brazil


Brazilian construction company SysHaus has recently installed a new prefab home that generates its own energy as it floats on an idyllic São Paulo lake. meters wide by 12 meters in length and is mounted atop a floating catamaran that can be moored or sailed at speeds of up to 4 knots.

Meet one vertical farm venture helping the industry grow past greens


Growing seedlings locally using vertical farms could help defray those costs and improve the sustainability of local food systems. "[The] The farms are between six and 13 meters in height, with a footprint of 450 square feet. Energy concerns are ripe in the vertical farm world.


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Build Back Better: Top green consultancies beef up post-coronavirus services

Business Green

A poll this week of around 100 top corporates affiliated with the Climate Group's RE100, EV100, and EP100 campaigns found that the overwhelming majority were confident the coronavirus crisis would not dent their various sustainability commitments.

How to ensure EV traction motor magnets aren’t pushed beyond their operating limits


Neodymium permanent magnets are used in EV traction motors because of their powerful magnetic fields and relatively strong resistance to demagnetization, but they tend to lose their magnetism when exposed to excessive operating temperatures, opposing magnetic fields or electrical faults.

ABB charges into the future with Formula E


The global electric racing championship Formula E has been a huge success by any measure. Automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Nissan, and Jaguar have embraced the series, which is surely the world’s most prominent showcase for electric vehicle performance.

Carbon Mapper Launches Satellite Program to Pinpoint Methane and CO2 Super Emitters

Planet Pulse

Our mission is to help fill gaps in the emerging global ecosystem of methane and CO 2 monitoring systems by delivering data that’s timely, actionable and accessible for science-based decision making.” To read the press release in full, click here.

Living Building Challenge-targeted Watershed improves Seattles water quality


Seattle-based design firm Weber Thompson has completed construction on Watershed, a mixed-use development that aggressively reduces its energy and water usage compared to conventional construction of the same size. To achieve the standards of Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Program, Watershed is required to reduce energy use by 25% and water use by 75% compared to a baseline building.