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U.S. Energy Storage Monitor


Each quarter Wood Mackenzie and the American Clean Power Association (ACP) gather data on U.S. energy storage deployments, prices, policies, regulations, and business models. We compile this information to create the most comprehensive, timely analysis of energy storage in the U.S. As a result, Wood Mackenzie forecasts 59.2

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LG Solar and the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Provide Solar Output Data, Detailed Home Energy Usage, Costs; Embedded Advanced Metering Data Transmits Wirelessly to Smartphone


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California’s patchwork push to scale up virtual power plants

Canary Media

New rooftop solar systems are worth a lot less than they used to be in California , following the state’s dramatic changes in net-metering policy. Even batteries added to those solar systems to store power when the sun is shining and feed energy back after the sun goes down — a primary goal of the state’s new…

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Making a splash: Group prepares to launch novel wave energy system

Envirotec Magazine

The project involves attaching a generator and power converter to a buoy located off the Northumberland coast. A group at Newcastle University is preparing to install a prototype Wave Energy Converter (WEC) in the North Sea. Wave energy can be considered a concentrated form of solar energy, says the group.

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Virtual power plants: the importance of integrating smart-enabled tech with microgeneration

Envirotec Magazine

Jordan Brompton is co-founder of myenergi, a UK designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products. Jordan Brompton explains how developments in smart tech are enabling increasingly eco-conscious consumers to more easily and effectively transition towards off-grid renewable energy.

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Commentary: Has solar lost the net-metering battle?

Solar Power World

Solar companies, big and small, from local installers to OEMs, united with organizations like the California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) to fight against the end of California’s net-energy-metering solar incentive program. appeared first on Solar Power World.

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Industrial Revolution: Green Energy Solutions for the Modern Industries

Hydrogen Fuel News

The Industrial Revolution changed the way that industries produce and consume energy. Green energy solutions such as solar and wind power can power modern industries. In that way, they will not harm the natural environment while reducing the carbon footprint to offer a more sustainable energy source.