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Hoymiles’ Three-Phase Solar Microinverter Enters North American Market

Solar Industry

Hoymiles has announced the North American launch of its three-phase microinverter, the HMT-2000-4T-208-NA series. This new microinverter is purpose-built to meet the demands of high-powered PV modules and deliver strong performance, cost-effectiveness and safety for commercial and industrial PV applications across North America.

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Emporia’s energy management system prepares for the bidirectional EV charging future


Total control of power usage: from solar to EV and back to the house. Emporia Energy, which makes an energy management system for homes and small businesses, has launched a new smart Level 2 charger, and plans to offer bidirectional capability soon. The last one I was running is called Concord Energy.


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SolarEdge Technologies Introduces Powerful Ground-Mount Solution

Solar Industry

a company specializing in smart energy technology solutions, has launched its new high-powered, three-phase SolarEdge 330 kW inverter and its complementary H1300 power optimizer for community solar, agri-PV and small-to-medium scale ground-mount utility PV applications. SolarEdge Technologies Inc. ,

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Smith College, MA embarks on $220-million geothermal project


A series of wells at a depth of 800 feet (~243 meters) will be drilled and connected in a closed loop. The project is divided into three phases, and work on the first phase has already started on the buildings in the North Campus near Henshaw Avenue. This is expected to be completed by spring or summer next year.

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Enphase Sees Megawatt-Scale Uptake of Encharge Batteries in North American Debut


Enphase Energy has booked about 50 megawatt-hours of sales of its long-promised Encharge battery in North American markets since launching it in July, tapping a growing demand for energy storage from residential solar customers, and laying the groundwork for a more complete home backup power system set to arrive early next year.

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Repairing an off-grid wind and solar electrical system

Low Impact

We recently blogged about a project : ‘rebuilding a home, and changing the surrounding fields from dead agricultural land into an oasis of natural life’ – as well as building an off-grid electrical and heating system. Here’s the next in the series – about repairing an off-grid wind and solar electrical system.

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Build Back Better: Top green consultancies beef up post-coronavirus services

Business Green

The firm also published research showing that while 56 per cent of businesses increased their focus on cutting carbon emissions in 2019, a third said cost is still more important than carbon when it comes to energy purchasing decisions.