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Are electric car batteries recyclable?

Hydrogen Fuel News

Regarding the prominent issue at hand, it is really true that electric car batteries can be recycled, and there are specific methods that allow for the recovery of up to 95% of the raw materials. However, electric vehicles (EVs) have faced criticism due to concerns about their sustainability, particularly about their batteries.

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Project recycles CDs into flexible biosensors

Envirotec Magazine

According to the paper, “this sustainable approach for upcycling electronic waste provides an advantageous research-based waste stream that does not require cutting-edge microfabrication facilities, expensive materials or high-caliber engineering skills.”. How can we upcycle those types of CDs with the same kind of process? per device.

Recycling 130

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Greentown Labs Member Milestones — April 2024 

Greentown Labs

Funding American Battery Technology Company —a startup with technologies for lithium-ion battery recycling, battery-metal extraction, and primary mineral resource development—was awarded $60M in tax credits to accelerate the construction of its next-generation battery recycling facility. tax credit allocation from the U.S.

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Elevating Home Textiles with Sustainable Sophistication

The Environmental Blog

What is Recycled Polyester? Recycled polyester is made from discarded plastic bottles, not just reducing plus-based waste but also conserving precious resources. These environmentally-friendly methods aim to minimize waste, conserve energy, and reduce harmful emissions. Mindful Consumption : Be mindful of your choices.

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The Green Business Certification Checklist: How To Prepare and Plan for Success 

Green Business Bureau

It includes your building, operations, vehicles, supplies, products, procurement, recycling, reuse, waste, policies and procedures. Energy – How much energy do we use? Can we use less or adopt clean alternative energy sources? Waste and Recycling – What waste do we produce and where does it come from?

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How to Build and Retrofit a Sustainable Home

Green Business Bureau

RECYCLED STEEL. Recycling metal rather than using virgin ore helps preserve natural resources and saves energy. In fact, creating products from recycled steel utilizes 40% less water and reduces mining wastes by 97%. RECYCLED PLASTIC. BIO-BASED AND RECYCLED INSULATION. minority and women-owned suppliers).

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Londoners estimated to throw away £1.8bn of repairable items last year

Business Green

New survey released for Repair Week finds that 60 per cent of Londoners have electrical items at home in need of repair London homes are filled with items that could be repaired, according to a new survey which suggests Londoners threw away £1.8bn of repairable items last year. million devices and paid out £320m, O2 said.