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So, What Exactly Are Virtual Power Plants?


And in energy circles, one of the biggest buzzwords in recent years is the virtual power plant, or VPP. But VPPs have really taken off in the last 10 years, not just as a concept but as something that a growing number of energy companies are creating, using and commercializing. But there are important differences.

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Could Flex Services Draw New Players to Energy Sector?


A tie-up between Vodafone and Energy Web is evidence that an emerging flexibility services opportunity is luring new players to the energy sector, insiders believe. The endgame is to give an even wider range of devices access to future flexibility services markets, said Energy Web chief executive officer Walter Kok. In the U.K.,

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As Renewables Surge, Australia Ponders Options for Demand Response Market


Australian energy chiefs have welcomed the release today of two reports setting out options for the country’s future electricity market makeup. One of the big questions is around demand response, and who will oversee a market that has only started emerging in Australia. Centralized or decentralized control?

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LIDAR helps Greece become a renewable energy leader

Renewable Energy World

Capable of recording key wind characteristics such as speed and direction up to and above 200 meters vertical height, her special skills meant #106 was always destined to be a traveler and it wasn’t long before she spread her wings. Read more: How LIDAR is Transforming Remote Solar Sales and System Design. Choosing life with LIDAR.

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The Blockchain Opportunity at the Heart of the Flexible Grid


When blockchain arrived on the energy scene three years ago, much of the discussion went straight to disruption and disintermediation. Still, progress has been slow and driven almost entirely by startups that either have limited funding or the ability to willfully ignore the range of regulations surrounding electricity markets.

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20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021


Often working from home themselves, they empathized with employees and other stakeholders, some refusing to issue layoffs. Each of these individuals is playing the long game and is in a strong position to move their companies and industries into what could be a more hopeful period of reconciliation, recovery and repair.

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The emerging “non-utilities”—EVs are helping new players in the energy marketplace.


He formerly served as President Obama’s appointee to a US Federal Commission established to assess emerging energy-focused digital technologies. EVs make it possible to build smarter grids, including for the non-utilities that are pushing innovation. electric vehicles), stationary energy storage and microgrids.

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