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As Renewables Surge, Australia Ponders Options for Demand Response Market


Australian energy chiefs have welcomed the release today of two reports setting out options for the country’s future electricity market makeup. Australia lags behind most of Europe and North America in the provision of demand response, which means grid operators have to ensure generation matches consumption at all times.

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Meet Our Newest Startup Members

Greentown Labs

Nearly 30 startups joined our community in the final quarter of 2020, working on innovations as diverse as zinc-ion batteries, long-range weather forecasts, wave energy conversion, and replacements for petrochemical plastics. ELECTRICITY. This energy storage solution is low-cost, flexible, and long-duration. MANUFACTURING.


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The emerging “non-utilities”—EVs are helping new players in the energy marketplace.


He formerly served as President Obama’s appointee to a US Federal Commission established to assess emerging energy-focused digital technologies. EVs make it possible to build smarter grids, including for the non-utilities that are pushing innovation. electric vehicles), stationary energy storage and microgrids.

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Climate Corps Alumni Advisory Board

EDF + Business

He/Him/His) Energy & Sustainability Consultant, Cumming Corporation Los Angeles, CA, USA Shorenstein Realty Services (‘15). As an Assistant Project Manager, Trevor Anderson supports his Energy and Sustainability team and their clients on a variety of sustainability consulting services. Ian Champ. (He/Him/His)

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How carbon-smart farming is catalyzing the big bucks needed to transform the way America eats


Standing alone in the open field, the solar-powered equipment Sheffer shows me could be mistaken for some sort of high-tech scarecrow, but it has a far different job: to monitor and measure the CO 2 in the soil at this farming operation and research center in New York’s Hudson Valley. . In January, Seattle startup Nori raised $1.3

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