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What Electric Companies Don’t Want You To Know

The Environmental Blog

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your electric company? We recently had the opportunity to speak with other electricity providers that have been in business for over 30 years. There may be certain truths about electricity providers being kept hidden from public view – but not anymore.

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Industrial Revolution: Green Energy Solutions for the Modern Industries

Hydrogen Fuel News

The Industrial Revolution changed the way that industries produce and consume energy. Green energy solutions such as solar and wind power can power modern industries. In that way, they will not harm the natural environment while reducing the carbon footprint to offer a more sustainable energy source.


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China Surpasses Wind and Solar Energy Targets Five Years Early

Green Living Guy

Introduction China is setting an example in the world by doubling its wind and solar energy capacity and hitting its 2030 clean energy targets five years early.

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Funding the Next Generation of Efficient, Electric, Grid-Interactive Communities


homes and commercial buildings consume roughly two-fifths of the country’s overall energy, three-fourths of all electricity, and account for most of the peak electricity demand that drives generation and power grid infrastructure costs.

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Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


The $500 billion city — complete with flying taxis and robotic domestic help — is being built from scratch and will be home to a million people. And what energy product will be used both to power this city and sell to the world? The plant is powered by 4 gigawatts from wind and solar projects that sprawl across the desert.

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From smart meters to big batteries, co-ops emerge as clean grid laboratories

Renewable Energy World

By Frank Jossi, Energy News Network. A wave of pilot programs by Minnesota electric cooperatives is saving customers money and providing useful data for larger utilities considering new technology and pricing models to encourage grid efficiency. Today, 44 member-owned electric co-ops serve about 1.7

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7-Eleven Taiwan and TCC launch new generation EV charging

Smart Energy International

The New Energy, New Lifestyle plan, announced by TCC subsidiary, NHOS, and 7-Eleven, sees the partners building a new generation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The system can adjust electricity supply based on peaks and valleys of electricity usage. Sign up to our newsletter and stay informed.