Sustainable Waste Management for Businesses

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If you are looking to make your business greener, one of the ways to do so is through sustainable waste management. The post Sustainable Waste Management for Businesses appeared first on U.S.

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Top Tips for Creating Less Waste

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It is undeniable that the waste crisis on our planet today has gone to an alarming level. How do we create less waste ? Here are some top tips for creating less waste you can do now and can do at home. Minimalist and Zero-Waste Living. Lesser stuff means lesser waste.

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Medical Waste: Sustainable Management Practices

U.S. Green Technology

Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare institutions produce specialized kinds of medical wastes that need to be treated and managed correctly. The increase in the volume of medical waste has become a growing concern as more healthcare institutions are established; more people seek healthcare services; and more medical devices, materials, and technologies are used. The post Medical Waste: Sustainable Management Practices appeared first on U.S.

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How Hazardous Waste Removal Works

Green Living Guy

One of the most important aspects of environmentalism and ensuring a safe and healthy planet for future generations is the proper removal, treatment, and disposal of hazardous waste.

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SEPA opens healthcare waste consultation

Envirotec Magazine

All those who collect, transport, store treat and dispose of healthcare waste are being encouraged to respond to a consultation on its storage and treatment from Scotland’s environmental regulator. SEPA’s initial focus will be on sites primarily dealing with healthcare waste.

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How to Be More Sustainable in the Kitchen

The Environmental Blog

In such a progression of activities, it is difficult to avoid waste. However, it is possible to devise ways of handling waste in the kitchen to promote a healthy environment. There are simple ways you can follow to integrate sustainability in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

A Panacea for Biomedical Waste Management?

The Environmental Blog

Conspectus of Biomedical Waste Management. Although the economy is restoring to an extent but an exponential escalation in the biomedical waste generation has posed severe persisting health hazards and environmental threats. Smart Waste Management: PWC& AWCS.

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How to Reduce Your Business Waste In 2021: Top Tips

The Environmental Blog

If you want to make your business more sustainable in 2021 and bounce back from the current economic crisis, reducing your business waste is a great place to start. Here are five great ways to reduce your business waste and help protect our planet for future generations.

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“Be a waste hero,” suggests tech startup

Envirotec Magazine

Tech start-up AnyWaste.Com says it is creating a platform to fight the problem of where our waste goes and what happens to it. The system is “a standout option to help waste processors, brokers and producers of waste by simplifying the process,” says the firm.

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The problem with zero-waste goals is the word 'waste'


The problem with zero-waste goals is the word 'waste'. Last week, I mentioned a project in the Netherlands that puts circular thinking at the heart of plans for a more sustainable food system. The most obvious answer is that it’s cheaper to simply send waste to landfills.

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Will the Future Be Zero Waste? What It Could Look Like in a Decade

The Environmental Blog

The world needs ideas about how things could be made better and more sustainable while offering a high quality of life for humans everywhere. If the whole world made a commitment to a zero waste lifestyle today, where could we be in 10 years? The post Will the Future Be Zero Waste?

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Portugal power-to-liquid project makes sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) from municipal waste-derived CO2

Envirotec Magazine

Deploying a seemingly innovative technology configuration and design, the group behind it, LIPOR, suggests it is set to revolutionize the waste-to-energy industry while simultaneously decarbonizing the aviation sector. Energy-from-Waste News

Demo plant produces industrial sugars from mixed household waste fractions

Envirotec Magazine

A UK-based demonstration plant that generates industrial biotechnology sugars and other recycled material streams from the paper and card in mixed household waste has come online in May 2022. Bio-waste

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Sustainable Waste Management: Five Quick Tips To Reduce Your Waste

Green Business Bureau

Sustainable Waste Management. Through our partnership with Green Office Academy, we’ve created a list of five quick and useful tips on how to reduce your waste. What you purchase establishes your waste stream.

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Hotel Sustainability & Waste Management: Reducing Food, Water and Plastic Waste

Green Business Bureau

Hotels require a vast amount of energy and resources in order to run, and with this comes an equally vast amount of waste generated. Having strategies in place to manage, reduce or eliminate waste is essential. Minimize Food Waste. Start by characterizing and quantifying waste.

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The Undeniable Interconnectedness of Food Security and Sustainable Living

Green Living Guy

There’s an interconnection between sustainable living and food security goals that you can act locally to achieve in your […]. Food insecurity and climate change are two global crises that often feel too big and too isolated for any individual to resolve.

6 Easy Ways to Minimize Your E-Waste Levels

The Environmental Blog

Were you aware that more than 50 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) is produced each and every year? This is why appreciating how to minimise the production of e-waste has become an important concern. Educate Others About the Dangers of Electronic Waste.

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Circular Electronics: Designing Out Waste


Circular Electronics: Designing Out Waste. . Can waste be designed out of consumer electronics? Jordan Tse, Sustainability Program Manager, Facebook. Shelley Zimmer, Sustainability Program Manager, HP. Hold the phone!

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Bexley council launches app-based anti-food-waste campaign

Envirotec Magazine

Household food waste project will see Council partnering with two food waste apps – OLIO & Kitche. The Bexley Household Food Waste Project launched on 2 March and will run through to the summer. Bio-waste News

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How Vape Waste Generates Single-Use Plastics?

Green Living Guy

The post How Vape Waste Generates Single-Use Plastics? Eco Friendly Products Environment plastic pollution sustainability Waste Plastic pollution single-use vape vape products wasteVaping is doing very well as a fun activity.

Reduce E-Waste: Sustainability for Old, Functional Gadgets


Here are some eco-friendly things you can do to reduce e-waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce the number of electronic devices being made. Waste Ethics Lifestyle Sustainability

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How Can Businesses Dispose of Waste in the Most Time and Money-Efficient Way

Green Living Guy

Businesses can dispose of their waste in the most time and money-efficient way. The post How Can Businesses Dispose of Waste in the Most Time and Money-Efficient Way appeared first on Green Living Guy. But how?

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ClearCOGS: Powering Sustainable Restaurant Design Using Innovative Ingredient Forecasting and AI To Reduce Waste

Green Business Bureau

Sustainable restaurant design. ClearCOGs is revolutionizing the food industry with their innovative forecasting and machine learning processes to provide an exact amount of food ingredients to restaurants , supporting a sustainable restaurant design while also saving businesses money.

Top Ways To Significantly Reduce Harmful Waste On Your Daily Life

Green Living Guy

Therefore, reducing waste can lessen the effect of pollution on our planet and promote sustainable living. Climate Resiliency Eco Friendly Products Environment global warming going green pollution sustainability biodegradable Compost plastic reduce waste single-use items

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Business Sustainability Trends to Expect in 2022

The Environmental Blog

If you want to make your business sustainable, you may be interested in the expected trends in this field this 2022. There are now automated applications and equipment that can generate data, which you can use in ensuring that your business remains sustainable. Sustainability

How Waste Metering Powers Environmental And Financial Responsibility


Waste, on the other hand, remains out of sight and out of mind for most businesses with no way to accurately and consistently measure how much waste is actually being produced. At Compology, we know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

How to Reduce Water Waste When Growing Cannabis

Green Living Guy

The post How to Reduce Water Waste When Growing Cannabis appeared first on Green Living Guy. The marijuana industry is booming with business opportunities. With the legalization of medical and recreational use, there are now thousands of jobs.

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The electronic waste collection conundrum


The electronic waste collection conundrum. The primary reason I started covering the business of sustainability during the 2008 financial crisis wasn’t just because I was laid off from my position as editor of a technology trade publication. E-Waste.

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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Events More Sustainable

Green Living Guy

One other thing that events should be is sustainable. How do you make your events more sustainable? What does sustainability mean? […]. Events can be very entertaining and relaxing while meeting the main objective of throwing the party: networking for business profit.

The Sustainable Solution for Dog Waste Removal

The Environmental Blog

Some quick arithmetic tells us that we have a major waste problem, 24.7 When dog waste is left in the park or on the sidewalk, it is detrimental to the environment. Another major issue, especially in cities, is that dog waste becomes a leading food source for rats, which are linked to a number of diseases that can easily be passed to humans. When responsible dog owners do pick up their dog’s waste, what happens next? Eighty-nine point seven million.

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Useful Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Waste In An Environment Friendly Way

Green Living Guy

In the past five decades, the amount of waste that we produce has not only risen but has been higher than ever before in history. The post Useful Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Waste In An Environment Friendly Way appeared first on Green Living Guy.

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: Sustainability Initiative Highlights

Green Business Bureau

Hazardous Waste Recycling: The proper disposal of batteries, paint and chemicals, lightbulbs, and electronics. Recycling is one of the top and most cost-effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. It is also a great step forward in establishing a sustainably driven company.

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Nike reveals Space Hippie sustainable sneakers made from waste

Inhabitat - Innovation

Nike is turning waste into feedstock, creating a sustainable sneaker that combines high performance with low impact

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Humble Activewear: Sustainable Women’s Activewear Combats Fashion Waste

Green Business Bureau

In order to cut garment waste and overproduction, Humble Activewear follows a “made-to-order” model in which their products are made once the order is placed. The post Humble Activewear: Sustainable Women’s Activewear Combats Fashion Waste appeared first on Green Business Bureau.

EcoLuxe Products: Sustainable Bamboo Products to Help Reduce Plastic Waste and Encourage Sustainable Living

Green Business Bureau

is aiding the world in the fight against single-use plastic waste by offering a variety of biodegradable organic bamboo products for personal use, homes and businesses. EcoLuxe Products Inc.

The Sustainability of Bamboo: A Comprehensive Guide


An in-depth look into the true sustainability of bamboo. Ecology Environment Sustainability Waste

Fighting Food Waste: Lessons from COVID


Fighting Food Waste: Lessons from COVID. . What emerging strategies have been employed to tackle food waste during the pandemic, and how can we scale these strategies in the future? Zeb McLaurin, Director of Sustainability, Goodr.

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Reducing the Amount of Waste Your Business Produces

Green Living Guy

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly important to protect our planet by going green and making sustainable choices – not just at home but also in the office. The post Reducing the Amount of Waste Your Business Produces appeared first on Green Living Guy.

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How online ordering could cut food waste


How online ordering could cut food waste. That’s what sustainability veteran Dave Stangis said when I asked him about the long-term changes being wrought by coronavirus. This week, we’ll look at some potentially good news from the intersection of online delivery and food waste.

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Dow’s Jim Fitterling on tackling plastic waste and the company’s sustainability goals


Dow’s Jim Fitterling on tackling plastic waste and the company’s sustainability goals. In a conversation with GreenBiz Executive Editor Joel Makower, Dow CEO Jim Fitterling details strategy for the company’s latest sustainability commitments — including being carbon neutral by 2050.

New Technology Reduces Waste in Wind Industry, Improves Sustainability

U.S. Green Technology

The post New Technology Reduces Waste in Wind Industry, Improves Sustainability appeared first on U.S.

WM's Eric Dixon on helping corporations achieve zero waste


Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz, interviewed Eric Dixon, Vice President of Sustainability & Environmental Solutions at WM, during Circularity 22 (May 17-19). This video is sponsored by WM. View archived videos from the conference here: [link

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The new dynamic duo: Pricing and food waste


The new dynamic duo: Pricing and food waste. According to Oded Omer, founder and CEO of Wasteless, 87 percent of food waste from grocery stores is due to disposing of products that have gone past their expiration date. There, Wasteless reduced waste by 32.8 Food Waste.

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