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Breaking the cycle with upcycled food


Breaking the cycle with upcycled food. Soon — just as the plastic milk gallon in the dairy aisle and the beer can in the alcohol section have the three arrows signaling the packaging is recyclable — food products at grocery stores will have a new label to indicate the product is made with upcycled ingredients. . Jesse Klein.

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Upcycling and Repurposing: How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen While Minimizing Waste

U.S. Green Technology

Beautifying and sprucing up your kitchen can be an endeavor that’s costly and wasteful. However, you can always upcycle and repurpose to spruce up your kitchen without generating more waste than necessary. Here are some ideas of how you can spruce up your kitchen in a meaningful and sustainable way.


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This outdoor furniture line uses upcycled rice hulls that outperform wood

Inhabitat - Innovation

Michigan-based furniture manufacturing company Grand Rapids Chair Company has unveiled a sustainable addition to its repertoire of personalized chairs and tables.

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Designers made this pavilion out of upcycled paper waste

Inhabitat - Innovation

Originally created for the Copenhagen Art Fair to showcase a new sustainable method of design, the Paper Pavilion is made out of upcycled paper collected from the city itself. The art fair, in its fifth season, had a specific focus on pavilion designs that spotlighted sustainable construction, urbanization and recycling.

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Waste Management Checklist: 26 Tips For Minimizing Waste

Green Business Bureau

Achieve zero waste with our waste management checklist. The ultimate goal of this waste management checklist is to achieve zero waste. By zero waste, we mean the conservation of all resources utilizing responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials.

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Patagonia Fleece Collection by American Madness Made from Upcycled Materials

Green Living Guy

Belfast-based brand American Madness has unveiled a collection of upcycled Patagonia fleeces. This is in celebration of the brand’s sustainability heritage. The limited-edition pieces come from deadstock, vintage, and damaged Patagonia fleeces. The collection represents a way to create something […].

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Western Container Sales: Creating Value Through Upcycling and Waste Reduction

Green Business Bureau

Since their launch in 2015, Westerner Container Sales , a division of Railbox Consulting LLC, has had sustainability at the core of their operations. Eliminating Waste. The post Western Container Sales: Creating Value Through Upcycling and Waste Reduction appeared first on Green Business Bureau.

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