How Corona virus is Disrupting Waste & Recycling

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The escalation of COVID-19 across the globe has hampered recycling efforts in Europe and North America. It’s also not great news for waste management and recycling, with recycling centers closing in most cities across the world, which has led to service disruptions for consumers.

Adidas Leads The Way On Plastic Recycling


Adidas is an industry leader in using recycled PET plastic in its products. As more companies follow its lead, the price of plastic waste may begin to rise, making it valuable enough to stop discarding it in landfills and oceans.

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How companies — from automotive to apparel — can transform waste into resources


One key is to design out waste in the first place. Circular Economy Recycling Waste Waste Management Water Reuse

It's time to trash recycling


Our waste management practices are distractions from our main problem: too much stuff. Circular Economy Recycling Waste ManagementBut alternatives exist.

Machine Learning Rapidly Improves Waste Sorting To Environmental & Economic Benefit


It's no longer possible for the developed world to use the developing world as its landfill site and recycling facility. AMP Robotics is at the forefront of systems which are allowing us to sort our own waste more effectively.

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The aluminum can: America’s most successful recycling story that you’ve never heard


On America Recycles Day, it's time to recognize one special piece of packaging. Circular Economy Recycling Waste Management

To increase recycling rates, empower consumers and skip the guilt trip


Circular Economy Plastic Waste Recycled Paper RecyclingMessaging has to change.

Israeli Startup UBQ Says It Has The Answer To Recycling & The Circular Economy


A start-up in a small town in Israel says it has developed a way to recycle plastic and ordinary refuse that could form the basis of a truly circular economy. The best part is it says it can be profitable -- something most recycling schemes are not.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper team up for recycled plastics drive


The collaboration spearheaded by WWF will focus on boosting recycling infrastructure and public awareness campaigns in the U.S. Circular Economy ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Recycling Waste Management

How China and the U.S. can innovate on plastic waste


Circular Economy Plastic Waste RecyclingThe world's two biggest producers and consumers of stuff stand to play a pivotal role in creating a circular economy, but they'll both have to get out of their own way.

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How to Reduce Food Waste at Home?

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The amount of food that gets wasted or spoiled daily is enough to feed 20% of the world population say, experts. Food and water waste accounts for more than 10 million tonnes that end up in landfills in the UK. We can contribute to environmental protection by reducing food waste.

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Rebuilding recycling to go circular


Rebuilding recycling to go circular. The circular economy is a solution for our future health and wellness and recycling has a vital role to play. A circular economy is not possible without recycling, yet it can’t happen through recycling alone. Recycling.

Israeli Startup UBQ Says It Has The Answer To Recycling & The Circular Economy


A start-up in a small town in Israel says it has developed a way to recycle plastic and ordinary refuse that could form the basis of a truly circular economy. The best part is it says it can be profitable -- something most recycling schemes are not.

WKE LifeProof phone cases use recycled ocean-bound waste

Inhabitat - Innovation

KE phone cases recycle plastic, so it doesn't end up in the ocean Lifeproof finds balance between protecting your phone and protecting the planet. The unique W?KE

The Plastics Recycling Puzzle: Can Chemistry Close the Loop?

CleanTech Group

Materials & Chemicals Materials and Chemicals Plastic Recycling Recycling & Waste Resources & Environment chemical recycling circular plastics plastic waste Plastics

Creating Power from Municipal Solid Waste – Best Use of Waste

Green Living Guy

First of all, solid waste is such a big issue. The post Creating Power from Municipal Solid Waste – Best Use of Waste appeared first on Green Living Guy. For it also affects the air we breathe. Because we live in a world that’s dirty.

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Which plastics recycling tech will dominate?

Envirotec Magazine

Titled “ The Future of Plastic Recycling ,” the report looks at four of the main plastic waste recycling processes – mechanical recycling, depolymerization, pyrolysis, and solvent-based recycling – and analyzes the factors impacting the economic viability of each.

Plastic Recycling – What’s Next for Takeback Schemes?

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Plastic Recycling Plastics Recycling & WastePlastic has been a revolutionary substance. But since its invention over 100 years ago, our appetite for it continues to grow at an.

School’s back in session and Wisdom Supply Co. is teaching a lesson to reduce plastic waste


The B corp is working to to provide affordable, zero-waste school supplies. Consumer Products Consumer Trends Plastic Waste Recycled Paper

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These pendant shades shine a light on recycled materials

Inhabitat - Innovation

LightArt is moving "from waste to watts" with its newest line of pendant light shades made from recycled materials

Dow's Julie Zaniewski on its partnership with recycling leader Avangard Innovative


GreenBiz Studio plastic Plastic Waste Recycling Waste ManagementJulie Zaniewski, North America sustainability director at Dow, says that the company's plans for 2020 include living out its sustainability strategy.

How Pandora hopes to reach 100% recycled silver and gold


How Pandora hopes to reach 100% recycled silver and gold. By 2030, Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry brand by volume, will use 100 percent recycled silver and gold in its products. As it stands, 71 percent of the silver and gold in Pandora jewelry comes from recycled sources.

4 Ways to Reduce Waste In Your Own Home

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Here are 4 things that you can do to ensure that you’re reducing waste in your house. Landfill waste is not just unsightly, it also poses risks to humans from harmful chemical leaks and has negative effects on the environment. Buy and use recyclable containers. Recycle

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Why Does the USA Stuck at Recycling

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In the United States alone, recycling accounts for over $200 billion worth of industry spending. Why, then, is the United States still falling behind almost all other developed countries when it comes to recycling, renewable energy, and other resource conservation efforts? Recycle

Cell Phone Recycling In Aspect of Environment Benefit

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This is the reason why cell phone recycling is so important. If you decide to get a new one, see with your supplier how to recycle the one you already have, they may have a program available. You can also search for a cell phone recycling location in your community. Recycle

What Happens to E-Waste When It Gets Recycled?


Worldwide, electronic waste makes up more than 5 percent of … The post What Happens to E-Waste When It Gets Recycled? Read more: What Happens to E-Waste When It Gets Recycled?

Using waste carbon feedstocks to produce chemicals


Using waste carbon feedstocks to produce chemicals. Using CCU technologies to consume waste feedstocks reportedly can cut production costs; monetize industrial emissions; allow companies to meet CO2 emissions goals; and foster continued development of a circular economy.

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Designer Dana Cohen creates unique, recycled fabric garments

Inhabitat - Innovation

The designer is fighting textile waste by recycling fabric into chic, high-end clothing

How RFID technology is playing a role in reducing waste and increasing recycling

Envirotec Magazine

PragmatIC says its technology could allow a low-cost inlay (tag) to be incorporated in packaging, allowing consumers to access information about product usage, food storage, cooking instructions and local recycling. Winning the war on waste. Recycling and Reuse

Sprint To Go 100% Carbon Neutral, 100% Renewable Electricity


Sprint has indicated that it intends to source 100% renewable electricity and divert 50% of operational waste from landfills by 2025. This is what we need to hear on a day to day basis, from more and more corporations.

This year’s resolution: Fix the broken plastic material system


Circular Economy Plastic Waste Recycling WasteThe momentum to stop plastic pollution continues to grow, so how do we channel it into real systems change?

These three circular economy principles can help combat the climate crisis


Circular Economy Recycling Regenerative Agriculture Waste Waste ManagementCollaboration is key in moving toward an economy that's regenerative by design.

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Wood waste strengthens recycled concrete, new study finds

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This pioneering technique promises to be an environmentally friendly way to enhance concrete structures while simultaneously reducing construction costs and curtailing carbon emissions

Project secures EU funding to create sugars, chemicals and plastics from household waste

Envirotec Magazine

An 11-strong European consortium has secured funding for a project to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of generating waste sugars derived from household waste and producing a range of high-performance bio-based materials and products. Bio-waste Recycling and Reuse

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Office Recycling Guide – 9 Tips for Business Recycling

Green Business Bureau

Formalizing your office recycling program is often a great step forward in creating a more sustainable business and company. An official recycling policy can guide employees and demonstrate a sense of commitment toward sustainability in your business. Recycling Education.

The Story Of Plastics Is A Must-See Video For Earth Day


Media Deia Schlosberg plastic recycling plastic waste plastics The Story Of PlasticThis Wednesday is Earth Day and a perfect time to curl up with a good lime rickey and watch Deia Schlosberg's documentary, "The Story Of Plastic" on the Discovery Channel.

Banana agri-waste converted into biodegradable, recyclable plastic

CleanTech Alliance

And while that part of the plant is typically discarded during harvesting, it may soon find use in a plastic that biodegrades and is fully recyclable. Source: Ben Coxworth, New Atlas, Nov 29, 2019 The bunches of bananas that we buy in stores grow off of a central trunk-like structure, known as the pseudostem. According […]. Industry News

Granby Workshop unveils ceramic dinnerware collection made from 100% waste

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Related: Designers recycle aluminum production waste into functional ceramic decor + Granby Workshop Kickstarter Granby Workshop, Ceramics Made from 100% Waste, london design festival, green ceramics, repurposed waste, green housewares, green ceramics, sustainable homewares, sustainable ceramics

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South African start-up provides app that brings together independent truck owners and customers needing waste removal and recycling.

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In South Africa, a new app-based service, working off the grid from a used ship container, is seemingly bringing convenience and simplicity to businesses and professionals who need waste removed from worksites. Waste Management

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Manchester hotel joins soap and toiletry bottles recycling scheme

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The Lowry Hotel in Manchester is among the first in the UK to sign up to a new toiletries recycling scheme. The half-used soaps from The Lowry Hotel will be shipped to a recycling centre in Amsterdam. Recycling and Reuse

A tale of two snack pouches


Here's how GoGo Squeeze and Gerber are reinventing their packaging toward greater recyclability. Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Plastic Waste RecyclingMillions of parents have come to rely on single-serve fruit squeezes, but the packaging piles up in landfills.

Singapore's new waste app provides free door collection service to bypass contaminated recycling bins


The mobile app from Sembcorp, called Ezi, aims to make recycling more convenient for residents in Singapore, where only 4 per cent of plastic waste is recycled

6 circular economy trends that will shape 2020


From refill schemes to more practical and viable recycling options, there's a stronger sense of urgency to find solutions. Circular Economy Chemicals & Toxics ocean plastic plastic Plastic Waste Recycling