Can Clothes Really Be Recycled?

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Packaging and food waste are some of the most common things in your daily life that you recycle. However, old clothes can be recycled, providing significant waste reduction and offering valuable materials to many industries. Why Recycle Your Clothes? The Recycling Process.

Opportunities for recycled fiber post-pandemic


Sponsored: People expect to see more real sustainability options from businesses. Recycled fiber is one of them


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Winners of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022 announced

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Winners of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022 were announced on 23 June at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe in Amsterdam. Building & Construction Product: SOLAR HEAT panels from recycled plastic by Montello spa & WET/Ecopixel srl. News Recycling and Reuse

Reduce, reuse, recycle, register?


Reduce, reuse, recycle, register? Consumer interest in the use of recycled materials, so-called recyclates, is on the rise. Patagonia, for example, recently declared that 68 percent of its offerings use recycled materials. Ash Earl. Tue, 03/09/2021 - 00:05.

Helping Create a Nationwide Recycling Infrastructure


Collective action is needed on the part of industry and business leaders, cities and governments, and citizens around the world to develop an infrastructure that promotes recycling, the composting of organic materials, and ultimately, that helps to bring about the end of waste.

Moving beyond 100% recyclable goals


Moving beyond 100% recyclable goals. Numerous companies have set 100 percent recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging goals such as Colgate-Palmolive and Kellogg. Other questions include: Is the packaging collected in the vast majority of recycling programs? Recycling.

Urban Originals Releases Vegan and Recycled Handbags

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Made with a blend of vegan leather and recycled materials, Urban Originals is paving the way to better and ethical fashion across the world. Take a stand against Animal Cruelty in the fashion industry with handbags from Urban Originals.

Understanding How Recycling and Waste Removal Works

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However, learning about recycling and waste removal will equip you to make better daily choices about what you purchase and throw away. No one wants to think about where their trash goes. Unless you’re a sanitation worker, you can put your garbage outside and forget about it.

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What Goes On Inside Recycling Plants? 4 Things To Know

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workers in recycling plant. Recycling involves taking certain items, breaking them down, and turning them into something that can be used again. In this article, you’ll learn about the processes that different types of materials go through inside recycling plants. Recycle

Equal Recycling Access


Equal Recycling Access. communities and industry partners collaborate to ensure access to recycling? While most Americans would agree that recycling is important, access to recycling bins, store drop-off options and other facilities can vary greatly depending on your location.

California winery innovates with sustainable recycling creation

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In the California city of Paso Robles, architecture firm Clayton & Little has given old oil field drill stem pipes unexpected new life — as an equipment barn that offsets over 100% of the energy needs for a sustainably-minded winery

Sponsored content: Sustainable heat exchanger recycling

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The recyclable heat exchangers. Secondly, plate heat exchangers contain large amounts of valuable metal that can be recycled and reused in new products; Stena Recycling’s technology enables up to 100 percent metal regeneration. Heat Recycling and Reuse Alfa Laval

How to Communicate With Consumers About Chemical Recycling Solutions


Consumers around the globe are craving more sustainable products, and brands are struggling to figure out how to deliver on their recycled content goals.

How AI and Robotics are Transforming Recycling


How AI and Robotics are Transforming Recycling. The challenges facing recycling in the U.S. Speakers: Monique Oxender, Chief Sustainability Officer, Keurig Dr Pepper. Brent Hildebrand, Vice President, Recycling U.S. Chief Sustainability Officer.

Recyclability vs Recycling Infrastructure: How to Engage Stakeholders and Align Solutions


Date/Time: January 18, 2022 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) Companies are innovating at an unprecedented speed to offer products that are more sustainable and provide greater value to customers.

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Properly Recycling Your E-Waste Today

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A pile of old computers waiting for sending to recycle plant. The solution to making e-waste less of a problem is properly recycling it. By recycling e-waste, you allow companies to retrieve these precious substances which can then be reused. Recycle

Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics


Ensuring Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics. As companies and consumer brands incorporate recycled plastic content into their products and as part of their circularity goals, product integrity becomes an important consideration. Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer.

A new ‘supercritical water’ approach to recycling plastic packaging waste

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Stopford’s Technology & Innovation Director Dr Ben Herbert said: “This agreement enables Stopford to fast-track the development of the CircuPlast technology to meet the plastics management and sustainability requirements of multiple industry sectors.”. Recycling and Reuse

Business Sustainability Trends to Expect in 2022

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If you want to make your business sustainable, you may be interested in the expected trends in this field this 2022. There are now automated applications and equipment that can generate data, which you can use in ensuring that your business remains sustainable. Sustainability

Rice University and Ford Motor Company Recycle Plastic from Old F-150s

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The post Rice University and Ford Motor Company Recycle Plastic from Old F-150s appeared first on Green Living Consultants, Companies, Electric Car Expert, Green Living, Electric Car News, New York, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Nevada.

5 Online Tools That Can Help You Lead A More Sustainable Life

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With problems like global warming and pollution becoming a bigger threat with every passing day, sustainability is the need of the hour. And that’s why we’ve got 5 apps and online tools here for you today to help you ease into a sustainable lifestyle digitally. Recycle Coach.

Sustainability For New Parents

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If you’re reading this, you likely live a life of intentionality, sustainability and it’s a top priority for you. And while there are plenty of meaningful ways to teach small children about sustainable living , there are just as many ways to be a sustainable parent to a newborn.

Engaging Middle America in recycling solutions


Engaging Middle America in recycling solutions. At Circularity 2020, I’m talking about how to engage people in recycling, and the two ideas are linked together. So what does this mean for engaging Americans in recycling? . Speaking Sustainably.

Recycling: Best Practices for a More Eco-Friendly Approach

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One of the simplest ways to adopt a more eco-conscious routine is to practice better recycling habits. The post Recycling: Best Practices for a More Eco-Friendly Approach appeared first on Green Living Guy.

How to Be More Sustainable in the Kitchen

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There are simple ways you can follow to integrate sustainability in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. Composting refers to recycling organic material like food leftovers and turning them into manure or fertilizer to help grow plants. Store it instead for recycling.

How To Incorporate Sustainable Materials Into Your Everyday Life

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Sustainability is a practice that can and should be implemented routinely and faithfully in everyone’s life. The Recycled Content certification (highlighted above) is an endorsement that SCS Global Services offers businesses to promote their sustainable practices.

How Much Work is Needed to Make Recycling Economically Sustainable?

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The post How Much Work is Needed to Make Recycling Economically Sustainable? In recent years, the exploitation and degradation of our environment have risen at an alarming rate.

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How Kashi worked with Dow's Pack Studios to design recyclable granola pouches


Being on the same page about brand integrity and sustainability goals helped the two companies work across the supply chain. Circular Economy Advanced Materials Recycling

Scaling the Market for Post-Consumer Recycled Content


Scaling the Market for Post-Consumer Recycled Content. What will it take to scale the domestic market for post-consumer recycled content? The demand for recycled plastics has skyrocketed — so much so that brands and packaging producers are experiencing limited supply.

LeSportsac's ReCycled collection uses recycled water bottles

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With the modern-day zeitgeist squarely aimed at improving sustainable practices, both in the private and business world, LeSportsac's most recent release removes plastic from the waste stream while encouraging fans to continue their LeSportsac journey

Recycling solution available for customer-returned soft plastic packaging at Tesco

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Over 900 Tesco stores now have collection points for plastic recycling. A new partnership between Tesco and packaging manufacturer Berry Global is now recycling soft plastic collected from customers at Tesco stores. Recycling and Reuse

Novelis's Pierre Labat on reducing carbon through aluminum recycling


Jon Smieja, Vice President of Circularity & Senior Analyst at GreenBiz, interviewed Pierre Labat, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer of Novelis, during Circularity 22 (May 17-19). This video is sponsored by Novelis. View archived videos from the conference here: [link

Staying Sustainable Post-Holidays

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As the holidays wind down, make it your new year’s resolution to live more sustainably. The post Staying Sustainable Post-Holidays appeared first on Green Living Guy. The holidays are a time for celebration and family!

How Keurig Dr Pepper is increasing its packaging recyclability


How Keurig Dr Pepper is increasing its packaging recyclability. One of the goals of the platform was to convert all packaging to recyclable or compostable formats by 2025, while increasing the use of recycled content. .

Hazardous Waste Recycling: Sustainability Initiative Highlights

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: The proper disposal of batteries, paint and chemicals, lightbulbs, and electronics. Recycling is one of the top and most cost-effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. It is also a great step forward in establishing a sustainably driven company.

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Sustainalize this! 4 - Battery Recycling

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Learn all about battery basics, how they are recycled at the moment and in the future, plus how we could all be driving around like in Mario Kart in the future with wireless charging lanes. Watch this movie if you want to know how lithium-metal batteries work Watch this movie if you want to know how battery recycling works More Stories. Summary - Will our kids ever know what it is like to refuel a car with gasoline, or will everything be electrified by then?

How To Shift to Sustainable Beauty

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Most of us have heard the term sustainable beauty, but when it comes to what exactly that means, the answers can be varied and fuzzy. At its core, sustainability refers to human behavior that allows harmony with nature to exist for future generations.

Global Recycling: The Environmental Impact and The Future


Preventing pollution and improving public health are only some of the benefits of global recycling. Waste Ecology Plastic Pollution Recycling SustainabilityIt also creates employment, saves money, and reduces waste.

9 Sustainable Pet Supplies to Make Our Furry Friends More Eco-Friendly

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Read this guide to discover nine sustainable pet supplies […]. In these worrying times of climate change, weird weather events, and depleted natural resources, we need to do all we can to save the planet.

Recycling trade association criticises comments of EA chief on waste exports

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The Recycling Association has criticised the “dangerous language” used by Environment Agency chief executive Sir James Bevan. “This language is dangerous when we are trying to encourage more people to recycle, especially as we are part of a global circular economy.

How Pandora hopes to reach 100% recycled silver and gold


How Pandora hopes to reach 100% recycled silver and gold. By 2030, Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry brand by volume, will use 100 percent recycled silver and gold in its products. As it stands, 71 percent of the silver and gold in Pandora jewelry comes from recycled sources.

The best packaging options for sustainable companies

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Just a few years ago, going green and sustainable was something that only niche or forward-thinking companies would promote. However, in today’s era, sustainable or eco-friendly measures are no longer unusual but a new standard for companies worldwide. Recycled plastic .

Network Rail introduces coffee cup recycling points to busy stations

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As passenger numbers slowly increase and with 60% of station retailers now open, those travelling by train or visiting the stations can make use of the bright orange bins to recycle any paper coffee cups purchased during their journey. News Recycling and Reuse