From Bio Waste To SCOBY Packaging


Agriculture Green Economy Manufacturing biodegradable plastics bioplastics food MakeGrowLab packaging plasticsThe MakeGrowLab is in the process of patenting the SCOBY material.

How Perdue, Smithfield and Silver Fern Farms are reducing packaging waste


How Perdue, Smithfield and Silver Fern Farms are reducing packaging waste. The aspiration for a growing number of them is "zero waste.". The designation indicates that 100 percent of the waste stream at the facility is reused, recycled or incinerated for energy. Packaging.

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Reusable packaging in the time of COVID-19


Reusable packaging in the time of COVID-19. Reusable packaging is faced with proving its trustworthiness alongside disposables in a world that is standing six feet apart in the grocery aisle. Disposable packages are painted as sterile, while durables are tainted with suspicion.

Rethinking food packaging can dent the plastic pollution crisis


Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Plastic Waste Pollution PreventionAlthough the global economy is increasingly wrapped in plastic, companies of all sizes are dramatically reducing their use of it.

Are paper bottles a solution to reduce plastic waste?


Circular Economy Circular Packaging Design & PackagingBrewing giant Carlsberg debuted new bottle prototypes made from sustainably sourced wood fibers, which it claims are fully bio-based and recyclable.

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Two ways P&G is working toward its packaging goals


Two ways P&G is working toward its packaging goals. The initiatives are related to P&G's current sustainability goals introduced in 2018, Ambition 2030, which include a commitment to make its packaging 100 percent recyclable or reusable by 2030. . Design & Packaging. Packaging.

Despite Industry Lies & Bribes, Single-Use Plastics Are On The Wane


Consumer Technology Green Economy Milwaukee Brewers plastic bags plastic packaging plastics SC Johnson single-use plastic Tesco waste WegmansMore companies are turning away from single-use plastics as public consciousness about plastic pollution increases.

How online ordering could cut food waste


How online ordering could cut food waste. This week, we’ll look at some potentially good news from the intersection of online delivery and food waste. Any good news on waste is welcome, because the situation is insane. Ordering pre-prepared meal kits also leads to less waste.

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Take these 3 steps, add $500 million and create a circular economy for packaging, report urges


Circular Economy Plastic Waste RecyclingIt will take $500 million by 2025 to create the recycling system of the future and dramatically increase the collection of post-consumer plastics, according to the Recycling Partnership.

Plastic to-go containers are bad, but the alternatives might not be much better


Design & Packaging Life-Cycle Management plastic Plastic WasteSingle-use plastic bans are showing up across the nation. But compostable plates and forks may not solve the plastic crisis.

Hundreds of companies crack down on plastic from fast fashion to supermarkets and beyond


Circular Economy packaging Plastic WasteThe initial headline-grabbing pledges to phase out single use plastic may have become old news, but the new normal is seeing hundreds of companies quietly advance their plastic reduction strategies.

Food waste startup backed by Oprah Winfrey snags $250 million


Food waste startup backed by Oprah Winfrey snags $250 million. This morning brings one of the biggest deals yet this year: an infusion of $250 million in new financing for food waste crusader Apeel Sciences. It's applied in packaging facilities or warehouses using a water-based formula.

Bio-waste powers board production

Envirotec Magazine

In an apparent industry first, a new facility will use organic waste to provide the heat and power required for the production of corrugated sheet board. BioG-UK also provides a network for collection of organic waste; the fuel for such a plant. The CorrBoard Bioenergy facility.

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Food and packaging waste: A circular future, or talking in circles?


Eco-Business, with the support of FairPrice Group, will be organising Food and packaging waste: A circular future, or talking in circles? on 23 June 2020

The aluminum can: America’s most successful recycling story that you’ve never heard


On America Recycles Day, it's time to recognize one special piece of packaging. Circular Economy Recycling Waste Management

Aldi pledges to halve plastic packaging by 2025

Business Green

Aldi has committed to halve the volume of plastic packaging it uses in the UK by 2025, a move it estimates will prevent 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging from reaching supermarket shelves. Aldi said it would work with suppliers to remove the equivalent of 2.2

Green Quarantine: Tips To Stay Environmentally Friendly and Zero Waste

The Environmental Blog

Ordering goods online and having them delivered to your house means you don’t have to waste gas or potentially expose yourself to other people who could be carrying the virus. Unplugging energy thirsty devices when not in use ensures no energy is going to waste.

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Now more than ever, it seems we can't live without plastic


Companies and governments are working to minimize environmental harm of plastic packaging and products, but they face a nuanced reality. COVID-19 Plastic Plastic Waste

A tale of two snack pouches


Millions of parents have come to rely on single-serve fruit squeezes, but the packaging piles up in landfills. Here's how GoGo Squeeze and Gerber are reinventing their packaging toward greater recyclability. Circular Economy Food & Agriculture Plastic Waste Recycling

The circular economy can be a holistic approach to addressing climate change


From fashion to household goods, industry leaders are using their tools and resources to eliminate the concept of waste. Circular Economy Circular Packaging Circularity 19 GreenBiz 19 VERGE 19 Video Vault

KC printer is first to achieve top zero waste level

Greenability Magazine

How does a company that uses tons of paper, gallons of ink and truckloads of packaging become the first printer in the U.S. to achieve the highest zero waste certification? and first company in Missouri to achieve the platinum level for waste reduction initiatives.

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Is it possible to be zero-waste in a consumer world?

The Environmental Blog

As ecologists try to figure out different solutions to save our planet, one such solution, which has taken the world by a storm, is the zero-waste revolution. In contrast to waste management and recycling of waste products, zero-waste refers to waste prevention at all costs.

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WEEE Fund unveils £5.6m Covid-19 support package for electrical waste recyling sector

Business Green

Up to £5m of interest-free loans for electrical waste treatment facilities and £600,000 of grants for charity-sector reuse organisations are now up for grabs. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Fund (WEEE Fund) has announced a £5.6m

How to Handle the Waste We Produce


Waste Management: Why we should not only focus on zero waste, but also on how to handle the waste we do produce. Although some people may be intimidated by the zero waste movement and its restrictions, those of us without the ability to ‘go zero’ can also do their part.

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Going Zero Waste: Opportunities For Waste Reduction and New Revenue Streams

Green Business Bureau

Recycling our waste has become an expected practice across multiple industries with those not participating in the practice severely damaging their company image and reputation. Processed residuals from those materials and left-overs are often treated as valueless waste and disposed of.

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Coke, Nestlé and Pepsi top plastic polluter audit again as green groups slam recyclable packaging as 'false solution'


Despite efforts from consumer goods giants to curb waste through recyclable packaging, activists says this will not solve the problem of marine plastic pollution

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'Waste-free world': Unilever sets goal to eliminate over 100,000 tonnes of plastic packaging by 2025

Business Green

Consumer goods giant pledges to halve its use of virgin plastic and ensure it collects and recycles more plastic packaging than it sells

Can this app solve our coffee cup problem?


Because most disposable cups can’t be recycled, it’s also a lot of waste headed to landfill. Circular Economy Food Systems packagingThis article was adapted from the GreenBiz Food Weekly newsletter.

Take a stand and address single-use items and throwaway culture rather than just plastics, urges Zero Waste Scotland

Envirotec Magazine

Ian Gulland of Zero Waste Scotland. Whether it is unwarranted packaging, unwanted food garnishes, straws in drinks or any other unexpected ‘extras’, Zero Waste Scotland is calling on consumers to let retailers and producers know the item is not wanted and to highlight it on social media.

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Supermarket and recycling trade group initiative aims to ‘foil’ landfilling of aluminium packaging

Envirotec Magazine

Brits are expected to consume 378 million mince pies^ over the festive period, with around 378 tonnes of aluminium packaging used to bake and package the festive favourite. And almost a quarter of the aluminium packaging will not be recycled correctly.

Food companies should know what’s in the packaging. Here’s why.

EDF + Business

By Tom Neltner This is the fourth in a series evaluating the challenges in single-use food packaging waste. The reason why is simple—the packaging supply chain can be especially opaque, and we strive to minimize frustrations when we make suggestions.

DS Smith launches new circular principles for packaging design

Business Green

Packaging giant hopes that its new principles will cut waste, boost the amount of reyclable packaging materials on the market and address a widespread confusion among consumers over what types of packaging are recyclable.

Golden State bans hotel mini-toiletries in effort to minimize waste

Inhabitat - Innovation

To reduce the impact of plastic waste pollution, California banned hotel and lodging use and distribution of travel-size plastic toiletries. No longer will miniature personal care products like shampoos, conditioners and liquid bath soaps be part of the amenities package. The proliferation of single-use plastics has devastated the environment, overwhelming landfills.

£540k investment for “first of its kind” organic waste facility near Glasgow

Envirotec Magazine

On site with (left) operations director Gregor Keenan and (right) Louise McGregor, Head of Circular Economy, Zero Waste Scotland. Organic waste recycling firm Keenan Recycling has secured £540,000 from Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund. Bio-waste

Take Stock of the Impact Packaging Has on Pollution

Sustainability Consulting

Many companies are committing to phasing out non-recyclable products from their packaging and distribution chains. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Dow Chemical, L’Oreal, Marks & Spencer, Mars, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever have committed to ensuring 70% of plastic packaging is reused and recycled globally. If you are attempting to reduce waste and pollution, check out Cut the Wrap! for various ways you can minimize—or even eliminate—packaging waste.

How Perdue, Smithfield and Silver Fern Farms are reducing packaging waste


How Perdue, Smithfield and Silver Fern Farms are reducing packaging waste Heather Clancy Wed, 06/17/2020 – 02:00 Food companies have a dual responsibility when it comes to waste reduction aspirations: optimizing their operations to minimize food waste while reducing the amount of other materials — especially the waste associated with packaging — sent to landfill. The aspiration for a growing number of them is “zero waste.”

Iceland cuts own-brand plastic packaging by 29 per cent

Business Green

Specifically, the company has set up working groups with almost 100 suppliers of its own-label lines, establishing policy frameworks for removing plastic packaging and advancing redevelopment plans for every product that stil requires plastic packaging.

Unilever announces ambitious new commitments for a waste-free world


By 2025, the global consumer goods company will eliminate more than 100,000 tonnes of plastic packaging and collect and process more plastic packaging than it sells

How RFID technology is playing a role in reducing waste and increasing recycling

Envirotec Magazine

PragmatIC says its technology could allow a low-cost inlay (tag) to be incorporated in packaging, allowing consumers to access information about product usage, food storage, cooking instructions and local recycling. Winning the war on waste.

Why plastic-clogged Philippines must face up to dearth of waste disposal and recycling


The debate on plastic pollution and single-use packaging rages on but more than finding alternatives to plastic, it is vital to address the lack of disposal facilities and stop plastic from leaking into the oceans

How can China tame waste and emissions from e-commerce and freight?


E-commerce in China is set to eclipse that of the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and France combined, but it is generating a massive amount of packaging waste and air pollution.

Cutting meat, food waste and plastic: The sustainability trials of Asia's biggest healthy-eating chain


marks its tenth anniversary, co-owner Katherine Desbaillets talks about phasing out meat, food waste and single-use packaging, and dealing with customers who refuse to pay 10 cents for a plastic bag As Singapore-based SaladStop!

Biodegradable and edible seaweed-based packaging reduces plastic waste while supporting local farmers


Indonesian company Evoware offers a solution to plastic waste with their seaweed-based packaging, which is biodegradable—and edible. The post Biodegradable and edible seaweed-based packaging reduces plastic waste while supporting local farmers appeared first on Climate-KIC