6 Major advantages of Organic Liquid Fertilizers 

U.S. Green Technology

This necessitates the shift from synthetic fertilizers to organic fertilizers that are less toxic to the environment and the people. Organic fertilizers come from materials such as recycled plant matter and animal waste, which are organic.

The broken system that sends most food waste and organic matter to landfills


The broken system that sends most food waste and organic matter to landfills. landfills is food waste, yard trimmings and other organic matter. Most commercial food waste is also dumped, meaning that just 6 percent of all U.S. Waste Management. Waste.


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Reducing the Amount of Waste Your Business Produces

Green Living Guy

By educating your employees about the importance of green alternatives, you can begin to take the first steps towards reducing the amount of waste […]. The post Reducing the Amount of Waste Your Business Produces appeared first on Green Living Guy.

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Immediate action on organic waste needed to meet Paris targets, says biogas group

Envirotec Magazine

Human activity generates 105bn tonnes of organic wastes (food waste, sewage and garden wastes, food and drink processing wastes, and farm and agricultural wastes) annually by human activity. AD & Biogas Bio-waste News

What Do You Mean By Cannabis Bio-Waste and Recycling of Hemp?

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The post What Do You Mean By Cannabis Bio-Waste and Recycling of Hemp? CBD Eco Friendly Products Environment green living organic plastic pollution sustainability bio-waste cannabis Hemp recycle reduce waste

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Strategies for the war on waste


Strategies for the war on waste. What would happen if the United States enacted a comprehensive plan to combat food loss and waste? Here are just a few highlights — and ideas on how your organization can get involved. Keep organic waste out of landfills and incinerators .

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5 Types of Bioplastics: Starch, Cellulose, Protein, Organic, Aliphatic Polyesters

Green Business Bureau

The development of bioplastics – plastics that are biodegradable and made of natural materials – provides businesses with eco-friendly alternatives for packaging and products, especially single-use items that contribute a lot of waste.

Circular economics and the $57B e-waste opportunity


Circular economics and the $57B e-waste opportunity. The plastic waste problem gets plenty of attention, and for good reason: If we continue mismanaging this material as usual, there could be 7.7 E-Waste. Heather Clancy. Mon, 07/12/2021 - 02:00.

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The electronic waste collection conundrum


The electronic waste collection conundrum. Quite simply, I had become obsessed with the tech industry’s then-blasé attitude about the seemingly intractable problem of electronic waste. . E-Waste. Heather Clancy. Thu, 07/16/2020 - 01:15.

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PAS 110 Complacency? Time to raise the bar, says organic waste firm

Envirotec Magazine

Gemidan, which recently opened its third pre-treatment facility, believes that whilst PAS 110 has served a worthy purpose, the waste industry isn’t challenging itself enough, citing competition over food waste feedstock and a lack of Government incentives. Gemidan also claim that long-awaited regulation on local authority food waste collection will dramatically increase the amount of feedstock available for AD operators. “It AD & Biogas Bio-waste

£540k investment for “first of its kind” organic waste facility near Glasgow

Envirotec Magazine

On site with (left) operations director Gregor Keenan and (right) Louise McGregor, Head of Circular Economy, Zero Waste Scotland. Organic waste recycling firm Keenan Recycling has secured £540,000 from Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund. Bio-waste

Hotel Sustainability & Waste Management: Reducing Food, Water and Plastic Waste

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Hotels require a vast amount of energy and resources in order to run, and with this comes an equally vast amount of waste generated. Having strategies in place to manage, reduce or eliminate waste is essential. Minimize Food Waste. Start by characterizing and quantifying waste.

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A Beginners Guide to Compost Gardening

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Composting at home is a wonderful way to get rid of your vegetable scraps and yard waste. Once this waste begins to break down, you’ll also have a terrific soil additive that will grow even more abundant veggies, fruits, and flowers.

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Where does your waste plastic go? This guide can help businesses develop the details


The Plastic Leak Project, created by Quantis in partnership with 35 organizations, takes a science-based approach to understanding plastic pollution in order to help companies reduce their waste flows. Circular Economy Plastic Waste

Interpreting the environmental legislation changes to the classification of Persistent Organic Pollutants

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One challenge which EMR faces is how it handles a series of non-biodegradable chemicals found in some plastics which are categorised as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Mark Priestman of EMR.

How Corona virus is Disrupting Waste & Recycling

The Environmental Blog

After the World Health Organization deemed the outbreak a pandemic, stock prices began to plummet, global shipping became strained, and the prospect of a global economic recession was plastered over many morning newspapers. What do we do with household waste and recycling?

How New Businesses Can Improve Their Waste Management

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Staying ahead of the competition and being better than anyone… Read More How New Businesses Can Improve Their Waste Management. The post How New Businesses Can Improve Their Waste Management appeared first on Green Living Guy.

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India Naval Services Initiative- Organic Waste Management.


This composting setup will reduce the load of waste dumped by almost 30 tonnes per month. This waste will be converted to close to 3000-4500 kilos of nutrient-rich (Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium viz. Organic Solution Cleaning Solution.

The World Health Organization’s new air quality guidelines ‘could save millions of lives’


On Wednesday, the World Health Organization, or WHO, published an update to its air quality guidelines — the international rubric that sets non-binding standards for safe levels of air pollution for the world’s countries.

£1.5 million funding for study to develop microbial organisms to digest plastic waste

Envirotec Magazine

A study to develop microbial organisms to digest plastic waste has been made possible following a £1.5million award from the ERA – Cobiotech programme of the European Union. Researchers from the University of Surrey together with colleagues from Germany, Spain and France are set to start work on a novel technique to tackle plastic waste, potentially revolutionising the way it is recycled. billion tons ended up as waste.

Food waste startup backed by Oprah Winfrey snags $250 million


Food waste startup backed by Oprah Winfrey snags $250 million. This morning brings one of the biggest deals yet this year: an infusion of $250 million in new financing for food waste crusader Apeel Sciences. Food Waste.

7 Ways to Teach Kids How to Waste Less Food

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If you ever want to ruin your mood, just look at some of the statistics on how much food humans waste. Approximately a third of the world’s food supply is wasted every year, and when we have 690 million hungry people worldwide, that kind of waste has a devastating human cost.

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4 Ways to Reduce Waste In Your Own Home

The Environmental Blog

Here are 4 things that you can do to ensure that you’re reducing waste in your house. Landfill waste is not just unsightly, it also poses risks to humans from harmful chemical leaks and has negative effects on the environment.

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Petite Lucette: Supporting Sustainable Fashion Through Circular Approach, Local Partnerships and Organic Certified Fabrics

Green Business Bureau

In their quest to develop a fully organic line, it was initially difficult to find organic fabrics that were both affordable and available in an array of unique colors and textures. Organic Is The New Black. Organic cotton is less water intensive than conventional cotton.

Aqua Pro: Keeping Drains Clean and Water Supplies Safe With 100% Organic Cleaning Solutions

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Aqua Pro is a reseller of BioOne, an organic, bacterial-based drain cleaner formulated to naturally clear pipes, leach fields , grease traps, pump stations and more.

Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste?


Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste? That reality is creating challenges for producers and suppliers — and new implications for holiday food waste. Holidays — and Thanksgiving in particular — are huge food waste days. Food Waste.

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Managing and reducing e-waste from PCBs

Envirotec Magazine

But what about the arguably even more concerning challenge of tackling electronic waste (or ‘e-waste’)? As electronic products such as laptops and smartphones have become increasingly pervasive in our society, the challenge of global e-waste management has grown considerably.

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Waste: an environmental justice issue we should be talking about


Waste: an environmental justice issue we should be talking about. For nearly two decades, Flowers, a recent awardee of the MacArthur Foundation "genius grant ," has been bringing attention to failing water and waste sanitation infrastructure in rural areas. Waste.

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: Sustainability Initiative Highlights

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: The proper disposal of batteries, paint and chemicals, lightbulbs, and electronics. Recycling is one of the top and most cost-effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. Key Hazardous Waste Disposal Considerations. Blog Waste

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Can organic farming feed the world?

Low Impact

Members of Lowimpact have become involved in the world of mutual credit, while Chris has tried to convince us that the future of farming is mixed, organic smallholdings rather than giant industrial farms using pesticides. Here, I’ll focus on organic farming.

Green Quarantine: Tips To Stay Environmentally Friendly and Zero Waste

The Environmental Blog

Ordering goods online and having them delivered to your house means you don’t have to waste gas or potentially expose yourself to other people who could be carrying the virus. Unplugging energy thirsty devices when not in use ensures no energy is going to waste.

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Bratislava textile collection firm says smart waste management pays for itself

Envirotec Magazine

A textile waste collection company in Slovakia has published the results of a waste monitoring project using Sensoneo waste monitoring sensors, part of a system that supports dynamic and automated waste collection. 3000 tonnes of textile waste.

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Project secures EU funding to create sugars, chemicals and plastics from household waste

Envirotec Magazine

An 11-strong European consortium has secured funding for a project to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of generating waste sugars derived from household waste and producing a range of high-performance bio-based materials and products. Bio-waste Recycling and Reuse

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Good Clothing releases capsule collection made from hemp and organic cotton

Inhabitat - Innovation

Manufacturing is bad for the planet in general, and the textile industry is one of the leading producers of manufacturing pollution and waste. With this in mind, the Good Clothing Company decided to implement old-school clothing production that is better for the Earth and a pleasure for the consumer

Try 12 easy ideas to reduce your food waste

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Americans waste almost as much food as they eat. That translates to $165 billion in wasted food per year in the United States. production of uneaten food wastes 25 percent of fresh water and results in 23 percent of methane emissions.

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Coronavirus grant boosts safety at waste management firms

Envirotec Magazine

Two of the new bays at Forth Resource Management, which were installed to hold recycled material made from organic waste delivered by local councils. The organic waste includes garden clippings and trimmings, and waste material produced by gardeners and landscapers.

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Green Business Initiative of the Week: Hazardous Waste Recycling

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: The proper disposal of batteries, paint and chemicals, lightbulbs, and electronics. Recycling is one of the top and most cost-effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. Key Hazardous Waste Disposal Considerations.

Replate: Using Tech to Combat Food Waste, Food Insecurity and Climate Change

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cities, Replate is a tech-driven nonprofit that combats food waste by connecting food donors and food rescuers together. Replate works with restaurants, caterers, food distributors, offices and other organizations to directly deliver their surplus food to those in need in local communities.

Canadian liquid and solid waste management firm purchased for C$927.5 million

Envirotec Magazine

North American Environmental services firm GFL Environmental has entered a definitive agreement to acquire the solid waste and environmental solutions business of Terrapure Environmental and its subsidiaries for an aggregate purchase price of C$927.5 Finance & Legal News Waste Management

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Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Ableism

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Eco Friendly Products Environment green living organic plastic pollution eco-ableism people with disabilities reduce waste reusable single-use plastic

Specialist firm develops eco-solution for Japanese knotweed waste

Envirotec Magazine

Japanese knotweed removal firm Environet UK has developed a method for converting waste from Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants into biochar, with the potential to eliminate the need for environmentally damaging and expensive landfill disposal in the future. The charcoal has a honeycomb-like structure which can be charged up with additives such as liquid organic fertiliser to make an excellent soil amendment. Bio-waste

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14 Ways to Live the Most Eco-Friendly Life

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CBD Conservation Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green living green products LED Lighting organic plastic pollution recycling sustainability eco-friendly life LED light bulbs plant trees plastic free reduce waste reuse

Waste & Recycling Innovations • 4/21/21

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Join our discussion around transforming the waste industry with technology, passion, and people. WCS board members and waste specialists, Sara Fuentes and Julia Murphy, will moderate the discussion. City Government Zero Waste Senior Coordinator, San Francisco Department of Environment.