6 Major advantages of Organic Liquid Fertilizers 

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This necessitates the shift from synthetic fertilizers to organic fertilizers that are less toxic to the environment and the people. Organic fertilizers come from materials such as recycled plant matter and animal waste, which are organic.

Setting Up an Effective Recycling Program

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There are so many benefits that come with an effective recycling program. If you do not have the right recycling program in place already, it may seem overwhelming to think of getting one started. Let’s dive into what you can do to set up an effective recycling program. .


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How Corona virus is Disrupting Waste & Recycling

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The escalation of COVID-19 across the globe has hampered recycling efforts in Europe and North America. It’s also not great news for waste management and recycling, with recycling centers closing in most cities across the world, which has led to service disruptions for consumers.

5 Types of Bioplastics: Starch, Cellulose, Protein, Organic, Aliphatic Polyesters

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The world has produced over nine billion tons of plastic since the 1950s and only about 9 percent of it gets recycled. When improperly recycled, they can contaminate whole batches of recyclable plastics and damage recycling infrastructure.

What Do You Mean By Cannabis Bio-Waste and Recycling of Hemp?

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The post What Do You Mean By Cannabis Bio-Waste and Recycling of Hemp? CBD Eco Friendly Products Environment green living organic plastic pollution sustainability bio-waste cannabis Hemp recycle reduce waste

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What Should Businesses Do To Recycle Their Electronics in Vancouver

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It has chemicals such as flame retardants, persistent organic pollutants, and toxic metals that can contaminate the water supply through leachate and contaminate landfills. In Vancouver electronics recycling is a big help to managing proper waste disposal. Recycle

How Much Work is Needed to Make Recycling Economically Sustainable?

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Environmental issues like acid rain, global warming, ozone layer depletion, climate change, and water pollution have raised major concerns for several nations, organizations, and groups. Conscious nations and organizations have started taking action by playing.

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Office Recycling Guide – 9 Tips for Business Recycling

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Formalizing your office recycling program is often a great step forward in creating a more sustainable business and company. An official recycling policy can guide employees and demonstrate a sense of commitment toward sustainability in your business. Recycling Education.

Aqua Pro: Keeping Drains Clean and Water Supplies Safe With 100% Organic Cleaning Solutions

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Aqua Pro is a reseller of BioOne, an organic, bacterial-based drain cleaner formulated to naturally clear pipes, leach fields , grease traps, pump stations and more.

Interpreting the environmental legislation changes to the classification of Persistent Organic Pollutants

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Mark Priestman, Managing Director of Non-Ferrous at EMR (formerly European Metal Recycling) writes. As the recycling industry innovates to embrace its role as a key player in the UK’s journey towards a more sustainable society, new challenges continue to emerge. Mark Priestman of EMR.

Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers


Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers. Michael Holder. Fri, 12/11/2020 - 00:05.

Reducing the Amount of Waste Your Business Produces

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Composting Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green business green living organic plastic pollution recycling sustainability Compost eco-friendly business recycle reduce reduce waste single-use plastic sustianability

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Immediate action on organic waste needed to meet Paris targets, says biogas group

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Human activity generates 105bn tonnes of organic wastes (food waste, sewage and garden wastes, food and drink processing wastes, and farm and agricultural wastes) annually by human activity.

8 Ways Your Family Can Be More Eco-Friendly

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As headlines about extreme weather and climate change continue to dominate the news, many of us are taking a closer look at our family’s daily habits.

Green Business Initiative of the Week: Hazardous Waste Recycling

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: The proper disposal of batteries, paint and chemicals, lightbulbs, and electronics. Recycling is one of the top and most cost-effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. Challenging Business Recycling Initiatives.

£1.5 million funding for study to develop microbial organisms to digest plastic waste

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A study to develop microbial organisms to digest plastic waste has been made possible following a £1.5million award from the ERA – Cobiotech programme of the European Union. Researchers from the University of Surrey together with colleagues from Germany, Spain and France are set to start work on a novel technique to tackle plastic waste, potentially revolutionising the way it is recycled. Recycling and ReuseSoon-to-be bottles of water: PET plastic in production.

Osokoa produces fun, playful organic children’s clothing


Barcelona brand Osokoa stands as an example of how passion and determination gave birth to a longstanding vision of producing a premium, organic clothing line for children. The company describes itself as an “emotion brand”, a label it proudly wears in its gender-neutral clothing made from certified organic cotton. Osokoa breaks away from the bad habits of fast fashion by starting with locally sourced, 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton.

Hazardous Waste Recycling: Sustainability Initiative Highlights

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Hazardous Waste Recycling: The proper disposal of batteries, paint and chemicals, lightbulbs, and electronics. Recycling is one of the top and most cost-effective ways to reduce waste in the workplace. Challenging Business Recycling Initiatives.

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Top Three Things That Are Cool and Great 100% Eco, Organic plus Recycled Plastic Apparel to Save Us!

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I told Tyler to tell the boy that wearing the recycled plastic is better because the plastic is not in the landfill and the bad chemicals are not touching his skin. The post Top Three Things That Are Cool and Great 100% Eco, Organic plus Recycled Plastic Apparel to Save Us!

Solar Panel Landfill Deemed Safe as Recycling Options Grow


Solar panels have a range of recycling options but none are perfect. Solar's recycling options. Those that are broken or so old as to no longer be functional can potentially be recycled, but in the U.S. at least the recycling options for solar have traditionally been limited.

Waste & Recycling Innovations • 4/21/21

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

California’s ambitious goal of reaching 75% recycling by 2020 was unsuccessful – the state has only achieved 37% in 2019 ( 1 ). Sara draws on her experience working as an educator and Vice-Chair of the Women in CleanTech and Sustainability organization, where she is a beloved mentor.

Where can you recycle pumpkins?

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If you need a commercial food composting service, contact Missouri Organic Recycling. The post Where can you recycle pumpkins? Animals Compost Environmental impact Green Tip Recycling Resilience Restorative Reuse & repurpose Sustainability Zero Waste

Recycle electronics at Laptop Challenge

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To address this issue, the Federal Reserve Bank is asking employers to consider donating unused laptop computers to non-profit organizations that refurbish electronics and give them to families with lower income.

Americans are Proud to Recycle When They Can

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We know Americans are recycling today more than ever. But how do we feel about recycling? From America Recycles Day back on Nov. 15th, the Environmental Industry Associations commissioned the respected research organization Harris Interactive.

£540k investment for “first of its kind” organic waste facility near Glasgow

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Organic waste recycling firm Keenan Recycling has secured £540,000 from Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund. The waste plant near Glasgow will unpack and process the food waste, collected and delivered by Keenan Recycling’s fleet of disposal trucks.

So Good So You delivers organic, vegan nutritional support in a shot-sized serving


The team at So Good So You certainly thinks so and is on a mission to compress as many plant benefits into one small, recyclable bottle as possible. These bottles break down much faster than traditional plastic and can be added to the recycling stream without any negative impact.

PAS 110 Complacency? Time to raise the bar, says organic waste firm

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Pickess also pointed to the traditional, highly aggressive hammer mills used at recycling plants that he says create micro as well as macro plastics that then ironically, creates the burden of trying to remove them – inevitably resulting in ‘grit and plastic’ preventing most anaerobic digesters from producing as much gas as they should. Gemidan’s technology produces a food waste substrate that the firm says is virtually 100% free from non-organic contamination.

A massive water recycling proposal could help ease drought


House of Representatives have introduced HR 4099 , a bill that would direct the Secretary of the Interior to create a program to fund $750 million worth of water recycling projects in the 17 western states through the year 2027.

Recycling in the Workplace: Are You Doing It Right?

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While it’s a notable green practice, the truth about recycling is that it’s more than simply tossing items into a bin and going on your merry way. Truth be told, the recycling system is often confusing and vulnerable to failure. Styrofoam cups cannot be recycled either.).

Want to honor an unsung recycling hero?

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Do you know someone who is a true champion for recycling? The Global Recycling Foundation is looking for adults, children, groups and organizations for its Recycling Heroes competition. Heroes will receive $1,000 each to contribute to their recycling initiative.

Why Nature’s Path went ‘regenerative organic’


Why Nature’s Path went ‘regenerative organic’ Heather Clancy Thu, 05/21/2020 – 00:46 The term “regenerative agriculture” has become two of the biggest buzzwords in nature-based climate solutions. But how many farms and food companies can say they follow both regenerative and organic practices? Because Legend follows organic farming principles, it already practiced many processes often mentioned as regenerative.

Mulch, compost & recycle your yard waste

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Missouri Organic Recycling receives all of the yard waste collected in Kansas City, MO. Missouri Organic Recycling , 2701 Roe Lane, Kansas City, KS (I-35 and Roe), 816-483-0908. Are you looking at a growing pile of fallen leaves?

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14 Ways to Live the Most Eco-Friendly Life

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CBD Conservation Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green living green products LED Lighting organic plastic pollution recycling sustainability eco-friendly life LED light bulbs plant trees plastic free reduce waste reuse

Recycle holiday trees, wreaths and greens

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Give your natural holiday tree, wreaths and garland a second life by recycling them at one of many locations that will reuse them for landscaping mulch, fish habitat and. Lawn-Corps Curbside Recycling — 816-761-3046; Missouri residents only. Kearney, MO — Recycling center, 504 E.

The Cup Hero separates coffee pods for recycling and composting


Inventor Connor Feeney got the idea while watching his family make their morning cups of coffee using popular disposable coffee pods, and upon taking one apart discovered that the components were all either recyclable or compostable. At the same time, the process of separating the plastic , foil, and organic materials by hand was too difficult and messy to do on a regular basis. View original here: The Cup Hero separates coffee pods for recycling and composting.

Government unveils plan to streamline recycling across England

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Proposals unveiled by Defra aim to improve consistency and frequency of recycling in England. Under the proposals, councils across England will have to provide every household and business with a plastic, paper and card, glass, metal, and food waste recycling service.

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This plastic-free, organic personal care kit is ‘All Good’


In addition to the company’s notable organic products previously highlighted in a variety of publications, All Good has now taken the extra step to remove all plastic from the products and shipping packaging in its newest two releases. Related: How your beauty routine might be killing sharks All Good’s newest products Recently, All Good unveiled the Plastic Free Body Care Set, a set of organic body care products packaged with zero waste.

Launch the school year with 12 eco-friendly ideas

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If you need a new supply of washable face masks for kids attending in-person classes, there are several options for reusable cloth masks that are repurposed, organic or give back to the community. Donate items you can’t use to a school backpack program or locate a place to recycle them.

Top 6 Handcrafted Gifts For Mom that Won’t Harm the Environment

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Eco Friendly Products going green green living green products organic recycling sustainability eco-friendly gifts Organic cotton recycle reuse vegan dinnerIt does not matter how much you spend on an exquisite gift, there is no way that it can top a handcrafted one.

How to Improve the Irrigation at Your Farm

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Practicing organic farming methods is another effective strategy that can help you make the most out of every drop of water. How Does Organic Farming Improve Irrigation Efficiency? Organic farming techniques such as composting and mulching improve soil health. Image Source.

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Olli Ella releases capsule wardrobe made with organic cotton


Earlier this month, Olli Ella followed that success with the launch of ARROYO, its third apparel collection, with every piece made from 100% organic cotton in a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) factory in India. Olli Ella releases capsule wardrobe made with organic cotton.

Shahar Livne turns recycled ocean plastic into Balenciaga jewelry


Award-winning conceptual material designer Shahar Livne collaborated with fashion design company Balenciaga to create a new line of jewelry made from recycled ocean plastic. Related: Nonprofit Washed Ashore crafts art and jewelry from ocean plastic The ocean plastic comes from Oceanworks , a worldwide marketplace for recycled plastic products and raw materials. Shahar Livne turns recycled ocean plastic into Balenciaga jewelry.

What is E-Cycle Washington?

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E -Cycle Washington is a Washington State program that provides free electronics recycling to residents, small businesses, schools, and other organizations. E-Cycle partners with local recycling companies, who are paid to collect electronics on the state’s behalf.