Legal Action Against High Emitters Failing to Use Latest Climate Science, Study Finds


For example, recent research found that human-caused sea-level rise increased the damages suffered when Hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast in 2012 by $8.1

The IPCC report brings the future of the climate into clearer focus

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The IPCC 6th Assessment Report (AR6) combined the bad news, that a global temperature rise of 1.5°C C average temperature rise by 2100, vs one where warming falls back to below 1.5C C average temperature rise by 2100. C average temperature rise by 2100.


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IPCC report: The 10 key conclusions

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That means increases in heavy rainfall, flooding, drought, heatwaves, and sea levels are all set to worsen regardless of the emissions pathway taken forward by humanity from here. As climate evidence mounts, and emissions continue to rise, the window of opportunity is fast closing.

Glaciers are more than ‘frozen, sterile wastelands’


Melting glaciers won’t just contribute to sea-level rise, although that’s a big deal too — they will alter the fabric of daily life for people across the world, who rely on these enormous stores of ice for drinking water and irrigation.

'Every fraction of warming matters': World careering towards irreversible climate impacts, top scientists warn

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Climate change is accelerating and intensifying across every region of the planet, bringing with it increases in rainfall, flooding, drought, heatwaves, and sea levels that are already having significant implications for economies around the world.

'Climate breakdown has already begun': Green figures react to IPCC's landmark climate warning

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Today the world's leading climate scientists delivered the clearest picture yet of the scale of the climate crisis that is already unfolding, as well as the likely impacts of further temperature rises over the course of century. degrees and rising.

A Green Christmas Carol

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As this year comes to an end rising emissions are exhausting our carbon budgets. We could witness a rise of CO2 up to 1000 ppm and this will cause the Earth’s average temperature to rise by as much as 11 degrees over the next century. This year was difficult to say the least.