The role of antitrust law in creating energy democracy

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Law is one very important way of addressing the challenges of climate change. When monopoly utilities go out of their way to squash competition, solar advocates can use antitrust law to secure their rights. Originally published at

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Clean Energy Field Organizer

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Clean Energy Field Organizer | Iowa Environmental Council | Des Moines. The Iowa Environmental Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit environmental law and policy organization that educates, advocates, and builds coalitions to make Iowa a better place to live, work and explore. SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Clean Energy Field Organizer is a member of our grassroots energy campaign who will work collaboratively to grow support for local clean energy goals.


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Property industry likely to be breaking the law by failing to disclose air pollution levels

Envirotec Magazine

Data on air pollution seem to reveal that nearly 8 million[1] (25%) UK addresses have air pollution levels above World Health Organization limits. The post Property industry likely to be breaking the law by failing to disclose air pollution levels first appeared on Envirotec.

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Global Eco laws Grow but widespread failure enforcIng

Green Living Guy

First of all, the first-ever global assessment of environmental rule of law finds weak enforcement. All despite prolific growth in environmental laws and agencies worldwide. So expansion of laws and enforcement but doing nothing over Continue Reading.

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Colorado Green Lights New Air Quality Law


The new law will require oil producers to monitor their preproduction and beginning stages of production in the state much more strictly. This new law is thought to be the first of its kind for the US. Although the law is stricter, it was well received by the oil industry. Lynn Granger, executive director of the American Petroleum Institute-Colorado, praised the new laws as “feasible” while still making practical improvements.

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Students find obscure law that could make university fossil fuel investments illegal


Our hope is that attorney general Maura Healey, if she chooses to take action on this, will hold Harvard accountable for its dangerous fossil fuel investments,” said Sofia Andrade, a sophomore at Harvard and one of the organizers of Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard.

Interpreting the environmental legislation changes to the classification of Persistent Organic Pollutants

Envirotec Magazine

One challenge which EMR faces is how it handles a series of non-biodegradable chemicals found in some plastics which are categorised as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Mark Priestman of EMR.

Climate Law Institute

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Job Description: The Center for Biological Diversity seeks a full-time Clean Transportation Advocate/ Staff Attorney in our Climate Law Institute to join our bold and progressive campaign to advance the urgently needed transition away from fossil fuel vehicles to zero emissions transportation in California and around the country. Position: Clean Transportation Advocate/ Staff Attorney. Location: Sacramento, Oakland, or Los Angeles California. .

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Environmental Masters Degrees from Vermont Law School

Green Market Oracle

Vermont Law School (VLS) offers three environmental masters degrees. A master's degree from VLS is different from other law degrees. Instead of studying theories about how policies work, VLS master's candidates learn the law and how to use it to effect change. Environmental VSL Master's degrees in law cover a wide range of policy issues including energy, food and agriculture. MASTER OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND POLICY (MELP) Climate change.

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Global Briefing: France confirms law preventing companies destroying unsold goods

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Under the law all unsold items must be reused, sold, or recycled. It follows a 2016 law passed in France requiring all supermarkets to donate unsold food to organisations redistributing it to people in need, rather than throwing it away.

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Vermont Food Scrap Ban requires residents, businesses to compost


You’re breaking the law, at least in Vermont. The Green Mountain State is the first state to pass a law requiring businesses and residents to compost. We have a lot of people who know how to manage organic waste of all kinds and they’ve been doing it for a long time.” The new law, called the Food Scrap Ban, could create more jobs for food scrap haulers and others in the waste industry. Too lazy to carry your banana peel or avocado pit to your compost bin?

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Defend Our Future Testifies Against Trump Administration’s Attempt to Undermine Yet Another Bedrock Environmental Law

Defend Our Future

Defend Our Future Testifies Against Trump Administration’s Attempt to Undermine Yet Another Bedrock Environmental Law. The post Defend Our Future Testifies Against Trump Administration’s Attempt to Undermine Yet Another Bedrock Environmental Law appeared first on Defend Our Future.

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Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change?


Exhibit A: law firms. According to a new report from Law Students for Climate Accountability, most of the top 100 law firms in the United States "provide far more support to clients driving the climate crisis than clients addressing it."

Vermont Food Scrap Ban requires residents, businesses to compost


You’re breaking the law, at least in Vermont. The Green Mountain State is the first state to pass a law requiring businesses and residents to compost. We have a lot of people who know how to manage organic waste of all kinds and they’ve been doing it for a long time.”

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Proposed BREATHE Act seeks environmental justice


The Movement for Black Lives is a nationwide coalition composed of Black organizations. Green bill bills and laws black-lives congress democratic energy first money muslim people rashida-tlaib water-quality

Strategies for the war on waste


It’s the work of some leading players in this area: ReFED, a nonprofit that works on food waste; WWF; Natural Resources Defense Council; and Harvard’s Food Law and Policy Clinic. Here are just a few highlights — and ideas on how your organization can get involved.

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Lebanese hospital is world’s first to go vegan


Staff members have watched with concern as the World Health Organization classified meat as a carcinogen akin to tobacco. Eco Green a-hospital-stay a-time-here beirut first fuel hayek-hospital law-restricting sonoma study visual-library worldIf you’ve ever stayed in a hospital or visited someone in one around mealtime, you might have wondered if the lukewarm processed food was really going to aid in recovery.

Replate: Using Tech to Combat Food Waste, Food Insecurity and Climate Change

Green Business Bureau

Replate works with restaurants, caterers, food distributors, offices and other organizations to directly deliver their surplus food to those in need in local communities. Operating in most major U.S.

How to support environmental justice


One of the best ways to help is by backing socially-equal conservation policies and the organizations or politicians supporting them. Take the time to challenge unjust laws and violations of environmental policies in marginalized communities, too.

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Front and Centered Welcomes Tarika Powell, Expands Policy Expertise

Front And Centered

She has worked with tribes, community groups, and environmental organizations to fight fossil fuel infrastructure that threatens community safety, pollution reduction goals, treaty rights, and indigenous ways of life. from Vanderbilt University Law School. In law school she served as Managing Editor of Vanderbilt’s environmental law journal and was an instructor in the Street Law Women’s Program.

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Malawi woman fighting single-use plastics wins Goldman Environmental Prize


The idea was that the farmers could use goat dung as organic fertilizer. She not only won the ban in law but is now holding the government’s feet to the fire to enforce it.” Green a-local-snack a-war-against country dung-as-organic gloria-majiga- goats goldman goldman-environmental international plastic single-useGloria Majiga-Kamoto was named one of six 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winners last week.

A tidal wave of new carbon emissions data soon will be upon us


The initiative is the product of a nine-organization collaboration that has the backing of climate campaigner and former U.S. Climate-centered legal disputes will proliferate as climate-impacted regions, entities and communities increasingly turn to the law to sue carbon-emitting ones.

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Minnesota Attorney General Sues Exxon, Koch and API for Climate Deception


The lawsuit claims these organizations violated Minnesota consumer protection laws for orchestrating a campaign of deception around climate science and the danger of fossil fuels.

Consultancy offers help ahead of Brexit deadline for chemicals regulation

Envirotec Magazine

At that point, EU REACH will be brought into UK law and UK REACH will begin; UK REACH will be a replication of EU REACH but will apply only to Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), while EU REACH will continue to apply to the EU, EEA and Northern Ireland.

Clean Energy Group announces retirement of Lewis Milford as President; Seth Mullendore named successor

Renewable Energy World

Lew Milford founded CEG in 1998, after working over several years on clean energy and utility restructuring dockets in New England while with the Conservation Law Foundation. After a short stint in private law practice in his home state of New Jersey, he returned to public interest work.

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U.S. Senate Infrastructure Bill Proposes Big Dollars for Wide Ranging New Grant Program For Electric Vehicle Charging and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure

Energy and Cleantech Council

While not yet law, the bill now advances to the House of Representatives for further consideration. In order for these programs to become law, the House of Representatives will first have to pass the bill for the President’s signature.

Kangaroo leather sporting goods illegally sold in California


I’ve ordered pairs of Tiempo Legend 8 Elite to see if Nike was following the law,” Ferber said. CHE and other organizations are now collaborating to end the use of kangaroo leather. Eco Green animals australia leather organizations reciprocal shoes skin springNearly 5 years after California outlawed the sale of products made from kangaroo skin, over 100 retailers are still selling these items.

New York advocates ask legislators to reform renewable energy siting rules

Solar Power World

Today, a diverse group of environmental, labor, and civic organizations sent a letter to New York State legislative leaders urging them to reform renewable energy siting to help New York State meet the legal mandates of the 2019 climate law for 70% renewable energy by 2030.

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Precision toxicology consortium aims to protect human health from effects of harmful chemicals

Envirotec Magazine

“Combined with law,” says the group, “these approaches will open up a new field of precision toxicology that will transform approaches to chemical safety management in the same way that precision medicine is informing healthcare.”

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Solar Net Metering Under Threat as Shadowy Group Demands Intervention in State Policies


Ari Peskoe, director of the Electricity Law Initiative at Harvard University, wrote in a tweet that NERA’s petition “seeks to end net metering as we know it.” Solar net metering, the backbone of the U.S.

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Can California’s cap and trade address environmental justice?


There’s a lot of beautiful things that happen out of [Richmond]," says Khamphanthong, a community organizer with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network whose family emigrated from Laos in the 1980s. Can California’s cap and trade address environmental justice? Julia Rosen.

How the EU’s new ‘toxic-free’ vision could shape your safer chemicals strategy


federal statutes and regulations, many state laws increasingly rely on the chemical hazard criteria and analyses from REACH (the principal European chemical regulation) and other EU laws and regulations. How the EU’s new ‘toxic-free’ vision could shape your safer chemicals strategy.

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Could Bloom fuel cells be a solution for maritime emissions issues?


In 2018, the International Maritime Organization set the goal to halve emissions for commercial ships from 2008 levels by 2050. Could Bloom fuel cells be a solution for maritime emissions issues? Zac Estrada. Tue, 08/18/2020 - 01:00.

Major Corporations are Backing Politicians’ Anti-Voting, Anti-Protest Efforts Around the Country


At the same time, state legislatures are passing laws to impose harsh punishments on public protests. On May 11, Arizona became the latest example of this trend when Governor Doug Ducey signed into law legislation that will remove infrequent voters from the state’s ballot list.

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Saul Griffith on Mobilizing America to Fight Climate Change and Win the Future


If signed into law, will this legislation put the U.S.

Should Green Brands Be Colorblind?

Michael Grossman

Dear Colorblind: If you want to build a coalition, start a non-profit with a mission to help achieve equality before the law or make it easier for everyone to vote. Does your green brand meet its mission if it doesn't appeal to all races? .

Diversity, equity and inclusion: Incremental reform or systemic change?


For many organizations, a direct DEI connection to their mission has not been made by leadership whose inattentiveness or nonreceptivity cascades downwards into the culture. Diversity, equity and inclusion: Incremental reform or systemic change? Terry F. Yosie. Tue, 03/23/2021 - 01:11.

Hacking solutions to 'time-sensitive' climate problems


In addition to her former role as a junior atmospheric science software developer at NASA and her current work as a researcher at MIT, Sanjana is founder and executive director of Earth Hacks , an organization that hosts hackathons for college students to combat the climate crisis. .

China’s new frontier for VOC regulations


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) combine with nitrogen oxide to create ozone, a key precursor to smog. This enshrined into law China’s first air emissions management plan and formalized an approach to regional collaboration. China’s new frontier for VOC regulations. Shuying Xu.

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Discrimination in our food system is everybody's problem


In a disproportionate number of low-income black neighborhoods, redlining, segregation and weak zoning laws have led to the proliferation of junk food outlets and a lack of healthy alternatives. Discrimination in our food system is everybody's problem. Jim Giles. Fri, 06/05/2020 - 00:30.

The arc of the moral universe is bending toward environmental justice


Similarly, environmental and sustainability organizations — heretofore largely absent from leadership of the environmental justice movement — can play an important role in holding businesses and governments accountable for environmental justice. .

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Sustainability Regulations for Business: A Brief Review

Green Business Bureau

These lawful constructs are put in place to serve and protect the world at large and public concerns over environmental and social wellbeing are on the rise. Competition Law and Sustainability Agreements. New regulations are emerging across the U.S. and U.K.

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25 badass women shaping climate action in 2021


Amid that soul searching, one of the largest law partnerships in the world, Baker McKenzie, named its first chief sustainability officer, Alyssa Auberger. Raised in Arkansas with seven siblings, Kirk serves on the board of numerous organizations, including the Robert F. organizations.

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