Sustainable Innovation in the Textile Industry


Sustainable Innovation in the Textile Industry. As Earth’s resources become more and more constrained, the global fashion industry is looking toward innovative materials and strategies to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Water innovation ‘fantasy league’

Envirotec Magazine

An event with a strong track record for selecting technologies that go on to succeed in the water arena, BlueTech Forum (Vancouver, 7-8 June) has selected its first tranche of “innovation showcase” companies.


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Cargill fishes for innovations in sustainable salmon farming


Cargill fishes for innovations in sustainable salmon farming. Cargill’s new sustainability program, SeaFuther , expands its carbon reduction commitments from the terrestrial to the oceanic. Jesse Klein. Thu, 04/01/2021 - 00:05.

California winery innovates with sustainable recycling creation

Inhabitat - Innovation

In the California city of Paso Robles, architecture firm Clayton & Little has given old oil field drill stem pipes unexpected new life — as an equipment barn that offsets over 100% of the energy needs for a sustainably-minded winery

Walmart begins search for sustainable packaging


The retail giant launched its Circular Connector "to accelerate innovation in the field of sustainable and circular packaging

Where are the Sustainable Innovation Opportunities for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

CleanTech Group

Over the last five to ten years, a vibrant early-stage innovation scene. Cleantech Funds and Investors Cleantech Insights Innovation Challenge Innovation HubThere has never been a more exciting time to be a cleantech entrepreneur.

Verizon's Carrie Hughes on leveraging social innovation to advance sustainable business


Dylan Siegler, VP & Sr Analyst of Sustainability at GreenBiz, interviewed Carrie Hughes, Director of Social Innovation at Verizon, during GreenBiz 22 (2/15/22-2/17/22). This video is sponsored by Verizon. View archived videos from the conference here: [link

The coolest sustainability innovations of 2021


From lab-grown wood to panties made from waste milk, Eco-Business highlights the top sustainability innovations of another problematic, pandemic-weary year when humanity needed solutions

Nestlé and Microsoft on financing circular innovations


Nestlé and Microsoft on financing circular innovations. It's an early-stage, sometimes loosely defined space, where many solutions remain unproven, but the long-term payoffs in terms of sustainability and cost reductions could be enormous. legal sustainability at Nestlé USA. "If

How Sustainability Innovation Is Driving The Green Economy

Green Business Bureau

WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY INNOVATION? In the world of business, sustainability innovation can be defined as the process of evolving old business models and creating new ventures that realize economic value and generate positive environmental and social impacts simultaneously.

ClearCOGS: Powering Sustainable Restaurant Design Using Innovative Ingredient Forecasting and AI To Reduce Waste

Green Business Bureau

Sustainable restaurant design. ClearCOGs is revolutionizing the food industry with their innovative forecasting and machine learning processes to provide an exact amount of food ingredients to restaurants , supporting a sustainable restaurant design while also saving businesses money.

How Salesforce, Google, others use tech as a ‘force multiplier’ in sustainability innovation


Yet, it’s encouraging to see a growing number of firms recognizing the business opportunity for developing and delivering tools that could help realize a more sustainable economy. Corporate Strategy Information Technology InnovationThere is no shortage of technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond claiming to be "making the world a better place," but too few are doing enough to address the world’s pressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.

Kwik-Lok’s Stephanie Paxton-Jackson on how small companies can use innovation to drive sustainability


Kwik-Lok’s Stephanie Paxton-Jackson on how small companies can use innovation to drive sustainability. This video is sponsored by Kwik-Lok. . “As

The coolest sustainability innovations of 2020


From pandemic-proof packaging to using orange peel to recycle batteries, Eco-Business highlights the top sustainability innovations of 2020

‘Fantasy league’ reveals future of water innovation

Envirotec Magazine

Event organiser BlueTech Research has announced the first “innovation showcase” companies who will appear at the BlueTech Forum event in Vancouver, Canada, on 7-8 June 2022. They have created a dream lineup of innovations to be showcased at BlueTech Forum 2022. “I

Steelcase's Kim Dabbs on building cultures of innovation & ESG


Dylan Siegler, VP & Sr Analyst of Sustainability at GreenBiz, interviewed Kim Dabbs, Global VP of Social Innovation & ESG Strategy at Steelcase, during GreenBiz 22 (2/15/22-2/17/22). This video is sponsored by Steelcase. View archived videos from the conference here: [link

Inside Salesforce’s innovative new sustainability reporting platform


Can a new Sustainability Cloud become the reporting platform to end all platforms? Climate Change Data Reporting Two Steps Forward

Innovation at the Intersection: Where the Human-Built and Natural Worlds Meet, featuring John Warner


In order for humans to survive, thrive and protect the planet, we’ll have to find a way to innovate with nature, not against it. The intersection of use and reuse with our stable ecosystems provides a working definition of sustainability.

An innovative rainscreen meets sustainable cladding


A leader in sustainable cladding partnered with an innovative installation designer. The result is a long-lasting, durable and low-maintenance rainscreen system with endless uses

Sustainable cement innovation secures £500K grant for new production facility

Envirotec Magazine

The new site is being launched by Innovative Ash Solutions, a 50/50 joint venture between Levenseat Limited, a leading player in the Scottish waste and resource management sector, and Organic Innovative Solutions Limited.

EY's Mark Weick on digital innovations of material traceability and infrastructure


This video is sponsored by EY: John Davies, Vice President & Senior Analyst, interviewed Mark Weick, Managing Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY, during Circularity 22 (May 17-19

Future Trends in Sustainable Technology

The Environmental Blog

Check out our helpful guide below to find out which innovations you’ll likely see more of in the next few years – from wireless EV chargers to microwave boilers. The post Future Trends in Sustainable Technology appeared first on The Environmental Blog.

The coolest sustainability innovations of 2019


From river trash shepherds to food waste-fighting cockroaches, here are 19 of our favourite sustainability innovations of 2019

Cultiv@te – Innovation for Sustainable Development


The UN Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Government of Singapore and other partners launched a global technology and innovation initiative for sustainable agriculture titled 'Cultiv@te'.

How To Incorporate Sustainable Materials Into Your Everyday Life

The Environmental Blog

Sustainability is a practice that can and should be implemented routinely and faithfully in everyone’s life. The Recycled Content certification (highlighted above) is an endorsement that SCS Global Services offers businesses to promote their sustainable practices.

Why BASF, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Colgate-Palmolive view the SDGs as an innovation catalyst


Corporate Strategy GreenBiz 20 Sustainable Development Goals / SDGsIt’s time to stop mapping and start acting.

BlueNalu is developing innovative cell-based seafood

Inhabitat - Innovation

While 3D printed steak and lab-produced chicken are on their way to the market, one innovative company has set their sights on providing a well-rounded menu of seafood options that don't come from the sea.

World Water Day 2020: The role of innovation in creating abundance


Digitalization Liquid Assets Sustainable Development Goals / SDGs Water Efficiency & ConservationWe are now beyond business-as-usual approaches for water, which is critical for watersheds such as the Colorado River Basin.

Zero-carbon home uses hemp fiber for innovative design

Inhabitat - Innovation

As designers and architects continue searching for innovative, sustainable building materials, hemp is becoming a front runner in the world of green design.

Sustainable drainage innovation installed on the M56

Envirotec Magazine

THE FIRST installation of SDS Aqua-XchangeTM, the sustainable drainage innovation which turns roadside filter drains into treatment devices that protect the water environment from toxic metals pollution, has been successfully completed on a busy stretch of the M56 motorway. Filter drains are stone-filled trenches that provide a highly-effective and sustainable way of capturing suspended solids as they run off to the sides of the carriageway.

Erika Karp on how to innovate from the inside to achieve the sustainable development goals


Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Building consensus inclusively among government, NGOs and business is key to realizing the U.N. But it’s not always clear how corporates and investors can act on fulfilling these goals, despite the necessity of participation from the private sector.

The future of the fashion industry requires innovative circular systems


The future of the fashion industry requires innovative circular systems. Yitzac has innovated again around the creation of a yarn system that allows us to produce stronger-than-traditional virgin yarns that are also higher performing than traditional synthetics. The Sustainable MBA.

Innovation Analyst

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Innovation Analyst | Powerhouse | Oakland, CA. Position: Innovation Analyst. Entity: Powerhouse (Innovation Firm). Our mission at Powerhouse is to identify the most innovative startups, connect them to the world’s leading corporations and investors, and drive decarbonization at scale. Powerhouse is hiring an Innovation Analyst to find the most innovative startups in clean energy, mobility, and climate tech. Reports to: Technical Director.

Launching a new movement for sustainability innovation: IxSA


Realising that prevailing methods for innovating don’t work well for sustainability innovations, 50 practitioners have come together to establish IxSA, the first-of-its-kind network and manifesto for sustainability innovation

From Product to Practice: Circular Innovation from the Ground Up


From Product to Practice: Circular Innovation from the Ground Up. Christina Raab, Vice President, Strategy & Development, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. Kellie Ballew, Director of Sustainability, Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

We Can Store Our Excess Renewable Energy In An Energy Vault

Jim Conca

Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Sustainability /sustainability Business energy

Energy 280

Harnessing the power of SMEs and mid-sized companies for sustainability


What can happen when SMEs approach sustainability as a vector of innovation, impact and growth rather than a simple compliance issue

Innovative sanitation solution is crowned winner of VERGE Accelerate contest


Innovative sanitation solution is crowned winner of VERGE Accelerate contest. Presenters were given less than three minutes to make a compelling argument to the audience on why their company and innovation should win this year. Innovation.

U.S. Air Force Base To Be First To Deploy New Nuclear ‘Microreactor’ - Soon Every Town Could Have One

Jim Conca

Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Sustainability /sustainability Editors' Pick editors-pick Business energyEvery branch of the US Military is worried about climate change. They have been since well before it became controversial.

Which Is More Important To Biofuels – The Soil Or The Crop?

Jim Conca

Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Sustainability /sustainability Business energyBiofuels are a key component of a clean energy future, and the soil is more important than the crop.

Soil 280

SAP’s simple, sensible contribution to sustainability


Often, the best technology innovations are the ones that are virtually invisible. Circular Economy Information Technology Innovation ocean plastic

Sustainability Packaging Trends

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

This has led to a shift away from styrofoam containers and plastic straws, but there is a clear need for companies to do more to make packaging sustainable. The legislation also supports companies in their efforts to meet sustainability commitments more efficiently.

Idaho Sustainability Happy Hour 8/11

CleanTech Alliance

Join the CleanTech Alliance, Idaho Chapter for our monthly Sustainability Happy Hour. We will chat about the latest sustainability news, network with other sustainability professionals, and listen to leaders in the industry share their latest innovations and projects.