Could wind power the green recovery?

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As the industry predicts it can deliver 234GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, the burgeoning wind energy sector it poised to play a critical role in the global economic recovery, creating around a million jobs in the process. Furthermore, 1GW of offshore wind power avoids 3.5

Engie's renewables chief on scaling corporate contracts, hydrogen hopes and offshore wind


How do you add 9 gigawatts of solar and wind in the next three years? Energy & Climate Power Purchase Agreements Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power The GreenBiz InterviewYou turn to corporate buyers, universities, hospitals and cities to commit to at least half that capacity.

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Can the US Catch Up in the Green Hydrogen Economy?


needs a massive green hydrogen industry to decarbonize its electricity, transportation and industrial sectors, and major investments and policy changes today to enable it to grow to its full potential in the decades to come. A roadmap for green hydrogen expansion. The U.S.

BNEF finds that hydrogen’s plunging price could boost its role in a carbon-free future

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The cost of producing hydrogen gas with renewables is likely to plummet in the coming decades, making one of the most radical technologies for reducing greenhouse gases economical. News Wind Power Grid Scale Solar Infrastructure

Net zero carbon emissions ‘impossible’ without hydrogen says UK energy alliance

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The UK’s North West Hydrogen Alliance (NWHA) is calling for government investment in hydrogen projects to meet ambitious carbon reductions targets in Britain. News Grid Scale Strategic Development Europe Wind Power Emissions & Environment Solar

The world is betting on clean hydrogen—and Canada needs to get in the game

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Hydrogen as an energy source is hardly new. After all, it was hydrogen that fuelled the first internal combustion engines. Research service BloombergNEF, meanwhile, estimates that clean hydrogen could meet up to nearly a quarter of the world’s energy demand by 2050.

Global wind power grows by more than 60GW in 2019

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But Global Wind Energy Council forced to revise its forecasts for 2020 and beyond as coronavirus fallout continues. The wind power industry enjoyed its second biggest growth year in history in 2019, adding 60.4GW of new onshore and offshore capacity amid surging demand for clean energy worldwide, latest data from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has revealed. GWEC, too, is therefore likely to downgrade its predictions for wind power in 2020.

Microsoft Eyes New Tool in Decarbonization Quest: Green Hydrogen


Microsoft has a new weapon for killing off diesel at its expanding global fleet of data centers: green hydrogen. “We see hydrogen creating the same sort of opportunity,” Janous said. Hydrogen tanks outside the Utah lab where Microsoft ran its test.

It’s clean, powerful and available: Are you ready for hydrogen energy?

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The past 10 years have seen the rise (and dramatic cost reduction) of renewable energy such as wind and solar, to the extent that they are no longer considered alternative energy. News Hydropower Storage Grid Scale Energy Efficiency Bioenergy Wind Power Opinion & Commentary Solar GeothermalAs the world responds to the challenges of climate change, energy systems are evolving, and evolving fast.

NortH2: Shell unveils plans for 'Europe's largest green hydrogen project'

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Shell, Gasunie, and Groningen Seaports launch ambitious plans to build green hydrogen hub for northern Europe. A new consortium has this week unveiled ambitious plans to build Europe's largest green hydrogen production 'mega-facility', which would source offshore wind power to produce zero emission hydrogen at a new site on the Dutch coast. This project offers opportunities throughout the entire hydrogen chain," he added. "In

Lightsource BP Explores Green Hydrogen Site Powered by 1.5GW of Australian Renewables


BP and its solar joint venture Lightsource BP are exploring a potential green hydrogen plant in Australia powered by 1.5 gigawatts of wind and solar. The oil major announced on Friday that a feasibility study was underway for a huge green hydrogen operation. The green hydrogen would be converted into "green ammonia" and exported internationally. gigawatts of power. Co-location’s green hydrogen boost. wind-powered) since 2018.

Boris Johnson teases 'big bet' for UK on wind, hydrogen and CCS

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Boris Johnson has signalled he is keen for the UK to make a "big bet" on wind power, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) as part of the government's strategy for building a net zero economy by 2050, as he urged global government to step up their climate efforts ahead of COP26. We are going to be putting a big bet on wind power - we want to be the Saudi Arabia of wind. We want to use those technologies to develop a lot of hydrogen.

Why Hydrogen Will Be The Ultimate Enabler for Clean Electricity

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As we ramp up more clean energy, the way we operate our grids and store power will have to be changed dramatically. The fastest-growing producers of clean electricity today are solar and wind. Right now, we’re really only capable of using stored power generated in the afternoon later that night or possibly later that week, for example. That’s where hydrogen comes into play. excess clean energy production can be converted into green hydrogen.

UK's 'first' green hydrogen plants among winners in £90m funding boost

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Several green hydrogen production plants across the North of England and Scotland among host of energy projects to secure BEIS funding. Europe's "first ever" green hydrogen production plants, a clutch of smart home energy schemes, and efforts to switch carbon intensive industry to run on renewables are among projects sharing in a £90m low carbon energy funding boost announced by the government today.

'This is not a bus plan': Wrightbus' Jo Bamford's vision for catalysing the UK's hydrogen economy

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JCB Jo Bamford sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss his plans to usher in the UK hydrogen economy through passenger buses. And as such, after a lifetime working for the family firm, Bamford is now preoccupied with another intersection between heavy-duty kit and sustainability goals, namely passenger buses powered by zero emissions hydrogen fuel technology. We can already deliver hydrogen for the same cost as running that bus on diesel.

'Humber Zero': Total, Phillips 66, and Vitol ink agreement to pursue hybrid CCUS and hydrogen production plans

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Proposals for the world's first zero carbon industrial cluster in Humber received a boost this week after Phillips 66, Uniper, and Vitol-owned power plant VPI Immingham entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see them co-operate to advance plans to build a hybrid carbon capture and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen production facility in the region by the mid-2020s.

WoodMac: Energy Sector Faces ‘Darwinian Challenge’ to Tame Climate Change


” “While the world is adding renewable power generation capacity and manufacturing electric vehicles, it is still not enough. CCS and green hydrogen will both be “vital," despite neither having yet been deployed commercially at scale.

Global Briefing: EU set to push for more stretching 2030 climate target

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Plus Poland and South Korea coal-phase outs, Siemens Gamesa hydrogen project, and all the top green business news from around the world this week. Poland accelerates coal phase out, pushes for nuclear and offshore wind. Siemens Gamesa wind-to-hydrogen project takes step forward.

Over 60GW of wind energy capacity installed in 2019, the second-biggest year in history

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Industry group calls on governments to ensure regulation is fit for purpose and “look beyond LCOE”, in order to accelerate growth of wind energy and meet climate targets. The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has published the 15th edition of The Global Wind Report , described as the wind industry’s flagship publication which provides a comprehensive, global view of the sector through the latest market data, country profiles, trends and analysis.

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Boris Johnson: 'We are progressing with gale force speed on the green economy'

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Prime Minister takes swipe at 'people used to sneer at wind power 20 years ago' in speech that majors on green economy ambitions. Boris Johnson today gave arguably his biggest backing yet to the UK's burgeoning green economy, in a speech to the Conservative Party conference that placed wind power, green jobs, and clean technologies at the heart of his agenda to "build back better" from the Covid-19 crisis. But in the case of wind, without the carbon emissions.

Zoom in on Net Zero - with RES Group's Ivor Catto

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Ivor Catto is chief executive of RES Group - Renewable Energy Systems - which is one of the world's largest independent developers of solar, wind and storage projects, with over 18GW in its portfolio.

'Our seas hold immense potential': PM pledges to power all UK homes with offshore wind by 2030

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Boris Johnson trails first stage in '10-point plan' for a green industrial revolution, as government confirms new £160m wind turbine manufacturing investment.

This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 18 January


Which country has just set a world record for using wind power? French startup launches hydrogen-powered bicycles A French startup has become the […]. Which major fast food chain plans to go green by 2025? And, what’s needed to clean up the fashion industry? This, and more, in the week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories. The post This week’s ten biggest climate innovation stories — 18 January appeared first on Climate-KIC

The State of Sustainability in UK Politics

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In an interesting pitch to patriotic members/voters he claimed “offshore wind puffed the sails of Drake and Raleigh and Nelson, and propelled this country to commercial greatness.”

Zoom in on Net Zero - with RES's Ivor Catto

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Ivor Catto is chief executive of RES - Renewable Energy Systems - which is one of the world's largest independent developers of solar, wind and storage projects, with over 18GW in its portfolio.

How Europe’s Energy Islands Could Internationalize Offshore Wind Planning


If massive offshore wind hubs are going to be built at scale, Europe will need to pull down the national borders that currently encircle planning and tendering for capacity, according to grid operator TenneT. Initially they showed a huge cluster of offshore wind turbines centered around an island with energy storage and the transformer infrastructure required to send the power out across the ‘spokes’ to countries across Europe.

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The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


The falling costs of wind and solar power are pushing utilities to find ways to incorporate them into their long-range plans, even as they struggle to define what resources can be relied on to provide the dispatchable power they need. gigawatts of offshore wind and 2.7

This carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined


The world’s kilns, reactors, chillers and furnaces are powered mostly by fossil fuels. . The options include biodiesel, renewable electricity, renewable natural gas, solar thermal, geothermal, thermal storage and hydrogen.

How Should Europe Decarbonize? Depends Who You Ask


WindEurope’s Breaking New Ground study, also from 2018, estimates renewables will make up 78 percent of the mix, compared to 17 percent natural gas and 5 percent nuclear power. “In some hard-to-abate sectors, like heavy-duty transport, we see a role for gases, namely hydrogen.".

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'Our seas hold immense potential': PM unveils £160m offshore wind investment

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Boris Johnson is set to cast a major vote of confidence in the UK's flourishing offshore wind sector tomorrow in a bid to help the country "build back greener", confirming a higher target for 40GW of capacity by 2030, backed by £160m investment towards state-of-the-art turbine manufacturing.

Act now, or risk failure: why we must act faster on cleaner energy

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The government must now address the market for all the low carbon energy technologies of the future, including hydrogen and CCUS, argues Siemens UK & Ireland CEO Steve Scrimshaw. They want to see more investment in wind and solar technology across the UK, and interestingly, there is also a call for investment in hydrogen too. This means we're going to go further to create a market for new technologies such as hydrogen power and carbon capture use and storage (CCUS).

Scottish water utility reaches energy self-generation milestone

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Wind power on the Isle of Stornoway. Scottish Water has reported significant growth in the number of its sites across the country which have become self-sufficient through the use of hydro, wind, solar and waste conversion. There are now 38 hydro turbines, 20 sites with small-scale wind turbines installed, 42 solar schemes, four Combine Heat and Power plants and three biomass boilers. Wind power on Stronsay.

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Germany’s Maxed-Out Grid Is Causing Trouble Across Europe


Although Germany is generating record amounts of clean energy in the north, its grid is too weak to transport all the power down to load centers in the south — a longstanding challenge for the country that's only getting worse. One of the most visible effects of this renewable energy saturation on the German grid is negative wholesale electricity prices, or times when consumers are effectively being paid to use excess power. Paying foreign wind farms to shut down?

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Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030


The promise commits the tech giant to an even more aggressive program of sourcing clean energy and enabling the infrastructure to make it available even when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

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Arizona Utility APS Charts 15-Year Plan on Its Way to Zero-Carbon Energy by 2050


More immediately, the utility aims for 2030 goals of 45 percent renewable electricity, with the Palo Verde nuclear power plant bringing the tally up to 65 percent carbon-free power. While it calls for ending coal-fired power by 2031, it keeps natural gas-fired power plants running through at least 2035 to maintain reliability for a region with sky-high summertime temperatures and energy demand.