Hydrogen 2020: Engaging with Innovation

CleanTech Group

This month, Europe unveiled its hydrogen strategy including: Plans increase production capacity six-fold by. Climate Change Energy & Power Energy Storage Hydrogen Renewable Energy Sources

Water industry event discusses opportunity for hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

Hazer Group produces fuel-cell grade hydrogen from methane, with high-quality graphite as a by-product rather than CO2. At the event, Dr Jenifer Baxter, director for innovation and policy at Protium Green Solutions, gave a rundown of key insights into hydrogen for the water sector.


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Going green: The future of hydrogen energy

Renewable Energy World

Hydrogen is one of the energy solutions that can significantly address climate change and has a vital role to play in decarbonization. In the last decade, green hydrogen in particular has shown great promise as an integral part of the renewable energy mix needed for a sustainable future.

UK unveils hydrogen strategy based on offshore wind model

Renewable Energy World

The UK government has today (Tuesday 17 August) unveiled its long-awaited strategy for developing a hydrogen energy economy. The government has launched a public consultation on a preferred hydrogen business model which is built on a similar premise to the offshore wind CfDs.

CleanTech Innovation Showcase Presenting Company Track #1 Recap

CleanTech Alliance

Presenting Companies during the Morning Session: Track #1 at the 2021 CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured three presenters that focused on Energy Capture/Generation: STARS Technology Corporation, Solaires Enterprises Inc., Robert Wegeng, President and CEO of STARS Technology Corporation, presented on STARS’ chemical transformers and the clean renewable hydrogen grid. Alliance News Member News CleanTech Innovation Showcase recap showcase

B.C.’s hydrogen strategy a first step in the global race to develop a clean hydrogen economy

Clean Energy Canada

VICTORIA — Mark Zacharias, special advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the British Columbia government’s announcement of a new hydrogen strategy : “Today’s announcement connects the dots to help establish B.C. as a North American hub in clean hydrogen.

Innovation can help ensure hydrogen becomes B.C.’s new natural gas

Clean Energy Canada

government’s recently released hydrogen strategy—a thoughtful plan to create and use clean hydrogen—contains an implicit acknowledgement: the world is moving away from fossil fuels and toward low-carbon alternatives. has an opportunity to also produce “blue” hydrogen. The B.C.

New York announces initiatives to explore green hydrogen for decarbonization

Renewable Energy World

Cuomo this week announced that New York plans to explore the potential role of green hydrogen as part of the state’s comprehensive decarbonization strategy. In addition, the state will join the Center for Hydrogen Safety and the HyBlend Collaborative Research Partnership.

Study shows most promising well-to-tank routes for hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

When it comes to decarbonising the UK economy, many suggest the use of hydrogen for hard-to-electrify transport applications as indispensable. It also looked at the implications of using biomethane in place of fossil gas and hydrogen derived entirely from biogenic waste. Hydrogen Fuel

Green Hydrogen’s Rapidly Falling Costs Undermine the Gas Industry’s Argument for Blue Hydrogen


New research predicts that green hydrogen — a clean fuel produced from water using renewables — will be comparable in cost and likely cheaper than blue hydrogen by 2030. Zero-C Hydrogen in a Circular Carbon Economy. Blue hydrogen is the wrong choice.

Canada risks missing out on fast-moving hydrogen opportunity: report

Clean Energy Canada

VANCOUVER — Hydrogen is getting people talking. Already, 18 economies comprising more than 75% of global GDP are developing and rolling out hydrogen strategies. The Task Force for a Resilient Recovery recommends allocating $1 billion to support Canadian leadership in clean hydrogen.

You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility


You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility. Like natural gas, that hydrogen contains heat that can be released with combustion to drive a generator. You see an old coal plant and an obsolescent workforce; I see a superb opportunity for green hydrogen. Hydrogen?

BP and Ørsted Launch Green Hydrogen Partnership


BP and Ørsted will partner on a 50-megawatt electrolyzer in Germany in the first stage of a green hydrogen partnership. The project is BP’s first full-scale commercial hydrogen venture. BP uses the terminology clean, rather than green hydrogen.

Unpacking the Carbon Intensity of Hydrogen

Clean Energy Canada

In fall of 2020, hydrogen was big news—and it still is. In advance of the Government of Canada’s launch of a national hydrogen strategy , we released a report titled A New Hope , exploring Canada’s hydrogen opportunity and the potential it holds as a climate solution and for our economy.

UK’s first hydrogen heating demonstration takes place in Northumberland

Envirotec Magazine

First houses heated by hydrogen gas are showcased, with the use of innovative prototype boilers. The site has been used to complete over 200 tests, researching and proving the safety of converting homes and gas networks to hydrogen.

Green light for first hydrogen blending on a public gas network

Envirotec Magazine

The HyDeploy project will blend hydrogen with natural gas on a public gas network in Winlaton, Gateshead operated by Northern Gas Networks. hydrogen in the UK gas network after the project gathered extensive evidence to demonstrate the hydrogen blend will be ‘as safe as natural gas’.

Centrica, a major innovator in low-carbon energy and the UK energy supply, has joined the Hydrogen Taskforce


The Hydrogen Taskforce is delighted to welcome another member to its growing coalition of the UK's largest organisations that operate and innovate in and across the hydrogen sector.

Highlands hub spearheads Scottish grasp for hydrogen leadership

Envirotec Magazine

A multi-partner plan involving the Port of Cromarty Firth has been launched to establish a green hydrogen hub in the Highlands that “will see Scotland lead the world in hydrogen technology”, as its backers put it. A view of the Cromarty Firth.

New €2.5B Green Hydrogen Steel Venture Unveiled


The facility will use green hydrogen to process the iron into steel, leaning on existing expertise in the region. It is pursuing a hydrogen-based technology, with a larger demonstration plant set to open in Germany in 2023.

Coventry University and Severn Trent partner to convert waste ammonia into hydrogen

Envirotec Magazine

The project will look to capture waste ammonia from the utility’s sewage treatment facility and turn it into hydrogen. The post Coventry University and Severn Trent partner to convert waste ammonia into hydrogen first appeared on Envirotec. Hydrogen Fuel News Sludge & Wastewater

Private infrastructure fund for clean hydrogen projects launched

Renewable Energy World

This week, Plug Power, Chart Industries, and Baker Hughes announced their intention to become cornerstone investors in the formation of the FiveT Hydrogen Fund , a new clean-hydrogen-only private infrastructure fund dedicated to delivering clean hydrogen infrastructure projects at scale.

Massive 50-GW wind, solar, hydrogen power plant with unique ownership model announced in Australia

Renewable Energy World

million tons of zero-carbon green hydrogen or 20 million tons of green ammonia each year, which will be provided domestically and exported internationally as the green fuels market continues to expand post- 2030. Some predictions say that the green hydrogen sector could become a US$2.5

The Brief: Temasek’s leapfrog, six financial innovations, independent media, vertical farming, green hydrogen

Impact Alpha

The post The Brief: Temasek’s leapfrog, six financial innovations, independent media, vertical farming, green hydrogen appeared first on Impact Alpha. Greetings, Agents of Impact! Featured: Deal of the Day Temasek commits $500 million for a stake in LeapFrog Investments.

Shell, Mitsubishi and Vattenfall partner on Hamburg hydrogen project

Renewable Energy World

Shell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Vattenfall and municipal company Wärme Hamburg are exploring a plan to jointly produce hydrogen from wind and solar power at the Hamburg-Moorburg power plant site and utilise it in its vicinity. Hydrogen News

What Does A Hydrogen City Look Like?

Forbes Green Tech

Generally, a hydrogen city can be defined as any city that is integrating hydrogen into its economy and infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business pikeresearchblog

How To Light A Fuse Under The Green Hydrogen Economy

Forbes Green Tech

If the hydrogen economy is to complete its promise, the technology has to reach scale. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energy

UK Hydrogen Strategy: The green economy reacts

Business Green

BusinessGreen rounds up all the reaction from politicians, green business figures, NGOs, investors and think tanks to the government's long-awaited Hydrogen Strategy. Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: "Today marks the start of the UK's hydrogen revolution.

Douglas PUD building 5-MW hydrogen facility to provide flexibility for Wells Hydroelectric

Renewable Energy World

The Douglas County Public Utility District in Washington State is building a 5-MW pilot renewable hydrogen production facility near Baker Flats, East Wenatchee to provide flexibility to operations at its 774.3-MW Wells Hydroelectric Project. Baseload Hydrogen Hydropower News

Bramble Energy: Funding boost for innovative hydrogen fuel cells manufacturer

Business Green

Company announces it has finalised £5m funding round in support of its hydrogen fuel cell plans. Bramble Energy has developed what it claims is the only technology in the world capable of producing gigawatts of hydrogen fuel cells using existing global manufacturing resources.

Why Offshore Wind and Energy Giants are Chasing Off-Grid Green Hydrogen


The European Union wants to build 40 gigawatts of green hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030, and estimates that 80 to 120 gigawatts of solar and wind will be needed to power them. Taking hydrogen production off the power grid could be a win-win solution to these problems.

Russia’s Top Brass Coordinates Hydrogen Plans

Forbes Green Tech

President Putin asked the government to introduce hydrogen transit buses by 2023. Transportation /transportation Business /business Transportation /transportation Energy /energy Policy /policy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech

Shell Exploring World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Project


Oil major Shell has started feasibility work on what would be the largest green hydrogen project in the world. The plans would see 3 to 4 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity established in the North Sea by 2030 purely for the manufacture of green hydrogen. The market for green hydrogen.

California Hydrogen Station Race Winners: First Element, Equilon And Iwatani

Forbes Green Tech

million for the three awardees to build 36 hydrogen refueling stations. Transportation /transportation Business /business Transportation /transportation Energy /energy Policy /policy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech

Report: Hydrogen project pipeline promises 25,000 green jobs boom

Business Green

New analysis from Energy Networks Association reveals existing pipeline of innovation projects could create thousands of jobs in the fledgling hydrogen economy. Together the companies plan to invest £6.8bn in proposed hydrogen innovation projects over the period.

We Could Be Making Steel From Green Hydrogen, Using Less Coal

Forbes Green Tech

Australia's Fortescue Metals is the latest company that says it wants to make steel from green hydrogen, not coal. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energy

Coal to Green Hydrogen: Germany’s Energy Transition Summed Up in One Project


” Now its next milestone could be as one of the first 100-megawatt scale green hydrogen sites in Europe. Moorburg’s green hydrogen future. The initial plan is to establish a 100 MW electrolyzer powered by wind and solar, with green hydrogen production starting around 2025.

Diesel Engine Giant Cummins Plans Hydrogen Future–With Trains Coming Before Trucks

Forbes Green Tech

The manufacturer of diesel engines for boats, heavy-duty pickups, delivery vehicles, buses and semis sees big opportunities for its hydrogen technology.

Rejoining Paris Pact Signals U.S. Ready To Jump Aboard Hydrogen Express

Forbes Green Tech

Although hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, and its potential as a fuel source has been well understood for decades, substantial challenges have long stood in the way of the development of a thriving hydrogen fuel industry.

Why Hydrogen, Why Now? Because Climate, Economy And Finance Say So

Forbes Green Tech

Climate, economy and finance drivers are giving hydrogen energy unprecedented support. Transportation /transportation Business /business Transportation /transportation Energy /energy Policy /policy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Editors' Pick editors-pick

Gates Fund Backs HyPro For $1/kg Green Hydrogen

Forbes Green Tech

Bill Gates led Breakthrough Energy Ventures has backed Israel's HyPro in a bid for $1/kg green hydrogen. Green Tech /green-tech Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business /business Energy /energy Business energy

Daimler Shows Off Long-Range Hydrogen Semi, New Battery Truck Amid Nikola Uproar

Forbes Green Tech

The German auto giant, which has worked on hydrogen technology for decades, is developing a fuel-cell semi with range of up to 600 miles (1000 kilometers) per fueling and a next-generation battery truck.

Project Manager – Hydrogen

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Project Manager – Hydrogen | San Diego Gas & Electric | San Diego, CA. SDG&E believes hydrogen will be a critical piece of that future and has announced two hydrogen pilot projects — one at Borrego Springs and the other at its Palomar Energy Center. Supports strategic analysis and communication as it relates to hydrogen and aligns it with SDG&E’s strategy and sustainability plan.

Hydrogen Commercial Development Manager

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Hydrogen Commercial Development Manager | San Diego Gas & Electric | San Diego, CA. SDG&E believes hydrogen will be a critical piece of that future and has announced two hydrogen pilot projects — one at Borrego Springs and the other at its Palomar Energy Center. Responsible for leading, planning, developing, managing, and implementing infrastructure projects, initiatives, policies and programs related to hydrogen. RFIs/RFP) for hydrogen.