8 Ways Environmental Toxins Impact Your Health

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The health impact on human health is tremendous. In cities where pollution is higher, people experience more health problems than those in rural areas. Here are some of the ways that toxins impact people’s health. Mental Health. Mental health conditions are complex.

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Direct Relief Launches "Power for Health" Initiative: Resilient Power for U.S. Healthcare Safety Net


Initial $5 million in funding will allow health centers and free clinics to be more resilient to climate change


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These key investments can build resilience to pandemics and climate change


HealthHere's what will help beyond immediate disaster response.

Build Louisiana Back Resilient

Renewable Energy World

It’s time for Louisiana leadership to prioritize resilient solutions – solar photovoltaics paired with battery storage ( solar+storage ) paired with energy efficient housing – over continued fossil-fuel investment. Look to Resilient Power Solutions.

Redesign your home for healthier, resilient living

Greenability Magazine

After another year of working from home and sheltering against more extreme weathers, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their dwellings more climate resilient, energy efficient and healthy.

Dockless Bike Sharing Can Create Healthy, Resilient Urban Mobility

The City Fix

City dwellers worldwide are shifting lifestyles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in terms of transport. As cities begin to re-open, urban planners and designers are rethinking urban and transport infrastructure to adapt to a post-pandemic world. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

The Brief: Equity in climate resilience, maternal health in Brazil, Stripe backs Sacca for carbon capture, nimble solar installations, the circular economy

Impact Alpha

Featured: Agents of Impact Call Mitigation x adaptation x equity = climate resilience. The post The Brief: Equity in climate resilience, maternal health in Brazil, Stripe backs Sacca for carbon capture, nimble solar installations, the circular economy appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

How Health Literacy Can Benefit the Environment

Green Living Guy

Only about 12% of the American population has levels above an intermediate health literacy. A majority of Americans can read basic health graphs and can. The post How Health Literacy Can Benefit the Environment appeared first on Green Living Guy.

These changes to our food systems could improve human and planetary health


These changes to our food systems could improve human and planetary health. On the recent World Food Day, the clarion call was clearer than ever: We must fix our food systems to improve human health, drive economic growth and save the planet from environmental collapse.

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Can the first US ‘chief heat officer’ build a model for future resilience?


The chief heat officer’s responsibilities include education, disaster response training and infrastructure that considers extreme heat alongside other public health safety considerations

From the boardroom to Wall Street, ESG is crucial for financial resilience


From the boardroom to Wall Street, ESG is crucial for financial resilience. Julia Travers. Thu, 02/18/2021 - 00:45. The ongoing shift to center ESG is driven by multiple forces.

Our COVID-19 response can make our cities more resilient to heat waves


Our COVID-19 response can make our cities more resilient to heat waves. There is an urgent, global need for building urban resilience to heat and, as usual, business has a key role to play. We need to build resilience into both physical and social structures of our cities.

Explore local food, climate resilience & equity

Greenability Magazine

Get a behind-the-scenes look at urban and indigenous food systems and how farmers are working to grow local food that is resilient to climate change, taps the wisdom of elders and looks at regenerative agricultural design for the future.

Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty

Clean Energy Trust

Wild Lupine at the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin Resiliency is a familiar word for those working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability. What does resiliency mean to you ?

5 Ways Being Eco Friendly is Good for Your Health

Green Living Guy

But what about human health? The post 5 Ways Being Eco Friendly is Good for Your Health appeared first on Green Living Guy. There’s usually talk surrounding how sustainability benefits the environment. It turns out that going green has endless pros for our well-being, too.

Learning from Texas: How Active Efficiency Can Help Improve Grid Reliability and Resilience

The City Fix

Energy + Climate Change active efficiency building efficiency Clay Nesler COVID-19 electricity grid emergency conditions energy energy efficiency power outage public health resilience sustainable energy Texas United StatesRecent events in Texas and elsewhere in the U.S.

This coastal Louisiana tribe is using generations of resilience to handle the pandemic


This coastal Louisiana tribe is using generations of resilience to handle the pandemic. The past 15 years have tested the resilience of everyone living along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, including the Grand Caillou/Dulac Band and the four other state-recognized tribes that live nearby.

NeighborWorks America: Sustainability Improvements Help Build Larger Community Resilience

Green Business Bureau

Leaders in Housing Development Training and Community Resilience. and Puerto Rico, NeighborWorks America is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to achieve housing affordability and community resilience across the nation. Building Community Resilience for a Secure Future.

Resilience After Recession: 4 Ways to Reboot the U.S. Economy

The City Fix

Our primary concern is for the health and welfare of all those affected. The COVID-19 pandemic is already affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and it’s poised to get worse before it gets better. The COVID-19 outbreak’s. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

Envirotec Magazine

Nature-based urban resilience infrastructure in Milan, Italy. A new peer-to-peer platform is helping municipalities and water utilities find reliable innovative solutions to their infrastructure resilience challenges, according to the firm behind it, Isle Utilities.

Net Zero Nature: Planetary health and human health

Business Green

VIDEO: Leading experts from Forum for the Future, Walgreens Boots Alliance, GSK Consumer Healthcare and Hansen and Ersbøll Agenda discuss the relationship between human health and the state of the planet's climate and natural world.

5 Health-Giving Plants to Grow In Your Backyard

Green Living Guy

In addition … Read More 5 Health-Giving Plants to Grow In Your Backyard. The post 5 Health-Giving Plants to Grow In Your Backyard appeared first on Green Living Guy. There is nothing that beats the pleasure of venturing into your backyard to get vegetables for your dinner.

How conservation makes dairy farms more resilient

EDF + Business

Conservation can improve the financial health of dairy farms, according to a new report from EDF and K·Coe Isom AgKnowledge – How conservation makes dairy farms more resilient, especially in a lean agricultural economy.

Small North Carolina farms find profitability in climate change resilience

EDF + Business

Small farms are adapting to these changes by adopting climate-resilient practices that help buffer weather extremes and improve soil health. New Ground Farm improves resilience to heavy rainfall with cover crops.

With supply chain issues expected to last, companies must go beyond “coping” to fostering resilience

EDF + Business

Building more resilient supply chains is a business imperative, especially as the likelihood for more disruption increases. Resilience is a fundamental consideration for future operations – not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Building resilience: Where do we go from here? .

GIIN launches Response, Recovery and Resilience Investment Coalition

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, May 12 – The GIIN has launched the Response, Recovery and Resilience Investment Coalition. The ‘R3 Coalition’ aims to identify opportunities to invest in health interventions and access to capital and direct new capital to fill COVID financing gaps.

Mental health in the sustainability sector: Could eco-anxiety be causing climate inaction?


As people increasingly feel the effect of the climate crisis, environmental activists are turning towards mental wellness to ensure their communities remain resilient

6 tips from companies for building resilient supply chains

EDF + Business

Food and agricultural companies in particular face challenges associated with more extreme and volatile weather, both in terms of the impact it has on their bottom line, as well as their long-term resilience and ability to withstand disruptions. .

Combine skin and emotional health with selfmade


Now, there’s an entire company dedicated to creating beauty products that marry skin health with emotional health. To do so, mental health professionals helped to develop the product line. On the other hand, the product line includes a resilience scrub and two different serums. See the original post here: Combine skin and emotional health with selfmade. Beauty products are a lot more than lipstick colors and finding the right foundation.

Urgent improvements in water security needed to achieve climate resilience, warns research group

Envirotec Magazine

University of Oxford-led water security reserch programme ( REACH ) publishes its interdisciplinary Water Security for Climate Resilience Report. Report makes specific recommendations to increase resilience in water systems.

Addressing Inequities In The Mental Health Burden Of Climate Change

Energy Innovation

People around the world are increasingly aware of and impacted by climate change, which is connected unsurprisingly with a parallel uptick in associated mental health stress. Studying mental health impacts of climate change is incredibly complex. Annals of global health, 81(3).

Climate-resilient farming has financial benefits for small North Carolina farms

EDF + Business

Reduced tillage, cover crops and high tunnels helped small-scale North Carolina farms adapt to climate change and boost profitability, according to analysis of the real-world financial and resilience benefits of these farming practices.

Earth Week: Climate Resilience in Seattle’s South End

Front And Centered

Thankfully, the focus of the first Green-A-Thon I volunteered at with South Seattle-based climate justice organization Got Green, was sharing with communities about building resilience in the face of these health hazards, as we prepare for another likely smoky summer ahead. Announcements Perspectives Climate resilience Got Green Green New Deal

NYSERDA CEO Alicia Barton on Resilience in the Cleantech Industry

Greentown Labs

Showing how difficult these issues are, there was this false narrative out there that wind turbines were causing health impacts in abutters to the wind turbines, so a good chunk of my time at MassDEP was spent leading a state effort to debunk that.

‘No Vaccine for the Climate Crisis’: Over 230 Health Journals Demand Wealthy Nations Take Action


Developed countries must do “much more, much faster” in their efforts to tackle the climate crisis, over 200 health journals have said in a statement warning of the unequal health impacts of rising global temperatures.

Program Manager, Grid Management and Resiliency

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

CPA is seeking a detailed-oriented and highly motivated professional with energy experience to join our team as the Program Manager, Grid Management and Resiliency. The Program Manager, Grid Management and Resiliency will develop and implement customer-facing programs related to load shifting, electrification, and clean generation. Benefits include health care, a 401(k)-like match program, paid vacation, and sick leave. Program Manager | Clean Power Alliance | Los Angeles.

How being Eco-Friendly can Change Your Life

Green Living Guy

Climate Change Climate Resiliency Conservation Eco Friendly Products Environment going green green home green living Nature pollution sustainability eco-friendly life green kids mental health save moneyScience and technology completely changed the ways humans lived.

‘Code Red for Humanity’: Sinking Indian Cities

The City Fix

Climate Resilience climate change coastal cities drought extreme weather flooding heat India IPCC marginalized communities public health resilience sanitation sea level rise slums urbanization vulnerable communities warming water water stress WRI India

An Adaptive, Resilient and Equitable Workforce

Better Ventures

While the gig economy offers flexibility, workers have limited access to unemployment benefits, health insurance or sick leave. From financial management and planning, to insurance, to mental health and caregiving. About 30% of the workforce lacks employer-paid health insurance.

Online Event - Collective Resilience Summit

Green Market Oracle

The Collective Resilience Summit will take place May 12 - 17, 2020. This free, online and highly interactive summit will explore how to develop and sustain the individual and collective resilience we need to meet our increasingly complex global challenges with wisdom, skill and compassion.

Climate Resilience and Gender Inequity: Are women facing disproportionate climate impacts?

Defend Our Future

These factors are key to determining our climate resilience, i.e. our capacity to protect ourselves, absorb stresses and bounce back from climate impacts and disaster events. The post Climate Resilience and Gender Inequity: Are women facing disproportionate climate impacts?

The IMF and World Bank gathered virtually in the midst of Covid-19. What next? Invest in people and nature for recovery and resilience


WWF's Margaret Kuhlow argues that investment in both human and planetary health must be the bedrock of resilience, recovery and prosperity amid the pandemic

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Resilience post COVID-19

Business Green

Ben Caldecott reflects on how a fixation on short-run cost optimisation has resulted in economic systems and business models that are not sufficiently resilient to shocks. too few intensive care beds and ventilators) and a lack of food supply chain resilience (e.g.