6 Cities and Local Governments Accelerating Zero Carbon Buildings

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Every $1 invested in efficiency saves $2 in. action plans ambition building efficiency Building Efficiency Accelerator buildings climate action climate change Colombia Costa Rica decarbonize India Kenya local government national policy subnational action Turkey Zero Carbon Buildings For All

The Rise of Sustainable Investing in Japan

U.S. Green Technology

With the global rise of environmental concern, Japanese market players are increasingly taking into consideration the impact their investments may have on the environment and society. The post The Rise of Sustainable Investing in Japan appeared first on U.S.


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German government investing $115M in renewable energy in Africa

Renewable Energy World

The German government has announced that it will direct €100 million ($115.7 million) in investment to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy across Africa.

New lawsuits challenge UK government’s “greenwashing and climate delay”

Envirotec Magazine

Both ClientEarth and Friends of the Earth are taking the government to court over strategies intended to advance the transition to a low emissions future. The Government claims that those producing pollution should bear the cost of managing it.

Institute for Government slams 'incoherent' government net zero policymaking

Business Green

Policy decisions surrounding new coal mines, air passenger duty, and North Sea oil and gas are undermining the government's net zero agenda, think tank warns. A lack of joined-up policy making has often undermined cross-government ambitions," the IfG report states. "In

Yes, Investing in ESG Pays Off

Andrew Winston

This is another in the realm of the “business case” for sustainability (within a corporation for its own capital and investment decisions, not as an investment thesis for investors). Solution: Redefine your tools for investment decisions.

UK government lagging far behind G7 peers in green jobs and investment plans, says TUC report

Envirotec Magazine

UK seemingly ranks sixth for investment in net zero climate infrastructure – with only Japan scoring worse. Government must seize G7 spotlight to allocate more investment, says union body. Table 1: G7 Ranked by total of green recovery investment.

3 Approaches to Environmental, Social, & Governance Investing


Many investors want to build a more ethical portfolio that reflects their social and environmental… The post 3 Approaches to Environmental, Social, & Governance Investing appeared first on Earth911. See original here: 3 Approaches to Environmental, Social, & Governance Investing.

Government funding for ammonia-to-hydrogen project in the Midlands

Envirotec Magazine

It forms part of the UK Government’s commitment to enable 10GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030, with projections indicating that hydrogen will form up to 35 per cent of UK final energy consumption by 2050. A consortium led by Gemserv has secured around £6.7

Overcoming Risk Aversion to Accelerate Green Investments: Lessons from Mexico, Brazil and India

The City Fix

By 2030, cities will house approximately 60% of the world’s population and already more than one in three urban dwellers lack access to at least one core service like reliable energy, clean water or affordable housing. Green, sustainable infrastructure, including. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

US Government Awards Planet EOCL Contract

Planet Pulse

government’s industry-defining procurement vehicle for unclassified commercial satellite imagery and represents the Federal government’s significant investment in and commitment to the commercial remote sensing sector and the capabilities and value it provides.

Sustainable investing is changing global supply chains: 4 key takeaways


Sustainable investing is changing global supply chains: 4 key takeaways. Sustainable investing strategies have ascended quickly in the last 10 years. Sustainable investment strategies cover roughly a third of Taiwanese AUM. Finance & Investing.

Government awards £30m to cutting-edge highway decarbonisation projects

Envirotec Magazine

Cutting-edge, innovative ideas to decarbonise the UK’s highways are to benefit from tens of millions of pounds in Government funding. Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said: “Investing in innovation is a priority for this Government.

ESG investments: Exponential potential or surfing one wave?


ESG investments: Exponential potential or surfing one wave? About 77 percent of ESG funds that existed 10 years ago are presently available, whereas only 46 percent of traditional investment vehicles maintain that survivorship. A declining investment rationale for fossil fuels.

Government of Canada launches Hydrogen Strategy


Be that as it may, governments in Europe and Japan have big plans to subsidize hydrogen technology. The Strategy is supported by a federal investment of $1.5 Source: Government of Canada.

HSBC invests in world’s first ‘reef credit’ system


HSBC invests in world’s first ‘reef credit’ system. GreenCollar said it worked with farmers and verification auditors, including the Reef Credit Secretariat and EcoMarkets Australia , as well as the Queensland government and private sector buyers.

Investing in Frontline Climate Tech Solutions


Grassroots-led technologies and collaborations with companies can deliver climate justice solutions at scale, serving as models for businesses, governments and philanthropies to help create a better future for those living in areas with long legacies of disinvestment.

Six Climate Investing Myths Debunked

CleanTech Alliance

The effects of extreme weather, rising sea levels, resource scarcity and pollution are rippling across every continent with dire consequences for individuals, governments and businesses. Yet, climate investing is still burdened by […]. Source: Morgan Stanley, September 18, 2019 nvestors have come to terms with the reality that climate change is no longer a theoretical threat.

Governments urged to invest more in green cities to beat coronavirus slump


Investments in climate-friendly infrastructure like rooftop gardens, cycle lanes and renewable energy across world's cities could support millions of jobs, researchers say

Planners call on government for stronger direction on climate action

Envirotec Magazine

An overwhelming majority of UK planners want the next government to give stronger direction and more resources to enable local planners to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Government to push pensions sector towards green technology investment

Business Green

Department for Work and Pensions consults on plans to drive long-term pensions sector investment into 'important sectors of the economy' such as green technology.

Turning action into law: government’s accountability legislation a critical step

Clean Energy Canada

We particularly welcome the new requirement that the federal government report on its own climate-related financial risks and opportunities, under the purview of the finance minister. Media Releases Climate Policy Federal Government

Law 83

Federal government’s new climate plan is brave, honest, and historic

Clean Energy Canada

VICTORIA — Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the federal government’s climate plan update : “When it comes to climate action, honesty is the best policy. Media Releases Federal Government

Number of wildfires to rise by 50% by 2100 and governments are not prepared, experts warn

Envirotec Magazine

The paper calls for a radical change in government spending on wildfires, shifting their investments from reaction and response to prevention and preparedness. Current government responses to wildfires are often putting money in the wrong place.

Investing in the planet by investing in the people who know it best

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, April 21 – The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Invest in our planet.” We’ve all heard the argument: governments, NGOs, The post Investing in the planet by investing in the people who know it best appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

Sustainable infrastructure investments can aid the post-COVID recovery


Sustainable infrastructure investments can aid the post-COVID recovery. The economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments around the world to come up with policies for stimulating the global economy.

Industry organizations respond to new ‘buy clean’ approach to government procurement

Clean Energy Canada

and Canada’s new “ Greening Government Initiative :”. “We Canada initiative to collaborate on ‘greening’ government operations. A focus on procurement—or as it’s sometimes called, buying clean—requires governments to spend public dollars on materials that are low-carbon.

Quebec invests $22.5 million in battery recycling firm Lithion


million in funding from the Quebec government. Some will be invested in a battery dismantling and reprocessing plant the company expects to open in 2023, and some will finance engineering studies for the construction of a hydrometallurgical plant that’s scheduled to open in 2025.

'Significant savings': Government unveils £553m public building energy efficiency plan

Business Green

The government may have left businesses and campaigners frustrated with its failure to deliver new policies to boost domestic energy efficiency, but the public sector could soon unlock significant energy bill savings thanks to a major new wave of upgrade projects for public buildings.

Cities, Battered by COVID-19, Remain Key to Recovery. How Can Investments Be Well Spent?

The City Fix

As the world reels from the COVID-19 pandemic, investment packages are taking shape to provide relief and recovery. Cities from New York to Nairobi are not only on the frontlines of the health and economic impacts, but they provide immense. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

Federal budget correctly links climate action with economic growth

Clean Energy Canada

VICTORIA — Mark Zacharias, special advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the federal government’s Budget 2022 : “Today’s federal budget was the first step toward realizing last week’s historic Emissions Reduction Plan to reach Canada’s 2030 climate target.

Energy 109

'Green jobs windfall': Government hails £180m investment in offshore wind manufacturing hubs

Business Green

Major boost for Humber and the North East as plans unveiled to expand offshore wind manufacturing capacity and government moves to bolster demand for UK-based suppliers.

UK?s Largest Solar Project Approved, Will Snub Government Subsidies


's largest-ever solar project, received its government planning approvals this week. The developers say they will not seek any government subsidy and will not participate in the contracts for difference (CFD) auction next year. ” Government auction?

Government teams up with Bill Gates and top corporates to catalyse wave of green tech investment

Business Green

Prime Minister announces £9.7bn of inward infrastructure investment, as government launches new £400m public-private clean tech innovation fund. We will see new partnerships for green growth forged at today's Global Investment Summit, as we look ahead to COP26 and beyond.".

Sustainable Wealth Management: Getting Started Guide for Investment Management Companies

Green Business Bureau

They should make their own operation sustainable and collaborate with their clients to invest in sustainable companies. With the permission of their clients, wealth managers can direct investments into more sustainable companies while meeting the investment objectives of their clients.

Corporate leaders to the U.S. government: It’s time to act on climate

Impact Alpha

government: It’s time to act on climate appeared first on ImpactAlpha. Impact InvestingImpactAlpha, Feb. 1 – A group of businesses including Salesforce, Lyft, and Danone North America have taken out a full page ad in the. The post Corporate leaders to the U.S.

Rapid action needed from governments to drive hydrogen economy – IEA

Renewable Energy World

Governments need to move faster and more decisively on policy measures to enable low-carbon hydrogen to help the world reach net-zero while boosting energy security.

Scottish investment call to support move away from fossil fuel heating

Envirotec Magazine

Scottish Government funding for home energy efficiency should be doubled from around £125million to £250million per year. • A new Scottish renewable heat-pump grant should be created, with hundreds of millions of pounds of Scottish Government investment per year, to expand the usage of renewable heat-pumps in Scotland. The Scottish Government should also invest in support for the skills and training needed for this heating transition.

World’s first dedicated clean hydrogen investment fund launches

Envirotec Magazine

We believe it creates the right investment platform to support existing and future hydrogen initiatives.”. More than 30 governments around the world have already adopted national hydrogen strategies as part of their climate plans so the opportunity is huge. $70

Ottawa invests billions in zero-emission buses

Clean Energy Canada

OTTAWA — Joanna Kyriazis, senior policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement regarding the federal government’s investment of $2.75 It’s also an investment in Canada’s economy at a pivotal time.

Humankind Investments launches ‘social’ ETF

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ImpactAlpha, February 25 – A new exchange traded fund from Humankind Investments focuses on the “S” of environmental, social and governance, or ESG, investing (see, The post Humankind Investments launches ‘social’ ETF appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Hard truths from a decade of investing in regional food systems


Hard truths from a decade of investing in regional food systems. As we wind down the fund and move our food system investments into other RSF portfolios, we’re sharing what we’ve learned in hopes of advancing efforts to build a regenerative food system. Finance & Investing.

Why are governments failing to act on climate change?


1 A more in-depth survey poll conducted by ABC news, Stanford, and the RFF found that 68% of Americans think the government should be doing a lot to stop climate change. We have never seen more unity on climate change, so why are governments failing to act on climate change?