Climate change is an infrastructure problem – map of electric vehicle chargers shows one reason why

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Most of America’s 107,000 gas stations can fill several cars every five or 10 minutes at multiple pumps. vehicle fleet, considered crucial to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. The new assessment, like its predecessor Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C

I Converted a Home Fully to Electricity. Here’s How It Worked — and What It Cost


In all likelihood it will get worse as we experience more extreme weather events and sea levels rise from melting ice sheets. Time to burn that bridge to natural gas. Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz positioned natural gas as the bridge to renewables.

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A decidedly impartial review of Mark Jacobson’s 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything

Renewable Energy World

Based on his work there, he created the world’s first global air quality model in which air pollution affected the weather and the weather affected air pollution, thus forging his hybrid science career. Happy Earth Day 2021!

Trump’s exit might not be the Paris Agreement’s biggest problem


in 2016, set a target of keeping global warming to no more than 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, with an ambitious goal of keeping it below 1.5 To achieve this stricter goal, global greenhouse gas emissions would have to be slashed in half from current levels by 2030. The combined emissions from 1750 to 2030 would add up to 1 meter of sea-level rise by 2300, with devastating consequences for coastal communities.

A North-Pole, How Much Longer?

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More recently, the situation surrounding the melting of Arctic sea ice has inspired me with a sense of terror as well. It is true that we have always heard ‘scary’ stories about sea ice disappearing and polar bears going extinct. Arctic sea ice extent averaged for September 2020 was 3.92

Climate Change: Where Are We Now?


Photo Credit: REUTERS While some politicians and citizens continue to deny the existence of man-made global warming, the evidence supporting it continues to grow. coal first and then later oil and natural gas?to The collection of CO 2 and other greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere traps heat which has subsequently caused surface temperatures to steadily rise, particularly since the 1980s. Fast forward to 1988 and a series of natural disasters?extreme