Investigation into Texas freeze highlights natural gas failures, frequency of cold weather events

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Preliminary findings of a joint investigation into the freeze that left millions in Texas without power for days last February highlighted an increasing frequency of extreme cold weather events, as well as the devastation caused by the failure of natural gas-fired plants.

Natural Gas Performed Heroically In Texas, Until It Didn’t

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In a recent article for WIRED — The Energy Sector Must Prepare for More Extreme Weather — I detailed some of the primary causes behind the recent power outages in Texas. Tucker Carlson blamed wind turbines for the power outages.


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Clean Hydrogen From Nuclear Power

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Hydrogen was thrust into the spotlight as a promising clean energy source by President George W. Hydrogen gas is reactive, and thus there do not exist deposits of hydrogen that can be exploited. In this process, natural gas is reacted with steam at an elevated temperature to produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen (which is synthesis gas, or simply syngas). The Nuclear Option. This is where nuclear power can make a huge impact.

Renewables Overtake Coal, Thanks To Natural Gas

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Last week the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported something extraordinary. The short version is that policies to curb carbon emissions were put in place about the same time the shale boom and renewable power revolutions created cheaper, cleaner alternatives to coal.

Texas Blackout Hearings Highlight Intertwined Risks of Natural Gas, Power Grid and Deregulated Market


The catastrophic breakdown of Texas’ natural gas and electricity system last week lacks a single villain to blame for it all. “If natural gas is compromised, the power system is going to be compromised,” NRG President Mauricio Gutierrez told lawmakers.

Why The World Needs More Nuclear Power

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This is the final article in a series based on BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019. Previous articles in this series covered carbon dioxide emissions, petroleum supply and demand, the production and consumption of coal, global natural gas trends, and the continued explosion in the growth of renewable energy: BP Warns Of An Unsustainable Path. Increases Its Dominance In Natural Gas Production. Nuclear: By the Numbers.

California’s Shift From Natural Gas to Solar Is Playing a Role in Rolling Blackouts


California was beset by its first rolling blackouts since the 2001 energy crisis, as a heatwave slammed the Western U.S. CAISO has told regulators for years that “there is inadequate power available during the net peak, the hours when the solar [generation] has left the system.”

Renewables Catching Nuclear Power In Global Energy Race

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This article is the fifth in a series on BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019. Previous articles in this series covered carbon dioxide emissions, petroleum supply and demand, the production and consumption of coal, and global natural gas trends: BP Warns Of An Unsustainable Path. Increases Its Dominance In Natural Gas Production. Today, I want to cover global trends in renewable energy.

Floating Nuclear Power Plants Could Save Numerous Lives

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Last month the Akademik Lomonosov, a first-of-its-kind floating nuclear plant built by Russian state nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, arrived at Pevek, a port town on the remote Chukotka Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. There, the plant is expected to provide power to about 100,000 homes. However, despite this promise, the Lomonosov has come under fire from anti-nuclear groups.

Latest FERC three-year forecast shows no new coal and drops in oil and natural gas, while renewables soar

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According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the agency has once again revised its three-year forecast for changes in the U.S. Sharp declines are foreseen for fossil fuels and nuclear power while renewable energy is forecast to experience… The post Latest FERC three-year forecast shows no new coal and drops in oil and natural gas, while renewables soar appeared first on Solar Power World.

Renewables now account for 24% of US’ total energy generation capacity

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Renewable energy sources (i.e., biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) strongly dominated new US energy generation capacity additions in 2020, according to the SUN DAY Campaign of data released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Highlights From The BP Statistical Review Of World Energy 2021

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Earlier this month the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2o21 was released, covering energy data through 2020. The Review provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. Energy Overview. Natural Gas.

Renewables became second-most prevalent U.S. electricity source in 2020, per EIA

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according to the Energy Information Administration , coming in second to natural gas at 1,617 billion kWh. Renewable energy sources include wind, hydroelectric, solar, biomass and geothermal energy. Bioenergy Geothermal Hydropower News Solar Wind Power

How energy providers can prepare for summer heat with innovative solutions

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Last summer’s record heat waves triggered a surge in power demand that maxed out supplies and led to outages across the West. California and other states are pushing to use clean electricity to power vehicles and buildings to cut carbon, which will increase demand.

Corporate leaders ask Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to abandon anti-renewable energy proposals

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Greg Abbott, Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman Peter Lake, and leaders in the state legislature, said current policy proposals are built on the false premise that renewable energy sources – like wind and solar – were to blame for the outages. The U.S.

Major hydrogen initiatives underway at US Department of Energy

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Department of Energy (DOE) announced $52.5 million to fund 31 projects to advance next-generation clean hydrogen technologies and support DOE’s recently announced Hydrogen Energy Earthshot initiative. million from the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM).

Texas Energy System Faces a Winter Reckoning


The Texas energy system is having a wintry moment of reckoning. million utility customers, approximately one-third of the state’s electric customers, were without power in Texas as of Tuesday morning, up from about 2.5

New Sustainable Energy Factbook shows 2020 was ‘blockbuster’ year for renewables in America

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clean energy sectors showed strong resilience in 2020, continuing a decade-long growth trend, BloombergNEF (BNEF) and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) find in their annual joint report. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Source: BloombergNEF estimate. power in 2020.

Dominion Sells Gas Business and Cancels Atlantic Coast Pipeline, in Clean Energy Pivot


utility group Dominion Energy agreed Sunday to sell most of its natural gas business and abandon its multi-billion dollar Atlantic Coast Pipeline project with Duke Energy meant to supply its home-state market of Virginia. a natural gas utility serving Utah.

Renewables made up 92% of new generating capacity in the U.S. in the first half of 2021

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Washington DC – According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data recently released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), renewable energy sources (i.e., FERC Energy Infrastructure Update for June 2021.

PG&E’s Latest Energy Storage Procurement Includes Fleet of Behind-the-Meter Batteries


Pacific Gas & Electric is asking state regulators to approve another massive round of energy storage procurements, including its first large-scale contract for behind-the-meter batteries to serve grid needs. gigawatt-hours, of energy storage projects.

These 3 energy storage technologies can help solve the challenge of moving to 100% renewable electricity

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Kerry Rippy , National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In recent decades the cost of wind and solar power generation has dropped dramatically. of Energy projects that renewable energy will be the fastest-growing U.S. energy source through 2050.

Arizona Utility APS Charts 15-Year Plan on Its Way to Zero-Carbon Energy by 2050


Arizona Public Service released its plan for reaching zero-carbon by 2050 , with multiple options to balance the costs and carbon benefits of switching from coal and natural gas to renewables, batteries, distributed energy resources and as-yet-untested technologies.

Fossil Fuels Still Supply 84 Percent Of World Energy

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This week BP released its Statistical Review of World Energy 2020. The Review covers energy data through 2019, and provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. Primary energy consumption grew by 1.3%

New Estimates Predict a Lot More Renewable Power Growth in the U.S. Very Soon


power forecast , the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ( FERC ) has predicted major declines for fossil fuels and nuclear power alongside strong growth in renewables by 2022, according to a review of the data by the SUN DAY Campaign, a pro-renewables research and education nonprofit. Renewable energy sources are rapidly displacing uneconomic and environmentally dangerous fossil fuels and nuclear power — even faster than FERC had anticipated just a half-year ago.”.

The Risks in Biden’s Energy Plan

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According to the latest BP Statistical Review — which is the “bible” of energy statistics — in 2019 fossil fuels supplied 83.3% of our energy in the U.S.; nuclear power supplied another 8.0%.

Ameren Missouri Looks to Harness Wind, Solar and Batteries With $7.6B ‘Smart Energy Plan’


million customers by 2025, adding nearly 700 megawatts of wind power, plus more solar and battery storage systems to boost rural reliability. Unlike most utility grid modernization plans, however, Ameren Missouri’s plan also includes $1 billion for wind power.

Evergy Pushes Back on Report of NextEra Energy’s $15B Acquisition Offer


Midwestern utility Evergy pushed back Tuesday against a report from Reuters that it rebuffed a $15 billion acquisition bid from NextEra Energy, the U.S. NextEra, whose country-leading renewable energy portfolio has helped make it the most valuable U.S.

Duke Energy Will Play ‘Pivotal Role’ in North Carolina Clean Energy Debate, CEO Says


But it also highlighted the near-term steps the utility is taking to achieve its clean energy aspirations and how its long-range decarbonization strategy will influence the pending debate over a clean energy plan for its home state of North Carolina.

Japan Mulls Nuclear Revival Not Even 3 Years After Fukushima

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If there was one thing that seemed certain in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in 2011—the worst atomic accident since Chernobyl—it was that nuclear power in Japan and the rest of the world was in major trouble. Japan, which before Fukushima had generated 30% of its electricity from nuclear, eventually took all of its 50 commercial reactors offline to pass new safety tests.

Hydrogen as part of Canada’s energy transition

Clean Energy Canada

Through media briefs, we aim to provide journalists with useful factual and contextual information related to Canada’s clean energy transition. As Canada navigates the clean energy transition, cleaner technologies and solutions are attracting attention.

Can Gas-Fired Power Plants Coexist with a Net-Zero Target? Yes, Southern Company Insists


utility can reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 while still keeping natural gas as a central part of its business, both to generate electricity and to sell to its customers. The natural gas conundrum. Leaving out emissions from natural gas burned by customers.

FERC expects 50 GW of rewnewables to be added in next three years – far outpacing fossil fuels

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FERC released its year-end energy infrastructure report today, and initial analysis by the SUN DAY Campaign finds that renewable energy sources provided 57.26% of new U.S.

Dominion Targets 24GW of Renewables and Storage in Move Toward Virginia’s Clean Energy Goals


Utility Dominion Energy is planning a major shift toward renewable energy and batteries as it looks to comply with Virginia's ambitious new clean energy law. gigawatts of energy storage over the next 15 years. Credit: Dominion Energy).

The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


Driving this sea change in long-term planning is a combination of public pressure and energy economics. Utilities in many states now face mandates to move to 100 percent renewable energy or cut carbon to zero by 2050. Dominion Energy. Duke Energy. Xcel Energy.

Hitachi Completes Acquisition of ABB Power Grids to Tackle Renewable Energy’s Rise


Japan’s Hitachi has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in ABB Power Grids worth up to $7.8 billion, creating a new business aimed at tackling the renewable and distributed energy frontiers of the power industry.

Dominion and Virginia Lawmakers Race to Define Clean Energy Goals, Offshore Wind Plans


Dominion Energy, Virginia’s dominant utility, is racing to get ahead of the expanding clean-energy ambitions of state Democratic legislators. Dominion’s new pledge would apply to its operations in 18 states, including its extensive portfolio of natural-gas infrastructure.

Will future fuel shortages and cyberattacks leave homeowners powerless?

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But what if an attack like this happens again and it affects our power grid? Peak Energy Usage. Whether you use gas or another source of electricity to power your home, you are probably aware that your consumption (and your energy bills) has two seasonal peaks.

Exelon Confirms it’s Exploring Splitting Utilities from Nuclear, Generation Business


confirmed Tuesday that it is exploring a plan to separate its multi-state utilities businesses from its generation business, which is preparing to close two of its 21 nuclear power plants due to money-losing market conditions. Exelon Corp.

U.S. Coal Consumption Falls To 60-Year Low

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The is the fifth article in a series on BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2021. Coal contains a higher percentage of carbon than does oil or natural gas. Coal also produces a lot of other harmful emissions when burned in power plants.

Behind the Buzzword: A Brief History of Energy ‘Resiliency’


There’s no shortage of “resilience” talk in the energy industry, but it hasn’t always been that way. Over the last 30 years, the transition away from centralized energy infrastructure, global climate events like the devastating hurricanes of 2017, extreme volatility in the cost of fossil fuels, and a growing demand for renewable energy have shaped an unfamiliar theoretical term into not only a buzzword but a cornerstone of infrastructure planning.

Exelon to Split Generation Business from its Regulated Utilities


announced plans Wednesday to separate its financially challenged nuclear power plant fleet and other generation assets from its multistate regulated utilities business. Exelon Corp.

Renewable energy sources dominate U.S. electrical generating capacity in 2020


According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), renewable energy sources (i.e., FERC's latest monthly "Energy Infrastructure Update" report (with data through August 31, 2020) also reveals that natural gas accounted for 36.5% (6,029 MW) of the total, with very small contributions by coal (20 MW) and "other" sources (5 MW) providing the balance. Renewable energy sources now account for 23.2%