Exciting Technological Trends To Watch in Renewable Energy Sectors

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The US Energy Information Administration projects renewable energy sources will provide nearly half of the world’s electricity within the next three decades. Most of this, the EIA predicts, will come from solar, wind, and hydropower.

What Renewable Energy Is Most Cost-Effective by Region?

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These are power sources like crude oil and natural gas that we use to sustain ourselves. Fortunately, we can turn to renewable energy alternatives that work similarly — and are better for the planet. The post What Renewable Energy Is Most Cost-Effective by Region?


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Could The U.S. Automobile Fleet Run On Wind And Solar Power?

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with electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) power. on solar power would require a substantial amount of backup power or storage for when the sun isn’t shining. I also knew that my solar PV calculation was subject to many assumptions, and the answer could therefore be 50% too large or 50% too small. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) once calculated that there are about 2,000 square miles of suitable area for PV generation just on U.S.

New UN standards for wind and solar power could generate renewables investment boost

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Similar specifications already exist for bioenergy and geothermal energy and are also being developed for hydropower and marine energy

5 Wind Energy Giants Embracing Solar Power


Onshore wind is now the leading renewable energy technology in the U.S., Last year wind overtook hydropower in total generation, and 2020 is on track to be a record year for new wind farm construction. But all other energy sources are losing ground to solar these days, wind included. Solar accounted for 40 percent of new U.S. After 2020, solar's lead over wind will widen rapidly in the U.S. ” NextEra Energy. solar today.

5 best solutions to gain access to energy services in a rural area

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Uninterrupted access to energy services plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Energy is not only required for the survival of an individual but is also important for establishing a widespread community, consisting of healthcare, government, financial, industrial, agricultural and educational institutions. The development of a nation, it’s economy and its people, is directly related to the extent of energy services accessible in the region. Biomass Energy.

Renewable energy sources produced 20% of U.S. electricity in first half of 2019

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Renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) accounted for more than one-fifth (20.1%) of net domestic electrical generation during the first six months of 2019, according to a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of just-released data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The latest issue of EIA’s… The post Renewable energy sources produced 20% of U.S.

Renewable energy grows in 2020 despite pandemic


A report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has revealed that renewable energy has defied the coronavirus pandemic to hit new records. If the IEA report is anything to go by, the world will see a record increase of 200 gigawatts in renewable energy capacity in 2020 compared to last year. This report is a sign of hope for a future dominated by renewable energy. As renewable energy takes center stage, the focus will be shifted to the U.S.

New York City’s Biggest Power Producer Aims to Import Renewable Energy From Upstate


After losing out on an early opportunity to build New York state's biggest battery, the owner of New York City's biggest power plant is taking steps to import renewable electricity generated upstate. The owners want to maintain that leadership position but make the power differently.

Meet Guzman Energy, the Power Company Coaxing Along the Co-op Clean Energy Transition


As large utilities increasingly set out carbon emissions targets, Guzman Energy, a Colorado-based power provider, is working to ensure co-ops — many of which receive power from larger, coal-reliant generation and transmission co-ops — don’t get left behind.

Dynamic Line Rating: Expanding Transmission Grid Capacity for Clean Energy


A big part of the world’s electricity decarbonization challenge lies in expanding transmission capacity for wind and solar power — and according to energy experts, Europe and the U.S. ” (A LineVision sensor, with LIDAR and EMF sensors and solar panel for power.

New York?s Energy Transition (and Challenges) in 5 Charts


Grid operators around the world are unusually busy these days, but few have quite as much on their minds as NYISO, the independent system operator that manages New York state's bulk power system and wholesale energy market. New York state’s zero-carbon energy goals will require new transmission to carry upstate wind and hydro to downstate markets, plus a wave of new batteries and other balancing agents to balance the state's increasingly intermittent renewable mix.

Solar accounted for 2.6% of U.S. electrical generation in 2019 — a 15% increase over 2018

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Renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) accounted for 18.2% Energy Information Administration (EIA). The latest issue of EIA’s “Electric Power Monthly” (with data through December 31,… The post Solar accounted for 2.6% electrical generation in 2019 — a 15% increase over 2018 appeared first on Solar Power World.

7 Transmission Projects That Could Unlock a Renewable Energy Bounty


transmission projects seeking to carry wind and solar power from where it’s most cost-effectively generated to where it’s needed the most. Major infrastructure projects are notoriously tough to build in 21st-century America, and that seems especially true for transmission lines, however critical they are in transforming the energy system. Gateway West benefits from powerful backers with important local ties. Credit: Rocky Mountain Power).

Renewables Catching Nuclear Power In Global Energy Race

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This article is the fifth in a series on BP’s recently-released Statistical Review of World Energy 2019. Today, I want to cover global trends in renewable energy. The former consists of hydropower, which has been around for a long time. To put these numbers in perspective, the following graphic shows the global percentage each of the major power sources contributed to electricity generation in 2018: Global share of electricity production.

PacifiCorp Readies Huge Solicitation for Renewables, Energy Storage


Utility group PacifiCorp is about to open a gusher of opportunity for wind, solar and energy storage developers in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Last year PacifiCorp finalized a landmark integrated resource plan (IRP) that for the first time envisions it relying on large amounts of wind farms and solar backed by energy storage to meet its long-range energy needs. Solar-plus-storage as a replacement for gas plants.

Making the Case for an Integrated Energy Market in the Southeastern US


Energy Innovation's analysis indicates the Southeast could also benefit greatly. In fact, the modeling conducted for Energy Innovation by Vibrant Clean Energy used these utilities’ existing integrated resource plans (IRPs) to yield their less-than-stellar results, he said.

Wind and solar account for nearly 10% of U.S. electrical generation in first eight months of 2019

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Renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) accounted for 18.49% of net domestic electrical generation during the first eight months of 2019, according to a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of just-released data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The latest issue of EIA’s “Electric Power Monthly”… The post Wind and solar account for nearly 10% of U.S.

Dominion and Virginia Lawmakers Race to Define Clean Energy Goals, Offshore Wind Plans


Dominion Energy, Virginia’s dominant utility, is racing to get ahead of the expanding clean-energy ambitions of state Democratic legislators. On Tuesday Dominion announced a 100 percent net-zero emissions plan on the eve of a key vote for even more aggressive renewable energy bills, while promoting its planned 2.6-gigawatt offshore wind project as a way to bring the country’s first major offshore wind factory to the state.

Dominion Targets 24GW of Renewables and Storage in Move Toward Virginia’s Clean Energy Goals


Utility Dominion Energy is planning a major shift toward renewable energy and batteries as it looks to comply with Virginia's ambitious new clean energy law. The new plan, by contrast, sets out a goal of nearly 16 gigawatts of solar, more than 5 gigawatts of offshore wind, and 2.7 gigawatts of energy storage over the next 15 years. Credit: Dominion Energy). Under the law, Dominion Virginia and the smaller Appalachian Power Co.

Renewables overtake fossil fuels in 2020 as Britain's power grid enjoys 'greenest year' yet

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But Imperial College London analysis warns emerging technologies and negative emission power plants are likely to be needed to unlock full decarbonisation of the grid. Nuclear power, meanwhile, provided 17.5 per cent of Britain's power supplies, with coal supplying just 1.6

How 4 Top US Utilities Are Grappling With the Energy Transition (or Not)


Cheap wind and solar have turned the industry's conventional economic wisdom on its head. At the same time, climate change has begun directly impacting utilities — from hurricanes that have forced billions in recovery and grid-hardening costs for utilities like NextEra’s Florida Power & Light and Texas’s Oncor, to the wildfires that drove Pacific Gas & Electric into bankruptcy. NextEra Energy: America's renewables behemoth.

Acquisition by Statkraft Boosts Prospects for Solarcentury


The move gives the hydropower giant a solar boost and, for Solarcentury, makes the task of delivering its substantial pipeline a bit easier. The 300 MW Talayuela solar plant, in construction in Spain, will add significantly to that number.

Virginia Mandates 100% Clean Power by 2050


Virginia has become the latest state to pass a law that sets it on a path to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050, as well as setting targets for massive investments in energy efficiency, energy storage and in-state solar and wind power. The primary feature of the law, SB 851, is its call for Dominion Virginia, the state’s dominant utility, and the smaller Appalachian Power Co., Those existing renewables are largely hydropower and biomass.

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Solar, Wind Tax Credit Extensions and Energy R&D Package in Spending Bill Before Congress


These clean energy provisions are included in a $1.4 Summaries of the energy provisions included in the bill were provided by the office of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York), and Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Solar tax credit impacts.

California Renewable Curtailments Surge as Coronavirus Cuts Demand


California grid operator CAISO has been curtailing renewable energy at record levels this year, as the state’s ever-rising share of solar power during daylight hours increasingly outpaces electricity demand. Adding to its challenges, the grid operator is now contending with falling power demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The grid operator curtailed 138,000 megawatt-hours of wind and solar in January of this year and 157,000 megawatt-hours in February.

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Event - New Frontiers in Renewable Energy and Resources

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New Frontiers in Renewable Energy and Resources will take place on November 25-26, 2019 in Rome, Italy. The theme is "Renewable Energy for a Better Future" and the it will include: Keynote talks, Plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations, and Workshops. Sources of Energy A substance that is converted by process into usable energy then the substance is called source of energy.

Massive Senate Energy Bill Falters


A massive energy bill that could direct billions of dollars to renewable energy, energy storage and smart grid R&D and deployments faces an unclear future in the U.S. The American Energy Innovation Act, introduced last month by Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, contains nearly 50 energy bills from last year in a sprawling 555-page document. Renewable energy. Energy storage.

New Report Shows Gap Between Utility Carbon Pledges and Climate Change Imperatives


The report gives some of its worst marks to some of the biggest utilities with net-zero carbon by 2050 goals, including FirstEnergy , Duke Energy , Dominion Energy and utilities operated by Southern Company. Wind and solar power accounted for just above 10 percent of U.S.

US Voluntary Clean Power Sales Keep Surging, With More Than a Little Help From Utilities


Millions of retail electricity customers in the United States buy voluntary clean power, meaning renewable energy beyond what load-serving entities such as utilities otherwise provide. Utility clean power programs by the numbers. Her work focuses on solar energy policy

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What’s at Stake for Clean Energy in the US Election?


The reality is there’s no bad outcome for clean energy in the upcoming election, though the impact on the climate is another story. On the other hand, things could get very interesting for clean energy should Democrats take both the Senate and the White House.

Grain Belt Express Transmission Line Wins Key Legal and Policy Battles in Missouri


proposed transmission projects meant to carry Midwest wind power to eastern markets, is one step closer to completion after winning key court and policy battles in Missouri. On Tuesday, a Missouri state appeals court ruling upheld a decision by state utility regulators last year allowing Chicago-based renewable energy developer Invenergy to acquire the 780-mile, $2.3 billion project from its founder, Clean Line Energy. The Grain Belt Express, one of the biggest U.S.

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The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


Driving this sea change in long-term planning is a combination of public pressure and energy economics. Utilities in many states now face mandates to move to 100 percent renewable energy or cut carbon to zero by 2050. Dominion Energy. Duke Energy. Xcel Energy.

Forget King Coal. Solar Is ‘New King’ of Global Power Markets, Says IEA


Solar power is the "new king" of global electricity markets, with the International Energy Agency calling it the cheapest form of electricity in history in its annual centerpiece World Energy Outlook report. Power grids remain the weak link.

New York Delays Second Offshore Wind Solicitation Due to Coronavirus


gigawatts, to help meet the state’s ambitious clean energy goals. Thursday’s decision by the PSC approves a January proposal from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to conduct its second major solicitation for offshore wind, aimed at meeting New York’s goals for 2.4 The PSC acted quickly to approve NYSERDA's second solicitation this year to "maintain New York's trajectory in meeting its clean energy goals."

L.A.‘s Record-Low Solar Project Hits Snag in Union Resistance


Los Angeles made waves this summer by finalizing a 400-megawatt solar project with a record-breaking low price. But the project, developed by 8minute Solar Energy, still needs final approval. Department of Water and Power Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 in favor of the Eland solar project, but with one member abstaining and one absent, it failed to clear the majority needed to approve. 's quest to power itself with clean energy

The Race Is On for Commercial Deployment of Solar in Open Seas


In the space of just a few days, two separate projects have brought the promise of offshore floating solar a step closer to commercial reality. Ocean surface cooling boosts solar yield. The company is one of the largest hydropower operators in Europe.

Can Gas-Fired Power Plants Coexist with a Net-Zero Target? Yes, Southern Company Insists


That means Southern Company intends to keep building new natural gas power plants to meet its supply needs, even as it grows its renewable energy portfolio from 9 gigawatts today to about 14 GW by 2024. Department of Energy.

Statkraft to snap up Solarcentury in £117m deal

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Energy giant inks agreement to acquire pioneering solar developer, securing 6GW clean energy pipeline in bid to become 'one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies'. Joining forces will accelerate our growth and continue to drive the energy transition forward.".

Iberdrola unveils €75bn green recovery investment blitz

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European energy giant announces sweeping renewables and networks-focused investment strategy designed to turbocharge the clean energy transition. At the end of the period, the company's clean energy portfolio is set to be divided between onshore wind with 26GW, offshore wind at 4GW, solar power with 16GW, and hydropower with 14GW.

US Solar Industry Rallies Behind 20% Generation Target for 2030


The solar industry met in Salt Lake City with a more sweeping and disciplined message than in some years past : Rally to extend the federal investment tax credit and buckle up for a decade of massive industry growth. The hosts of Solar Power International claimed the mantle of largest energy conference in North America, but the goal is to grow much larger. power generation by 2030, branded as the "Solar+ Decade.". Solar contributed about 2 percent of U.S.

Sweeping Senate Energy Bill Could Come to a Vote This Week


Senate will consider a bipartisan energy package this week that could be this year’s best legislative hope to increase federal funding for a number of energy technologies, from solar, wind and batteries, to more efficient fossil fuel-fired power and carbon capture. The American Energy Innovation Act, introduced Thursday by Sens. Renewable energy. Energy storage. The U.S.

Ten Types of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is an emissions free source of power production that can both improve air quality and mitigate against climate change. For these and other reasons clean energy is vital to the future of life on the Earth. Solar and wind investments have been steadily increasing, as have investments in other forms of emissions free power. With each passing year 100% renewable energy becomes more feasible. Here is a summary of ten types of renewable energy.