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Hydrogen Is Booming: 3 Things Investors Need To Know To Reduce Their Risk

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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has set off a flurry of competition among states for a piece of the $8 billion in direct funding and tax credits the law provides for four “hydrogen hubs.” A parallel rush to hydrogen is underway in the private sector. The U.S.

Pop goes the diesel?

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The race is on to develop the technology to exploit hydrogen fuel, widely regarded as offering the most promising pathway to a zero-carbon economy. Expanding its use will require highly sensitive hydrogen detection. The pressure is also on to identify greener ways of producing hydrogen.


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Hydrogen fuel cells good or bad for the environment?


Scotland is planning to have its first hydrogen-powered train ready to go by November of this year. It’s a huge undertaking involving many partners, including the Hydrogen Accelerator at the University of Saint Andrews and engineering firm Arcola Energy. ” But not all experts are sure that hydrogen fuel cells are a clean enough power source to warrant enthusiasm. Some even worry hydrogen production will accelerate it. billion for hydrogen research.

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How Reusing Items Can Help The Environment

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These affect natural habitats, produces acid rain and destroys the ozone layer because of global warming. Reusing items can also save energy as there will be less processing needed to turn products into other usable materials.

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Global Briefing: UN summit sees $400bn pledged towards clean energy

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All the top green business news from around the world this week, including fresh WHO air pollution guidelines and global coal, methane and HFC commitments. UN energy summit sees $400bn new backing committed to clean energy.

Secrets of a long partnership in gas detection (Sponsored content)

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In more modern facilities, hydrogen may accumulate as a result of electric car charging stations. This equipment includes output relays which can minimise energy costs by controlling the operation of ventilation systems.

Where the Presidential Nominees Stand on Environmental Issues

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Former Vice-President Biden has called climate change the existential threat to humanity and endorses a $5 trillion Green New Deal, that supports clean energy, emission reduction, environmental R&D, and green jobs.