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Mapped: Europe’s Fossil Fuel-Backed Hydrogen Lobby


Hydrogen has shot up the European legislative agenda in recent years, with politicians of all stripes touting its potential to help countries meet their climate goals. It’s also seen as essential to replacing current hydrogen production and could be a useful option for energy storage.

Fossil Fuel Industry Given Billions in EU Hydrogen Support, Report Finds


Over €8 billion is being invested in hydrogen and “renewable gas” projects in southern Europe using EU Covid-19 recovery funds, thanks to extensive lobbying by the fossil fuel industry, a new report has found. . Hydrogen Placed ‘at the Centre’ of the Recovery.


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Fossil Fuel Interests Are Behind Canada’s Blue Hydrogen Push


Talk to fossil fuel execs, government ministers, and industry reps these days and they’ll all tell a similar story: Blue hydrogen is the clean fuel of the future that will help Canada and the world get to net-zero emissions. billion investment in the Edmonton hydrogen hub.

As Subsidies Roll in, the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Winning Efforts to Cast Blue Hydrogen as a ‘Clean’ Fuel


Hydrogen, an energy carrier proposed for helping transition the world away from fossil fuels, is well-suited for the oil and gas industry’s public relations machine. But talking about green hydrogen publicly while making plans to produce blue hydrogen can be misleading.

Revealed: Two Thirds of Online Posts from Six Major European Fossil Fuel Companies ‘Greenwashing’


Nearly two thirds of social media posts put out by six major European fossil fuel and energy companies since the end of 2019 present a “green” image of the company, despite the majority of their business activity remaining in fossil fuels, reveals new analysis by Desmog.

Hydrogen: UN urges policymakers to beware fossil fuel 'vested' interests

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UN backs green hydrogen as it publishes seven principles designed to guide policymakers and business leaders approach to scaling the low carbon fuel. energy sector pathway". In the UK, the government is still mulling the use of low carbon hydrogen for home heating.

Comment: “Green ammonia is going to be the fossil-free ‘crude’ of the hydrogen fuel economy”

Envirotec Magazine

Hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize a wide range of heavy industries including energy, chemicals, steel and cement, which means demand is going to be huge. However, there are a few important limitations to overcome for hydrogen to become competitive. No energy is lost.

Water industry event discusses opportunity for hydrogen

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Hazer Group produces fuel-cell grade hydrogen from methane, with high-quality graphite as a by-product rather than CO2. The presentation also featured emerging hydrogen technologies from the UK and Australia. “We It is a circular economy of energy and waste.”.

Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy? And what energy product will be used both to power this city and sell to the world? It claims to be the world’s largest green hydrogen project — and more Saudi plants are on the drawing board. Green hydrogen? Hydrogen.

How Long Island could become a green hydrogen hub

Renewable Energy World

New York-based National Grid US envisions a “hydrogen hub” on Long Island that it says will help the state and city meet net-zero carbon goals in the coming decades. Hydrogen has no carbon atom. Some skeptics doubt that hydrogen production can be truly green.

The hydrogen hype bubble may have finally popped

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By Abbe Ramanan, Clean Energy Group. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) punched a hole in the fossil fuel industry’s hydrogen hype bubble when they denied a Title V Air Permit to NRG Energy’s Astoria Gas Turbine Power Plant last Wednesday.

The challenges in pursuit of a green hydrogen economy

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Green Hydrogen is the trendiest clean energy source around, touted for its ‘simple’ ability to turn water into a highly combustible energy source capable of replacing our demand for oil and gas. More from Climate Council: Green goals for heavy industries in the energy transition.

Do the UK's hydrogen ambitions risk being 'captured' by fossil fuel companies?

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Fossil fuel firms are increasingly eyeing up plans for blue hydrogen production, but think tank E3G fears the nascent sector risks locking in a new generation of high carbon infrastructure and jobs.

BEIS funding supports utility’s project to turn biogas into hydrogen

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The phase one feasibility study will allow the consortium to assess the performance of various biogas samples in a small-scale LOOP system located at the Levidian Technology Centre in Cambridge and carry out detailed analysis to optimise the hydrogen output. AD & Biogas Hydrogen Fuel

Examining the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia

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Countries are slowly diversifying their energy portfolio by including hydrogen in their future roadmap towards a low carbon economy. Today, several global trends and activities distinguish the renewed focus on hydrogen from what has been observed in the past.

Hydrogen Is Booming: 3 Things Investors Need To Know To Reduce Their Risk

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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has set off a flurry of competition among states for a piece of the $8 billion in direct funding and tax credits the law provides for four “hydrogen hubs.” A parallel rush to hydrogen is underway in the private sector. The U.S.

‘Blue Hydrogen Cheerleader’: UK Government’s Choice of Hydrogen Champion Draws Criticism


The UK government has been accused of appointing a “cheerleader for climate-wrecking blue hydrogen” as its hydrogen champion while claiming to support clean energy. Blue Hydrogen Interest. The department also noted that Johnson Matthey offers both types of hydrogen.

Hype, Hope, and Hot Air: Inside Canada’s Hydrogen Strategy


Hydrogen is the future of net-zero — at least that is what the governments of Australia , the Netherlands , Canada , and the European Union believe. Nevertheless, examples of the energy industry’s overly optimistic hype on hydrogen abound. Energy

Veolia uses ERF to power technology for deriving hydrogen from water

Envirotec Magazine

Resource management firm says it is advancing its programme to create a hydrogen gas supply infrastructure, a potentially important step towards decarbonising the UK energy supply. But when methane burns it still releases carbon, which contributes to climate change.

Exploring Europe’s approach to offshore wind and green hydrogen

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The Clean Energy States Alliance recently released a new report that looks at the development of green hydrogen (H2) from offshore wind. GT: How might green H2 fit into the energy system? This hydrogen is referred to as “grey hydrogen.”

Hydrogen Lobby Targeting Labour Conference with ‘False Solutions’, Say Campaigners


LIVERPOOL, UK – Gas companies and hydrogen lobbyists are using the Labour Party’s annual conference to push “false solutions to the climate crisis”, according to green campaigners. However, the hydrogen industry has had an outsized presence at the event compared to cleaner alternatives.

Another election, another clear climate mandate

Clean Energy Canada

Requiring oil and gas companies to reduce methane emissions by at least 75% below 2012 levels by 2030. Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies by 2023 and developing a plan to phase out public financing for the fossil fuel sector, including from Crown corporations.

The Economic Case for ‘Blue Hydrogen’ Is Getting Worse. Cue the Lobbyists.


The push to sell “blue hydrogen” as a clean energy fuel — which experts have called a misleading rebrand of fossil fuels — hit another setback this month. players in the blue hydrogen sphere — and natural gas is a common denominator. hydrogen lobbies.

Using Blue Hydrogen To Improve ESG Scores

R-Squared Energy

Perhaps no industry has a higher visibility on ESG metrics than the energy sector. After all, a substantial fraction of global carbon emissions arise from the production, transportation, and consumption of fossil fuels. Energy companies have tackled this issue in several ways.

Making clean hydrogen from sunlight: Texas group claims important advance

Envirotec Magazine

For decades, it has been a grail to use solar power to generate the key reaction for producing hydrogen as a clean energy source – splitting water molecules to form hydrogen and oxygen. Improving the way hydrogen is generated is key to its emergence as a viable fuel source.

Green Hydrogen’s Rapidly Falling Costs Undermine the Gas Industry’s Argument for Blue Hydrogen


New research predicts that green hydrogen — a clean fuel produced from water using renewables — will be comparable in cost and likely cheaper than blue hydrogen by 2030. Zero-C Hydrogen in a Circular Carbon Economy. Credit: Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy.

Stop greenwashing of aviation: 3. hydrogen flight

Low Impact

2, electric flight , and this one covers the promise of hydrogen flight. There are plans to use hydrogen as a power source for aircraft instead of kerosene. It could either be burned in a jet engine or used to feed a fuel cell to generate electricity to power a propeller.

The Infrastructure Bill’s Hydrogen Funding Is a Big Win for the Oil and Gas Industry


billion dollars to support the creation of a clean hydrogen industry — but much of the money is going to support the U.S. fracked gas industry under the guise of “clean” blue hydrogen. economy via what’s known as blue hydrogen. Blue Hydrogen as Gas Industry Lifeline.

Who’s behind the current wave of hype about hydrogen?


Hydrogen fuel cells are controversial—several automakers, including Daimler , Honda , GM and Volkswagen , have abandoned the technology, while Toyota continues to pursue it. ABC News also recently ran a rapturous rhapsody hyping hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

Addressing Blue Hydrogen Critics

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My previous article — How Blue Hydrogen Can Help Decarbonize The Econom y — generated a lot of feedback and discussion on social media. Today I had intended to provide specific examples of how some companies are using hydrogen to improve Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) metrics. Multiple people pointed to the recent report from researchers at Cornell and Stanford Universities that criticized the idea of blue hydrogen. Hydrogen pipelines already exist.

So, What Exactly Is Green Hydrogen?


Far more unusual was the step taken last month by 10 major European energy companies and two of the continent's top renewable industry bodies, which joined up to launch a campaign touting a product that none of them actually sell. That product is renewable or "green" hydrogen.

Clean Hydrogen From Nuclear Power

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Hydrogen was thrust into the spotlight as a promising clean energy source by President George W. President Bush touted the potential for a “hydrogen economy” that would greatly slow the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Hydrogen’s appeal is obvious. When hydrogen is combusted in an engine or consumed in a fuel cell, it combines with oxygen to form water. Thus, a car running on hydrogen is primarily emitting water vapor as a waste product.

C-Zero Raises $11.5M to Scale up ‘Turquoise Hydrogen’ Technology


The promise of a hydrogen economy to replace fossil fuels is commonly centered on the potential for ‘green hydrogen,’ generated via electrolysis of water with carbon-free electricity. Different approaches to turquoise hydrogen.

Coalition Aims for 25GW of Green Hydrogen by 2026


The soaring hype surrounding green hydrogen reached new heights this week, as a seven company-strong consortium unveiled plans for a fiftyfold scale-up in production capacity by 2026. Green hydrogen could supply up to 25 percent of global energy needs by 2050, it added.

Biden-backed ‘blue’ hydrogen may pollute more than coal, study finds


Senate and hailed by Joe Biden as a key tool to tackle the climate crisis includes billions of dollars to support a supposedly clean fuel that is potentially even more polluting than coal, new research has found. Energy Politics Science

Rush to clean energy prompts demand for ammonia analysers

Envirotec Magazine

The global stampede to develop clean energy sources has prompted a demand for ammonia analysers from the developers of engines that will be capable of using ammonia as a fuel. The two predominant sources of renewable energy are wind and solar. MJ/L) than liquid hydrogen (8.5

Demand 207

'Expensive distraction': Chair of UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association resigns citing blue hydrogen concerns

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Protium CEO Chris Jackson claims blue hydrogen risks locking UK into reliance on fossil fuels as he quits the trade body. In the UK, oil and gas giant BP is aiming to produce 1GW of the fuel at its H2 Teesside project by the end of this decade.

European Union Sets Gigawatt-Scale Targets for Green Hydrogen


The European Union this week set ambitious 2024 and 2030 targets for green hydrogen, a big step for the emerging sector. European policymakers have determined that hydrogen will be an essential tool to decarbonize industry and transport as Europe aims for a net-zero economy by 2050.

Big names including Amazon, Honeywell, Mitsubishi line up behind green hydrogen

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A flurry of funding rounds have underscored how many big corporates are keen to turbocharge the fledgling hydrogen market. Its pitch: the approach uses 80 per cent less electricity than electrolysis, another "clean" hydrogen approach. per cent of hydrogen production globally.

Net zero transport plans need to include life-cycle energy and GHG emissions, says study

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Government policy should increase its focus on the well-to-wheel (WTW) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and overall energy efficiency performance of new fuels for transport, according to a new study by Zemo Partnership (formerly LowCVP). Hydrogen Fuel

Waste-to-fuel firm Hydrogen Utopia raises £3m in green IPO

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Fresh funding provides boost to UK firm's plans to build Europe’s first plastic to hydrogen plant. tonnes of "pure road fuel" quality hydrogen from 40 tonnes of plastic feedstock at its operations.

SPACs offer new investment opportunities for energy industry

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What is a SPAC, and what are the possible applications of this capital raising and acquisition strategy in the energy industry? Energy SPACs. So what does all of that have to do with the energy industry?

Green Hydrogen in Natural Gas Pipelines: Decarbonization Solution or Pipe Dream?


Can carbon-free hydrogen augment, or even replace, the fossil natural gas running through pipelines to fuel furnaces, boilers, stoves and other building applications today? “We’ve got hydrogen in 20 percent blend already going into one very small network in the U.K.,