2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun


2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun. We’ve spent decades promoting clean energy technologies. Last year, no fossil company made the top 10 list. Centralized energy distribution from fossil fuels via the grid is not reliable (or cheaper).

Dow embraces circularity. and fossil fuels


Dow is looking to lead on the circular economy — not so much on moving away from fossil fuels. Circular Economy chemical recycling Dow GreenBiz 20 Natural Gas Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power


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Biden's new executive order cuts fossil fuel subsidies

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a recent executive order, President Joe Biden has directed federal agencies to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. The agencies are to find new opportunities that will "spur innovation, commercialization, and deployment of clean energy technology

Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land?

U.S. Green Technology

Green tech jobs happen to be more plentiful than fossil fuel jobs today. Image from [link] Question for you: Are you more likely to find a job in fossil fuels or in green technology? Yes, the green tech industry is “greener” — or newer — than that for fossil fuels. The post Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land? Green Technology fossil fuels green technology YaShekia King

Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement


Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement. And energy providers the world over are rushing to slash their reliance on fossil fuels as the clean energy transition gathers pace. .

Carbon 'rainbow': Unilever pledges $1.2B to scrub fossil fuels from cleaning products


to scrub fossil fuels from cleaning products. More than 46 percent of Unilever's cleaning and laundry products' carbon footprint is incurred by chemicals made from fossil fuel-produced carbon, most of which are used in surfactants. .

Fight or switch? How the low-carbon transition is disrupting fossil fuel politics


Global fossil fuel and overall energy consumption are still rising. Energy & Climate oilBut the new focus on them shows that the end is near.

Global Renewables Investment Return 7 Times Higher Than Fossil Fuels

Forbes Green Tech

New research proves massively increased return for investment in renewables over fossil fuels. trillion annual investment in low carbon energy, this can only be a positive for achieving climate goals.

Green hydrogen could curb one-third of fossil fuel and industry emissions by 2050


decarbonization hydrogen Hydropower Renewable EnergyThat's according to a BloombergNEF report that calls policy support for the hydrogen economy "insufficient.".

Renewable electricity overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

CleanTech Alliance

Source: The Guadian, October 13, 2019 Renewable energy sources provided more electricity to UK homes and businesses than fossil fuels for the first time over the last quarter, according to new research. The renewables record was set in the third quarter of this year after its share of the electricity mix rose to 40%. It is […]. Industry News

A ?Just Transition? for Fossil Fuel Workers


We use the term “energy transition” to define markets, technology, business models. The transition away from fossil fuels isn’t a nice-to-have. Sandeep is the co-author of Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution.

The European Investment Bank Has Quit Fossil Fuels. Now What?


COPENHAGEN — With an annual outlay in the energy sector of €15 billion ($16.6 That’s around €120 billion ($133 billion) of public and private investment in the energy sector that stems from the EIB’s choices. New era for energy sector.

Global fossil fuel demand’s ‘staggering’ fall


The world’s energy markets are in upheaval, as experts report an historic fall in global fossil fuel demand

The Case For Fossil Fuel Engagement

Forbes Green Tech

Although fossil fuels may have no future in a decarbonized world, fossil fuel firms may still have a role to play in the decades of climate transition ahead. Can responsible financial engagement with these companies support current energy needs and climate goals?

It’s Official: In 2020, Renewable Energy Beat Fossil Fuels Across Europe

Forbes Green Tech

The results are in: last year, for the first time, renewables generated more electricity than fossil fuels across the EU, spurred on by new solar and wind power projects. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech business business

G20 stimulus plans favouring fossil fuels


A ‘remarkable departure’ from long-term rises in energy-related emissions is being undermined by government responses to the pandemic, a new assessment has found

Renewables Start to Outpace Fossil Fuels on Europe’s Grid


In the first half of 2020, renewables (solar, wind, hydro and biomass) beat out fossil fuels on the European grid for the first time. They didn’t only beat out coal -- they beat out all fossil fuels put together. The Energy Gang is also brought to you by KORE Power.

New BU academic tower will be 100% free from fossil fuels

Inhabitat - Innovation

The tower, which will be the tallest building on campus, will feature a suite of energy-saving and energy-generating technologies, including geothermal wells, state-of-the-art shading systems and triple-glazed windows

Growth in US green economy dwarfs that of fossil fuel industry


Clean Economy Energy & Climate Policy & Politics Renewable EnergyData shows the green economy grew by over $60 billion per year between 2013 and 2016.

Guardian halts fossil fuel advertising

Business Green

The Guardian has today become the first major global news organisation to announce a ban on advertising from oil and gas companies, despite the fossil fuels industry's role as a major advertiser and the media outlet admitting it faces a "precarious" financial future.

Fossil fuels: Heading down, but not yet out


Renewable energy is making rapid inroads into the market, but fossil fuels still wield enormous global influence

Study: Five-fold jump in urban fossil fuel bans worldwide

Business Green

A billion people now live in cities with a renewable energy target or policy in place, according to the latest analysis by green think tank REN21. Cities like Hamburg, San Francisco and Shanghai show, the more ambitious they are, the more they think of renewable energy everywhere," Adib added.

With climate goals looming, gap grows between fossil fuel leaders and laggards

Impact Alpha

The post With climate goals looming, gap grows between fossil fuel leaders and laggards appeared first on Impact Alpha. Clean Energy Climate Finance Corporate Impact Green Infrastructure Signals

Ikea-backed foundation invests in fossil fuel-free equities and green steel

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, February 24 – The IMAS Foundation, launched by Ikea’s founder, is committing €250 million to a fossil fuel-free public equities fund developed by. The post Ikea-backed foundation invests in fossil fuel-free equities and green steel appeared first on Impact Alpha.

California Moves to Tackle Another Big Emissions Source: Fossil Fuel Use in Buildings


Rachel Golden, deputy director of the Sierra Club’s clean buildings program, said the funding represents “the largest single investment in advanced clean energy heating technology in California.”

California uses fossil fuel dollars to fund solar for disadvantaged communities 2020 Regional Solar Policy Report

Solar Power World

Advanced solar market California has created programs to address energy inequity in disadvantaged communities — the places most affected by pollution and climate change.

It’s Harder Than You Think To Stop Using Fossil Fuels

Forbes Green Tech

When considering the environmental costs and benefits of shifting away from fossil fuels – particularly in the transportation and industrial sectors of the economy – it's important to take into account each energy source's full lifecycle.

Fossil Fuel Tax Programs to Cut Emissions Lead to Lots of Industry Profit, Little Climate Action


The fossil fuel industry and its investors have financially benefited from tax policies and subsidies designed to reduce the emissions from oil, gas, and coal — sometimes without taking the action required to tackle climate change. We need to keep fossils fuels in the ground.

European Renewables Just Crushed Fossil Fuels. Here’s How It Happened

Forbes Green Tech

It’s official: in the first half of 2020, for the first time, Europe generated more electricity from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Editors' Pick editors-pick business business

NAACP Report: Fossil Fuel Industry Uses Deception to Conceal Damage to BIPOC Communities


The fossil fuel industry continues to use a long list of deceptive tactics to conceal environmental destruction that harms Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and low-income communities. That’s the top finding of a newly released NAACP report titled “Fossil Fuel Foolery.”

Bangladesh to double fossil fuel imports in coming decade as renewables lag behind


As manufacturing industries gain ground in its primarily agriculture-based economy, Bangladesh is expected to double its imports of fossil fuels in the coming decade and will miss its 2020 clean energy target

Study: Development banks are backing clean energy, but are struggling to kick fossil fuel habit

Business Green

Analysis of investments made by nine of the world's biggest development banks has found that they spent four times more on clean energy than fossil fuels in 2020. However, such positive signs of progress are marred by the banks' ongoing support for fossil fuel infrastructure.

The fossil fuel industry’s $100 trillion blindspot

Impact Alpha

The signposts are clear: the fossil fuel industry is in long-term decline as demand shifts to clean energy. Fossil fuel producers, however, continue to invest $5 trillion a year in new production despite falling demand and calls to limit emissions and planetary warming.

Fossil Fuels Still Supply 84 Percent Of World Energy

R-Squared Energy

This week BP released its Statistical Review of World Energy 2020. The Review covers energy data through 2019, and provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. Primary energy consumption grew by 1.3%

Southeast Asia's dependence on fossil fuel subsidies 'like crack cocaine’


If this region is to wean itself off fossil fuels, it must drop subsidies to allow renewables to flourish, experts said at Singapore International Energy Week

Global Power Sector Embracing Renewables but Ditching Fossil Fuels Too Slowly


A new study of 3,000 power companies across the globe has found that only a handful have been cutting their fossil fuel capacity over the last two decades. Around 75 percent of the companies assessed were ‘passive’, with no substantial change in their energy mix.

Scottish investment call to support move away from fossil fuel heating

Envirotec Magazine

A new report makes the case that if Scotland is to successfully end its contribution to climate change by 2045, there has to be a significant increase in public spending to help move homes and other buildings away from a reliance on fossil fuel heating. Currently around half of all Scotland’s energy usage is for heating, with the majority of that coming from fossil fuel gas. Energy Saving & Storage Scottish Government Vivid Economics WWF Scotland

IPG’s turbine tech uses fossil fuel for off-grid EV chargers


IPG’s Flameless Ceramic Turbine technology is designed to support EV charging in high-use and remote locations by using fossil fuels for grid-independent power generation.

Labor Helps Obama Energy Secretary Push and Profit from 'Net Zero' Fossil Fuels


climate and labor movements to create an equitable and decarbonized economy and move away from fossil fuels to address the climate crisis. But major labor unions and President Barack Obama’s Energy Secretary have far different plans.

Can the Pacific become the world’s first fossil-fuel-free zone?


With key reforms, Pacific states could move toward cleaner, more affordable sources of energy that eventually eliminate fossil fuels completely

BP Aims to Build 50GW of Renewables by 2030, Cut Fossil Fuel Output by 40%


We can take the offtake, package it with natural gas and solar, sell clean energy with guaranteed flow and at a fixed price if they want. Renewable energy generation capacity will increase from 2.5 BP has been upfront about the ongoing role of fossil fuels in its long-term plans.

FERC expects 50 GW of rewnewables to be added in next three years – far outpacing fossil fuels

Solar Power World

FERC released its year-end energy infrastructure report today, and initial analysis by the SUN DAY Campaign finds that renewable energy sources provided 57.26% of new U.S.

How clean energy investments are lagging, despite returns outshining fossil fuels for 10 years

Business Green

Study from IEA and Imperial highlights decade of clear evidence that renewables firms are performing better than fossil fuel-focused businesses. Our research demonstrates that all over the world renewable power has outperformed fossil fuels," he said.