Dow embraces circularity. and fossil fuels


Dow is looking to lead on the circular economy — not so much on moving away from fossil fuels. Circular Economy chemical recycling Dow GreenBiz 20 Natural Gas Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power

2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun


2020: Fossil fuels are dead, long live the sun. We’ve spent decades promoting clean energy technologies. Last year, no fossil company made the top 10 list. Centralized energy distribution from fossil fuels via the grid is not reliable (or cheaper).


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Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land?

U.S. Green Technology

Green tech jobs happen to be more plentiful than fossil fuel jobs today. Image from [link] Question for you: Are you more likely to find a job in fossil fuels or in green technology? Yes, the green tech industry is “greener” — or newer — than that for fossil fuels. The post Green Tech vs. Fossil Fuel Jobs: Which Are You More Likely to Land? Green Technology fossil fuels green technology YaShekia King

Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement


Pressure on creatives: PR, advertising firms targeted by fossil fuel divestment movement. And energy providers the world over are rushing to slash their reliance on fossil fuels as the clean energy transition gathers pace. .

Fight or switch? How the low-carbon transition is disrupting fossil fuel politics


Global fossil fuel and overall energy consumption are still rising. Energy & Climate oilBut the new focus on them shows that the end is near.

3 Lessons from Hong Kong’s Fossil Fuel Vehicle Ban

The City Fix

In densely urbanized Hong Kong, transport is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, at 18%. Vehicle traffic is also a major source of toxic air pollutants like NOx, volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide, accounting for 18%, 21%. Continue reading on

Biden's new executive order cuts fossil fuel subsidies

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a recent executive order, President Joe Biden has directed federal agencies to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies. The agencies are to find new opportunities that will "spur innovation, commercialization, and deployment of clean energy technology

Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in the UK

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a first for the United Kingdom, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than their fossil fuel counterparts of coal and natural gas

50 to Watch Case Studies: Transitioning Away from Fossil Fuels

CleanTech Group

OPTIMIZED HYDROGEN-AS-A-FUEL INFRASTRUCTURE Arxax is developing smart and digitally-run hydrogen refueling infrastructure at optimal locations based on a fueling and trucking optimization. 50 to Watch Energy & Power Hydrogen Renewable Energy Sources

Green hydrogen could curb one-third of fossil fuel and industry emissions by 2050


decarbonization hydrogen Hydropower Renewable EnergyThat's according to a BloombergNEF report that calls policy support for the hydrogen economy "insufficient.".

Renewable electricity overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

CleanTech Alliance

Source: The Guadian, October 13, 2019 Renewable energy sources provided more electricity to UK homes and businesses than fossil fuels for the first time over the last quarter, according to new research. The renewables record was set in the third quarter of this year after its share of the electricity mix rose to 40%. It is […]. Industry News

A ?Just Transition? for Fossil Fuel Workers


We use the term “energy transition” to define markets, technology, business models. The transition away from fossil fuels isn’t a nice-to-have. Sandeep is the co-author of Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution.

‘Desperate’ for workers, will clean energy embrace fossil fuel professionals?

Renewable Energy World

of Energy, and a longtime renewable energy entrepreneur, launched a discussion earlier this month about the acceptance of fossil fuel industry professionals in the advanced energy economy. . Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance.

Banks Due At UK’s ‘Green’ Investment Summit ‘Financed £700 Billion in Fossil Fuels Since Paris Agreement’


Bank bosses due to attend a green investment summit tomorrow head institutions which have provided over £700 billion of financing for the fossil fuel industry since the 2015 Paris Agreement, including £129 billion in 2020 alone. . Energy

G20 stimulus plans favouring fossil fuels


A ‘remarkable departure’ from long-term rises in energy-related emissions is being undermined by government responses to the pandemic, a new assessment has found

The European Investment Bank Has Quit Fossil Fuels. Now What?


COPENHAGEN — With an annual outlay in the energy sector of €15 billion ($16.6 That’s around €120 billion ($133 billion) of public and private investment in the energy sector that stems from the EIB’s choices. New era for energy sector.

Ex-COP26 President’s Role at Fossil Fuel ‘Astroturfing’ Firm Approved


Former UK Energy Minister and original COP26 President Claire O’Neill has been cleared to take up a role at a business consultancy known for running “astroturf” campaigns for fossil fuel companies, despite warnings from the body that approves such appointments.

Revealed: Two Thirds of Online Posts from Six Major European Fossil Fuel Companies ‘Greenwashing’


Nearly two thirds of social media posts put out by six major European fossil fuel and energy companies since the end of 2019 present a “green” image of the company, despite the majority of their business activity remaining in fossil fuels, reveals new analysis by Desmog.

Global fossil fuel demand’s ‘staggering’ fall


The world’s energy markets are in upheaval, as experts report an historic fall in global fossil fuel demand

Fossil fuels: Heading down, but not yet out


Renewable energy is making rapid inroads into the market, but fossil fuels still wield enormous global influence

Fossil Fuel Jobs Will Disappear, So Now What?

Andrew Winston

Fossil fuel companies and go-slow politicians predictably chant that this perspective will “destroy the economy” and “kill jobs.” Which is more expensive — a cleaner, healthier economy powered by renewable energy, or extreme weather and tens of millions of climate refugees? Jobs extracting fossil fuels for energy have a limited future. More people already work in wind and solar than in fossil fuel extraction.

Global Renewables Investment Return 7 Times Higher Than Fossil Fuels

Forbes Green Tech

New research proves massively increased return for investment in renewables over fossil fuels. trillion annual investment in low carbon energy, this can only be a positive for achieving climate goals.

The Greenwashing Files: Fossil Fuel Giants Accused of ‘Deceptive’ Advertising


Fossil fuel companies could face legal challenges over their misleading advertising, after a DeSmog investigation uncovered the extent of their “greenwashing” Environmental lawyers ClientEarth have put companies on notice with the publication of the Greenwashing Files.

Climate Advocates Voice Concerns Over Fossil Fuel Handouts in Stalled Infrastructure Legislation


However, critics say that funding in both proposals will let the fossil fuel industry off the hook and allow it to create new infrastructure that is incompatible with meaningful climate action. “Blah, blah, blah … Build back better.

University in ‘Europe’s Oil Capital’ Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuels


A Scottish university in “Europe’s oil and gas capital” has voted to sell all of its fossil fuel investments over the next four years. million invested in fossil fuels, according to campaigners.

Are we finally in the death-throes of the fossil fuel era?

Renewable Energy World

Global efforts to curb the use of fossil fuels are being made by all of the world’s leading nations, but occasionally, despite the genuine momentum, it can still feel like everything is moving a bit too slowly. The fossil fuel era is over”.

The methane impact of organic waste vs fossil fuel emissions


While the focus is usually on fossil fuel emissions as the main climate change culprit, a new analysis by the nonprofit Energy Vision concludes that reducing emissions from organic waste would more steeply reduce methane. And it would cost less to accomplish

End fossil fuel extraction now: What IEA's net-zero alert means for the climate fight


Eco-Business talks to Peter Kiernan, lead energy analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit, to unpack a new landmark report from the International Energy Agency, which proposes a ban on fossil fuels extraction to curb global warming

Will upgrading fossil fuel infrastructure enable polluters or accelerate the path to net-zero?

Renewable Energy World

While the world waits for cost-effective and scalable long-duration energy storage to support the around-the-clock deployment of power generated by renewable sources, fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix to provide reliability to the grid and industries.

Indigenous Resistance Instrumental in Stopping High-Profile Fossil Fuel Projects, Says Report


The efforts of Indigenous peoples in North America have helped block or delay a long list of major fossil fuel projects over the past decade, successfully leading to the avoidance of a massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.

Renewables Start to Outpace Fossil Fuels on Europe’s Grid


In the first half of 2020, renewables (solar, wind, hydro and biomass) beat out fossil fuels on the European grid for the first time. They didn’t only beat out coal -- they beat out all fossil fuels put together. The Energy Gang is also brought to you by KORE Power.

Growth in US green economy dwarfs that of fossil fuel industry


Clean Economy Energy & Climate Policy & Politics Renewable EnergyData shows the green economy grew by over $60 billion per year between 2013 and 2016.

It’s Official: In 2020, Renewable Energy Beat Fossil Fuels Across Europe

Forbes Green Tech

The results are in: last year, for the first time, renewables generated more electricity than fossil fuels across the EU, spurred on by new solar and wind power projects. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech business business

Fossil fuel power generation has peaked worldwide, think tanks claim

Business Green

Emerging economies on course to 'leapfrog' fossil fuel power infrastructure and move straight to renewables-dominated grids, according to new analysis from Carbon Tracker and India's CEEW. Overall, the analysis expects fossil fuel demand in emerging markets to peak as early as 2025.

PennEast Pipeline Cancelation Could Signal ‘End of an Era’ for Unnecessary Fossil Fuel Projects


Natural gas pipelines that cross state lines must obtain approvals from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which grants a certificate if the project is deemed to be in the public interest.

Rapid job growth in Canada’s clean energy sector set to outpace losses in fossil fuels: report

Clean Energy Canada

VANCOUVER — As jobs in fossil fuels decline amid a shifting global landscape, rapid growth in Canada’s clean energy sector will more than make up the difference. At the same time, Canada’s fossil fuel sector will see a 9% drop in employment.

New BU academic tower will be 100% free from fossil fuels

Inhabitat - Innovation

The tower, which will be the tallest building on campus, will feature a suite of energy-saving and energy-generating technologies, including geothermal wells, state-of-the-art shading systems and triple-glazed windows

UK Banks Defend Climate Record Despite Billions Lent to Fossil Fuel Industry This Year


UK banks HSBC and Standard Chartered have rejected criticism of their commitment to tackling climate change, despite financing over £5 billion worth of fossil fuel developments in the first half of this year.

Extinction Rebellion to Target London’s Financial District Over Fossil Fuel Funding


The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) is planning a series of protests targeting the City of London to demand an end to investments in fossil fuels around the world. No New Fossil Fuel Investments’.

Only Two in 200 ‘Green Zone’ Events at COP26 Mention Fossil Fuels


The UK organisers of the upcoming COP26 climate summit have come under fire for approving just two events that refer to fossil fuels, the primary driver of climate change, in a programme of public events happening alongside the main conference.

The Case For Fossil Fuel Engagement

Forbes Green Tech

Although fossil fuels may have no future in a decarbonized world, fossil fuel firms may still have a role to play in the decades of climate transition ahead. Can responsible financial engagement with these companies support current energy needs and climate goals?

‘Majority of Fossil Fuels Must Stay in Ground to Meet 1.5C Goal’


Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas are the source of just over 80% of the world’s energy. To avert catastrophic warming, the global community must rapidly reduce how much of these fuels it extracts and burns. Fossil Fuel Rationing.

Guardian halts fossil fuel advertising

Business Green

The Guardian has today become the first major global news organisation to announce a ban on advertising from oil and gas companies, despite the fossil fuels industry's role as a major advertiser and the media outlet admitting it faces a "precarious" financial future.