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How the climate crisis will crash the economy


How the climate crisis will crash the economy. Joel Makower. Mon, 09/14/2020 - 02:11. The chickens are coming home to roost. Even before the western United States became a regional inferno, even before the Midwest U.S.

How Scotland’s Green Hydrogen Plan Crushes Fossil Hydrogen Dream


Scotland shoots down shot at recovery for fossil fuel stakeholders with plans for producing green hydrogen from water and renewable energy.

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The Potential of Eucalyptus for Biomass

U.S. Green Technology

In conversations regarding green technology, renewables like solar and wind sometimes take center stage. Biomass, though, is another source of innovation and progress for energy that benefits the environment.

Nature Dying By A Thousand Cuts

Jim Conca

The wild places of the world are disappearing, and will continue to disappear, until they are no more. And it’s all about habitat – we keep taking it away from everything else. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energy

Why agtech is critical for regenerative agriculture


Why agtech is critical for regenerative agriculture. Heather Clancy. Thu, 09/17/2020 - 01:30. Early this month, McDonald’s made headlines when it teamed with Cargill, Target and The Nature Conservancy to put $8.5

Indian Government May Put EV Chargers At 69,000 Gas Pumps


The Indian government has occasionally expressed extremely bold electric vehicle plans. While it is doing a bit to pursue those dreams, it is far away from some of the loftier goals.

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The Environmental Benefits of Reusable Supermarket Crates

The Environmental Blog

Most supermarkets throw away a lot of packaging every day. The best solution to reduce the energy and work of throwing away packaging is to convert the supermarket packaging to reusable supermarket crates. Plastic supermarket crates are a good alternative because they’re environmentally friendly.

Startup tackles decarbonizing industrial heat processes


Startup tackles decarbonizing industrial heat processes. Myisha Majumder. Wed, 09/16/2020 - 01:30. Skyven Technologies, founded in 2013, is a company with a unique proposition for companies in the industrial sector — a way to save money through decarbonizing.

Tesla = Approximately A Dozen Tech Startups


Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently responded to a CleanTechnica article on Twitter by noting that Tesla is really like a dozen different startups. What would these startups be? Let’s explore some possibilities.

Environmental Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment

U.S. Green Technology

Today more than ever, more people are relocating from rural to urban areas. With the human population growing at a rapid scale, providing a roof over our heads has become a challenge, especially in densely populated places.

Report reveals hypocrisy of world’s biggest plastic polluters

Envirotec Magazine

A new report from advocacy group The Changing Markets Foundation appears to reveal how, behind a veil of nice-sounding initiatives and commitments to address the plastics crisis – the plastics industry, consumer brands and retailers have obstructed and undermined proven legislative solutions to the crisis for decades.

Sustainable Innovation in the Textile Industry


Sustainable Innovation in the Textile Industry. As global apparel consumption continues to rise—an expected increase of 60% by 2030—that growth could have a dangerous impact on the environment.

San Diego Gets Largest US Airport Electric Shuttle Deployment


ACE Parking has just received 18 electric shuttle buses for the San Diego International Airport, and another 11 are due to arrive by the end of 2020.

Should Company Outsource to SEO Agency or DIY to bring Your Site on Top of Search Results

U.S. Green Technology

For the businesses of our times, having a website is a default need. At the first point, it is the website, and the brand’s online presence helps generate customer interest in any product or service.

Birds are dying mid-air possibly due to climate crisis effects

Inhabitat - Innovation

The deaths of thousands of birds in the southwestern U.S. have sparked concern from scientists


An idea for solving the plastics crisis


An idea for solving the plastics crisis. Sara Kingman. Tue, 09/15/2020 - 01:30. A major problem with behavior-change programs in the waste industry is that they rely on consumers being taught to feel the guilt of plastic in the ocean, and the harm to turtles and whales.

American Lung Association: Switch To EVs By 2045 Could Save 6,300 American Lives


The American Lung Association has America could save $72 billion in health costs and 6,300 lives with even a modest shift to electric vehicles.

Why Are Oil and Gas Companies Investing in Nuclear Fusion?


The oil industry’s search for carbon-free alternatives to fossil fuels has led to many interesting investment decisions over the years. Somewhere high on that list is nuclear fusion, the energy that powers the sun, which has drawn investment from at least three major oil companies.

Oil and plastic industry spent millions to mislead the public about plastic recycling

Inhabitat - Innovation

A new investigation by NPR and PBS Frontline reveals that for decades, executives in the oil and plastic industries invested millions of U.S. dollars into misleading the public about the recycling of plastics. As a good citizen, you sort your trash, thinking that the plastic will be recycled to reduce pollution. Unfortunately, all that effort might be in vain

Scaling Circular Fashion in North America: Part 2


Scaling Circular Fashion in North America: Part 2. What will it take to transition the fashion industry toward circularity at scale? The need for urgent action is clear: While the lifespan of individual garments dwindles, the environmental footprint of the apparel industry continues to grow.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Easily Goes 300+ Miles In Norway


Ford is now testing its hot new Mustang Mach-e electric crossover/SUV in Europe. Naturally, the #1 place to take an electric vehicle is Norway, where approximately 70% of new vehicle sales are now electric (fully electric or plugin hybrid).

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The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


Over the past three years, some of the country’s biggest utilities have been committing to a goal that few may have predicted they’d undertake on their own: weaning themselves off carbon-emitting generation by 2050.

Asia's largest organic rooftop farm can grow 20 tons of food annually

Inhabitat - Innovation

Organic urban agriculture, renewable energy and beautiful landscaping come together at the Thammasat University Rooftop Farm (TURF), Asia's largest organic rooftop farm that spans 236,806 square feet. Bangkok-based landscape architecture and urban design firm LANDPROCESS designed the productive landscape in response to both the Thai capital's sprawling urbanization and rising food and water scarcity concerns amid the climate crisis

Policy for a Circular Economy: Part 1


Policy for a Circular Economy: Part 1. How should diverse corporate stakeholders — such as brands and packaging producers — help shape the U.S. policy landscape around plastics, recycling and solid waste management?

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Having Killed Coal, US Energy Dept. Aims Energy Storage Dart At Gas & Oil


The US Energy Department is banking on new energy storage technology for a green COVID-19 recovery, despite all the talk about oil and gas. Batteries Energy Storage Green Economy ARPA-E Bridger Photonics Dan Brouillette DOE Natron Energy sodium-ion

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Energy Leadership Summit Award Winner Profile #2- Dr. Michael Pomfret

CleanTech Alliance

In advance of this year’s Energy Leadership Summit, we’re profiling previous award winners to detail their experiences and to share what winning an Energy Leadership Award meant to them. You can read our first profile on 2019 Chairman’s Award winner, Tom Ranken, here.

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World's first "living coffin" made of mycelium is used in a burial

Inhabitat - Innovation

The first burial in a mycelium coffin has occurred in the Netherlands


How BASF’s reciChain aims to improve traceability of recycled plastics


How BASF’s reciChain aims to improve traceability of recycled plastics. The vision for BASF’s reciChain project is to take circularity into the real world by increasing traceability of recycled plastics. The company created a plastic additive that enables the traceability.

Elon Touts Radical Manufacturing Redesign. Tesla Awarded Metal Air Battery Patent


Elon Musk says the fundamental architecture of the Model Y produced in Germany will be significantly different from the cars made in Fremont. Also, Tesla has recently been granted a patent for a metal air battery.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Office With These 5 Plants

Green Business Bureau

The quality of your working environment can have an effect on your productivity, health, and happiness. We often use lighting, ergonomic office furniture, and organization as tools to enhance our workspaces.