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6 Out of the Ordinary Energy Concepts from 2020


It’s been a remarkably business-as-usual year for renewables, despite the societal upheaval wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. Most of our headlines this year have still been about conventional renewable segments such as solar and energy storage.

Guest Column: The future of solar relies on synergies between renewables development and the environment

Solar Power World

By Marcus Krembs, head of sustainability for Enel North America As corporations and utilities continue to look to renewable energy to help them reach sustainability and renewable portfolio standard (RPS) commitments, solar development has flourished. According to the U.S.


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From ruptures to fault lines: tracing the global impact of COVID-19 on migrants and rural development


Migrants are the quintessential global citizens, leaving their places of birth and moving across borders in search of new livelihoods; but ruptures caused by COVID-19 have exposed major fault lines in the system of global movement


Institutional Investors Are Running Away From Big Oil, & Towards The “Safe Haven” Of Clean Tech


The global transition from fossil fuels to clean energy isn’t going to happen because it’s the best choice for human health and the environment. Observing the way humans have responded to the current pandemic should put to rest any delusions about our propensity to “do the right thing.”

The top 2020 trends in sustainability, according to GreenBiz readers


The top 2020 trends in sustainability, according to GreenBiz readers. Holly Secon. Mon, 12/28/2020 - 01:30. At GreenBiz, we’ve been reporting on the world of sustainable business for over two decades, but this year has been unlike any other.

6 Top Agriculture Industries in the United States

U.S. Green Technology

The agriculture industry is one of the biggest sectors in America and contains a variety of different elements, including farming, food service, and food production. But what exactly are we known for, and what products are most desired?

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Japan to develop wooden satellite in bid to curb space junk

Inhabitat - Innovation

Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry is collaborating with Kyoto University to develop the world's first wooden satellite


2020 was the year that…


2020 was the year that…. Joel Makower. Mon, 12/28/2020 - 02:11. It was a very long year. True, just 366 days (it was a leap year, after all), each one, I’m told, containing only the standard 24 hours. But it was much, much longer than that. Remember 2019? Neither do I.

VW board backs CEO Diess’s ambitious electrification plans


Within the executive suites at every legacy automaker, there are pro-EV and anti-EV factions, which continually strive for mastery, like Zoroastrianism’s Asha and Druj.

Boston Solar Makes the List of “Largest Clean Energy Companies in MA”


Boston Solar, an award-winning solar installer based in Woburn, MA, has made Boston Business Journal's "Largest Clean Energy Companies in Massachusetts" List

Energy 133

D prefab glass cabin immerses you in nature while you work

Inhabitat - Innovation

In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, modular design studio ÖÖD is offering a sustainable solution to those who want to feel surrounded by nature without the distractions of a traditional home office

What I learned about water in 2020


What I learned about water in 2020. Will Sarni. Wed, 12/30/2020 - 01:30. Last year around this time, I focused on digital technology solutions for water with this essay, " 2019: The Year Analog Solutions Died."

Tata Motors delivers first 26 of 340 electric buses to Mumbai


Indian commercial vehicle giant Tata Motors recently delivered 26 electric buses to Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST), which operates the public transport system in Mumbai. The buses are part of a larger order of 340 electric buses, which will be delivered in phases.

Have you considered timber mats on your large-scale solar project?

Solar Power World

Article adapted from a white paper by World Forest Group Timber mats are used in transmission, wind, heavy civil and pipeline industries to provide ground protection and increased job efficiency.

This will be the worlds largest Passive House-certified office building

Inhabitat - Innovation

Boston’s Financial District will soon welcome the groundbreaking Winthrop Center, a year-round, mixed-use gathering space with a suite of impressive eco-friendly credentials


The sustainability year 2020 in review, in haiku


The sustainability year 2020 in review, in haiku. Sue Lebeck. Tue, 12/29/2020 - 01:00. Editor's note: Back by popular demand, smart cities consultant Sue Lebeck provides GreenBiz highlights from the past year in verse. You'll find her haiku from 2019 here. Rise before the Surprise.

New heating concept increases EV range and enhances passenger comfort


Heating an EV passenger compartment requires additional energy, which sometimes reduces the vehicle’s range.

Energy 103

A Blueprint for American Climate Action and a Modern Clean Energy Economy


The past few years have been a mixed bag for climate. emissions declined to their lowest level in three decade this year, but these reductions came at an incredible cost as the economy shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This city park in Amsterdam could help purify local water

Inhabitat - Innovation

In addition to providing recreational opportunities for locals, the park will offer a rich variety of landscapes, diverse habitats for fauna and natural water purification systems


South Asia could see 40 million climate migrants by 2030


Tens of millions of people are migrating in South Asia due to disasters brought on by climate change, and the number could rise three-fold in 30 years unless countries take strong measures to mitigate the worst effects of global warming

Toyota announces new EV platform, revamped version of fuel cell-powered Mirai


Toyota has announced that it will someday release a preview of a possible electric SUV for the European market. Details are “to be announced in the coming months.”. The unnamed “preview model” will be based on Toyota’s new e-TNGA platform.

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2020


Noah Garcia is a policy principal at Advanced Energy Economy, an industry association for clean energy companies across technologies. * * *. In September, we published a list of the top 10 utility regulation trends of 2020, so far.

Save energy and money with these eco-friendly tips for winter

Inhabitat - Innovation

Whether winter conjures thoughts of cozy fires and hot cocoa or trudging through snow and ice on the way to work, it's essential to have a plan for coping with the season in a sustainable way both in the home and while you’re away

How Solar Energy Actually Saves Money

Green Living Guy

Over the past couple of years, when it comes to different sources of energy, solar energy has certainly become the hottest topic. It is a clean form of energy and the most abundant energy source that is accessible to the human population. Still, what stops many from utilizing it?

EV manufacturer Arrival establishes North American HQ in Charlotte NC


British EV-maker Arrival plans to establish its North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company will add 150 new employees and invest $3 million in its new office complex in the trendy South End neighborhood.

2020: Europe’s Energy Transition in 5 Trends


With 2030 climate targets up for renewal, a new set of European commissioners in place, and the post-Brexit relationship to negotiate, this year was always going to be a big one for Europe’s energy transition.

Europe 130

Take your sustainable lifestyle to the next level in 2021

Inhabitat - Innovation

If you’re ready to up your environmental commitment this year (and hold larger entities accountable along the way), here are a few ideas — some more dramatic than others — for sustainable resolutions in 2021

Photos of the Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley in 2020


Read time: 7 mins The disproportionate toll that COVID -19 is taking on the Black community brought environmental justice issues to the forefront during 2020.

Law 109

Circontrol’s new Raption 100 kW fast charger


Charging station manufacturer Circontrol has launched a 100 kW fast charger. The new Raption 100 preserves the best features of its predecessor, the Raption 50, which was introduced 3 years ago and is one of the company’s best-selling charging stations.

10 Victories for Virtual Power Plants in 2020


2020 forced most people into a more distributed and virtual way of life. But a segment of the grid edge industry has been trying to achieve that for years, installing controllable devices at homes and businesses that can work together to help the grid.

A French wine cellars updated facade doubles as housing for local bats

Inhabitat - Innovation

Eleven bat nesting boxes have been discreetly integrated into one of the building’s timber-clad gabled end walls


World’s Largest Insect Protein Farm Signals Future Of Food Supply

Forbes Green Tech

New plant by InnovaFeed and Archer Daniels Midland will produce 60,000 metric tons of animal feed protein per year, a step toward mainstreaming the low-carbon method of feeding the world's farm animals. "If If they can pull this off, it will be magnificent,” said one researcher.

Carbon 105

Harvey Gulf orders Wärtsilä energy storage for four LNG-powered supply vessels


Wärtsilä , a provider of marine industry LNG solutions and services, will supply its Energy Storage System (ESS) to Louisiana-based Harvey Gulf, which will retrofit the system to four Harvey Energy-class LNG-fueled Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs).

2020: The Year of Green Hydrogen in 10 Stories


Among other things, that shall remain nameless, 2020 has been notable for the rush of activity in the green hydrogen space. Using renewable-powered electrolyzers to create low-carbon hydrogen can squeeze emissions out of sectors where direct electrification isn’t going to cut it.