October, 2019

Vehicle-grid integration is a starting point, not an afterthought on the road to electrification


Ensuring that millions of EVs can be reliably charged will require new, intelligent energy management solutions, along with effective policies to spur investment. Electric Vehicles Electricity Grid Energy & Climate Transportation & Mobility

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Making biofuels from seawater rather than crude oil

Envirotec Magazine

Researchers from The University of Manchester are using synthetic biology to explore a more efficient way to produce the next generation of bio-based jet fuels – partly made from seawater.

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The Caribbean Shows the Way to a Renewable Future


In just a few short years, the focus at the annual Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation conference has shifted from issues around producing electricity from thermal capacity — usually oil — to what blend of renewable options are the best path forward.

Take a stand and address single-use items and throwaway culture rather than just plastics, urges Zero Waste Scotland

Envirotec Magazine

Ian Gulland of Zero Waste Scotland.

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EVs To Revolutionize Postal Services, & More


Parcel and Postal Expo is the largest event for courier services in Europe and it is taking place in Amsterdam this year. What is different is the new emphasis placed on e-mobility — not only EVs, but also charging infrastructure.

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First-of-its-kind device prototype harnesses renewable energy from ocean waves

Inhabitat - Innovation

With today’s renewables market rapidly expanding, it’s no wonder then that wave energy has recently gained traction as a contemporary energy source

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Will California say bye to diesel-burning trucks and hello to zero-emissions ones?


A new rule in the state could tackle one of its largest sources of pollution. electric trucks Electric Vehicles Electrification Transportation & Mobility

$500, $5,000, $10,000 — EV Charger Incentives In California & Colorado


In a rapidly changing world with new technologies coming online every day, it’s difficult to keep up. But when it comes to transportation, there’s no doubt that electric vehicles (EV) will replace gasoline- and diesel-burning vehicles.

Getting to Net Zero: what happens when the wind stops blowing? New analysis presents possible answers

Envirotec Magazine

New analysis released on 14 October by energy market analytics firm Aurora Energy Research attempts to address some of the quandaries presented by the effort to deliver a net zero energy system. It tackles questions such as: How much zero-carbon capacity such as renewables will be needed?

How the U.S. power grid is evolving to handle solar and wind


As renewable energy sources move mainstream, electricity generation and distribution systems are getting an extreme makeover. Data Electricity Grid Energy & Climate

Could energy-storage-as-a-service be key to cutting carbon emissions?

Envirotec Magazine

Battery storage at a solar farm with switchgear. Energy storage can help mitigate climate change, but it is still on low levels and needs to triple by 2050 to keep global warming below 2°C. To do this we need to look at innovative ways of speeding up the process.

The First 100% Electric Taxi In Spain


What were the experiences like of the first taxi driver in Spain to use an all-electric vehicle. Cars Clean Transport CleanTechnica Exclusive Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Mass Transit / Public Transit El Pais Nissan Leaf Tesla Model S

Carbon Engineering - Taking CO2 Right Out Of The Air To Make Gasoline

Jim Conca

Extracting CO2 from air is the best way to reverse global warming without resorting to expensive technologies, convoluted tax schemes or preventing billions from getting sufficient energy. If you then make gasoline from it, then you’d kill two birds with one stone. That stone is Carbon Engineering

Solar Panel Recycling in 2019: How it Works

U.S. Green Technology

Can Solar Panels Be Recycled? The solar industry provides clean renewable energy to communities nationwide, by both bolstering local economies and reducing communities’ environmental footprint.

How Saving Energy at Home Can Help the Planet

The Environmental Blog

As the majority of us know, global warming is a pressing issue – and many scientists believe that it has started to take effect. Record temperatures recorded over the past two summers, for example, have been widely linked to climate change. So, what can we do to reduce our impact on the planet?

Why this cold storage warehouse operator warmed up to artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Energy & Climate Information Technology Technology VERGE 19

The Skai hydrogen-powered aircraft produces zero emissions

Inhabitat - Innovation

The most impressive feature — that it runs on hydrogen fuel cells — gives this aircraft the potential to become one of the greenest modes of air transportation

Breaking! Tesla Model Y Production To Start In Q1 2020 (Unofficial Leak)


This information is going to cause some controversy, because everything we knew, or thought we knew, about Tesla’s Model Y timeline is about to change. Originally, the Model Y was supposed to start shipping in Q1 2021. This is also what is currently written on Tesla's website.

Shutting Down All Of Japan’s Nuclear Plants After Fukushima Was A Bad Idea

Jim Conca

By now, more Japanese have died from the closing of Japan's nuclear power plants following the 2011 Tohoku quake than from the tsunami and the earthquake combined, which was about 20,000 people. But no one has died from any radiation released by the crippled reactors

4 Ways To Make Your Home Go Green

U.S. Green Technology

Ways To Make Your Home Go Green Go green. It seems like no matter where you go or what you read, everyone’s focus is on how we can protect the environment. Without a doubt, this is important but when it comes to a starting point, a lot of homeowners aren’t sure what they can do.

Top Strategies For Preparing For A Major Natural Disaster

The Environmental Blog

Even though we can predict incoming disasters with a greater degree of efficiency than ever before, the simple fact of the matter is that when major disasters do strike they will still catch us all off guard. That’s why you need to get ready now rather than waiting until the last minute.

Circularity and the 45 percent climate solution


Can the circular economy close the gap on climate emissions? A new report says it can. Circular Economy Climate Change Two Steps Forward

The Ocean Cleanup has first success collecting plastic from Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Inhabitat - Innovation

After years of trials that left its engineers scratching their heads over design challenges, the nonprofit’s newest prototype device has consistently collected plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Volvo Takes The Wraps Off The Fully Electric XC40 & Dives Into Vehicle Electrification


Today in Los Angeles, Volvo took the wraps off its new fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge, supported by a plan for the company to rapidly convert its vehicles and company operations to low emissions. The XC40 leads the charge for the company, but is only one prong in the larger Volvo effort.

Natural Gas And Renewables Will Rule America’s Electricity Future

Jim Conca

As much as wind and solar are increasing, natural gas is increasing more. And gas will continue to grow faster than all other sources in the United States for some time. By mid-century, gas should exceed 50% of our generation, with renewables in second at over 25

Look Good, Feel Good: Join the Green-Themed Slow Fashion Movement

U.S. Green Technology

The slow fashion movement is picking up steam as shoppers become more eco-conscious. Image from [link] Wearing the most fashion-forward styles has a way of boosting your mood and making you feel in tune with the world around you. But it can also be very exhausting.

How to Boost Your Career in Construction

The Environmental Blog

The construction industry is a popular, ever-growing field, and with more young people than ever before opting to learn a trade in favor of attending college and earning a degree, the competition is getting fiercer.

Danone cultivates multinational effort to restore biodiversity


What’s at stake: the future of farming. Biodiversity Climate Change Food & Agriculture

Good Clothing releases capsule collection made from hemp and organic cotton

Inhabitat - Innovation

Manufacturing is bad for the planet in general, and the textile industry is one of the leading producers of manufacturing pollution and waste. With this in mind, the Good Clothing Company decided to implement old-school clothing production that is better for the Earth and a pleasure for the consume

Green Cab Ditches Hybrids In Favor Of Teslas For Its Taxi Fleet


The Green Cab taxi company in Madison, Wisconsin, announced today that it is converting its fleet of taxis to electric vehicles. When complete, the move will make Green Cab the first in the nation to operate a fleet of fully electric taxis.

Future Gas Stations Will Not Have Gas


The year was 1908, the world's first mass-produced affordable automobile drove onto comically scarce streets. The transition from horse-driven carriages to gas-powered autos was officially beginning. After some back and forth, electric and steam-powered options didn't make it into the mainstream.

Trick or Treat: How to Go Green This Halloween

U.S. Green Technology

Going green this Halloween can save future generations a scare. Image from [link] You quickly go over your list of items to get for your upcoming Halloween shindig: Decorations. Lighting.

Keep These Tips in Mind to Avoid the Pitfalls of Hard Water in Your Home

The Environmental Blog

The many ways of running water service has enhanced our lives as a species are seemingly countless. From drinking to bathing to a litany of household chores, having access to this essential liquid is a major key to our survival.

4 ways to cut campus food waste, from colleges to corporates


From data to design, there are ways that we can take a bite out of food waste in the restaurant sector. Food & Agriculture Waste Management Food Waste

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