Sun.Oct 25, 2020

Solar Power = “Cheapest Electricity In History”


The fossil-friendly International Energy Agency indicates that solar power is now the "cheapest electricity in history.".

Communities Surrounding Closed Nuclear Power Plants Face Terrible Challenges Moving Forward

Jim Conca

The Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative’s report on socioeconomic impacts of nuclear plant closures on host communities has some sobering thoughts. Big hurdles are a lack of a national plan and the lack of planning when it would do the most good. But it would be best not to close them at all.

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Joe Biden: “Climate Change Is The Number One Issue Facing Humanity.”


Joe Biden shined on the Pod Save America event from Crooked Media this week. The agenda was climate change and renewable energy but the subtext was the fundamental decency he will bring to the Oval Office next January.

NDP victory positions B.C. to be a global climate leader

Clean Energy Canada

VICTORIA — Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the outcome of the 2020 B.C. provincial election: “We would like to congratulate Premier John Horgan and the rest of the BC NDP team on their election victory Saturday night.

Batteries Made With … Vanilla?


There's a new type of battery storage technology that has an interesting spice added into the mix — vanillin, which is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean.

A Front-Row Seat for the Arctic’s Final Summers With Ice

Mr. Sustainability

Summary - Freaked out scientists and gleeful captains of fossil-fuel tankers are now sailing through climate history in the melting polar region. Physicist Stefanie Arndt claims the Northern Sea Rout will become ice-free this decade or the next one. This article is taken from Bloomberg.

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Renewables And Energy Storage Are Surging In Red States

Forbes Green Tech

The nation’s two largest coal-producing states, Wyoming and West Virginia, have entered the top ten in renewable energy and energy storage, respectively, according to a new report.

Energy 107

Portugal Has 14% Plugin Vehicle Market Share, Tesla Model 3 On Top


While the overall automotive market in Portugal still in the doldrums (-39% year over year/YoY), plugin vehicle registrations hit a record month in September, with 1,844 plugins being registered there.


Green Living Guy

The BMW Concept i4 represents a look ahead to the BMW i4, slated to enter production in 2021 Especially as the BMW Group’s first all-electric model in the premium midsize class. It provides a whole new take on the dynamic excellence for which BMW. For BMW that means which is.

Tesla Software Updates Much Different From Apple Updates


People often compare Tesla software updates to software updates you get on an iPhone or computer. They are actually much different from those.

Lordstown finalizes SPAC deal, starts trading on NASDAQ


Lordstown Motors has completed its business combination with DiamondPeak Holdings, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). For those of you who haven’t been following the EV “stock market frenzy,” a merger with a SPAC is the currently fashionable way for a startup company to go public—it’s quicker and involves less paperwork than the traditional IPO. Lordstown Motors’ Class A shares will now trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol RIDE.

The Future of EVs, Wireless Charging, & EV Supply Chains — CleanTech Talk


In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Zachary Shahan, Director and CEO of CleanTechnica, and Roger Atkins, founder of Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd., sit down to talk about the future of electric vehicles, wireless charging, and supply chains.

Gather is a Film Worth Discussing

Green Living Guy

A while ago I wrote shout the plea of the Native American. We live in a world so conflicted and disingenuous. So let’s try to stay connected here. Please. I reported the following: RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR NATIVE AMERICANS FORT CHIPEWYAN, AB, Aug. 8, 2019/CNW/ – The Government of Canada is.

Tesla Bears Prove Easy Q3 Math Is Hard


Congrats to Elon and the workers at Tesla for a record setting Q3, by almost every measure. I'll cover below what I feel are some of the financial highlights.

Schneider Electric and EcoDataCenter Partner for Climate Positivity

Green Living Guy

Is Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Rollout Scary?


Like I did when I discovered that Smart Summon was actually doing great back in October of last year, I wanted to dive into what we know about this Full Self-Driving (FSD) update now, and how we should all feel about it.

Are power hierarchies inevitable in human society?

Low Impact

Just to be clear, I’m only talking about institutional, power hierarchies here, not hierarchies based on beauty, knowledge, intelligence, ability, respect etc. Those hierarchies are inevitable, of course, and life would probably be quite boring without them.

Climate Disaster Risk Reduction & Managed Retreat, Part Two


In the second half of this two-part interview for our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc.

Questions persist over giant Chinese soy trader’s traceability


COFCO’s pledge to protect Brazil’s vast tropical savannah is welcome but looks less bold on closer inspection. Big companies have been known to dodge their pledges in the past.


Powering into the Future? UK nuclear strategy after Hitachi

Business Green

The government must rebalance nuclear's place in the energy portfolio and bring the public onside while there is still time, argues Bright Blue's Andrew Leming.

The AIIB’s transparency deficit


Transparency and public participation are paramount in mitigating the environmental and social risks of large-scale infrastructure projects. But the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is not heeding the message

Why Sustainable Building Techniques Are the Future of Construction

Green Living Guy

Firstly, using of green building techniques is a fast-growing trend. That’s especially in the construction industry. Therefore, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certifies 2.2 million certified square feet per day.

Indian garment workers cover bosses' lockdown losses


Indian garment workers say they are being made to compensate their bosses for the food, shelter and salary provided in the coronavirus lockdown


WaterWatch USA launches the Clean Drinking Water Project

Green Living Guy

Non-profit charity acting as a watchdog of drinking water across the United States. By conducting independent, third-party water testing for toxins and pollutants. WaterWatch USA, a startup non-profit, pending 501(c)(3), launched the Clean Drinking Water Project.

Microsoft to purchase cleaner jet fuel to offset employee travel on Alaska Airlines

Business Green

Microsoft plans to curb the emissions generated by employees flying from California to Washington by purchasing sustainable aviation fuel credits from fuel company SkyNRG.

Event - DISTIBUTECH International 2021

Green Market Oracle

DISTRIBUTECH International 2021 will take place on MARCH 30 - APRIL 1, 2021 in Orlando Florida. It will occur side by side with POWERGEN International 2021. This conference will feature 12 hand-selected, timely and relevant topical tracks designed to keep your experience organized and productive.

Net Zero Festival: The inside story of the Climate Assembly and what it can teach us

Business Green

VIDEO: Professor Rebecca Willis and Involve's Sarah Allan discuss the main takeaways from the UK's first exercise in direct, democratic policymaking.

The Sierra Club's Top 20 Cool Schools

Green Market Oracle

Sierra has been ranking the environmental performance of colleges since 2006. Despite the additional complications posed by the coronavirus pandemic a record 312 institutions participated in Sierra's annual Cool Schools rankings in 2020.

Are the government's green farming reforms at risk of 'sabotage'?

Business Green

The government insists its plans are on track, but with just weeks to go before the UK leaves the EU farming subsidy regime, campaigners and farmers alike are 'hugely concerned' about the lack of clarity over what comes next. It is meant to be the green jewel in the government's Brexit crown.

Natural debate: Do forests grow better without our help?


This story was originally published by Yale Environment 360 and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Soil 85

'Deteriorating': England's natural world in worsening state, government warned

Business Green

Natural Capital Committee again warns there has been virtually no zero progress against the government's own biodiversity, water, air, and soil quality goals.

Soil 44

Net Zero Festival: Business, government and civil society partnerships ahead of COP26

Business Green

VIDEO: Sky News climate change correspondent Lisa Holland quizzes Lord Zac Goldsmith, WWF's Tanya Steele and Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch on collaborative action to tackle nature and climate crises ahead of COP26.