Wed.Oct 28, 2020

Cleantech Creates Higher Paying Jobs — Millions Of Them


One of the greatest side benefits of climate action is that it creates a lot of jobs. Not only that — it creates a lot of well paying jobs. Solar installers, solar panel manufacturers, wind turbine technicians, electric vehicle engineers, electrical engineers, and the list goes on. But how many jobs?

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Why Google, BASF and Sephora are coming together on safer chemistry


Why Google, BASF and Sephora are coming together on safer chemistry. Elsa Wenzel. Wed, 10/28/2020 - 02:02. It's probably fair to say that nobody expressly set out to devise a sunscreen to bleach coral reefs or a yoga mat to emit carcinogens.

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Global Financial Institutions Plan For Major Oil & Gas Lending Exits


The fossil fuel industry is finding it increasingly harder to obtain funding for its operations. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Investment Carbon Tracker From Zero To 50: Global Finance Is Fleeing Oil and Gas IEEFA

Carbontech is getting ready for its market moment


Carbontech is getting ready for its market moment. Heather Clancy. Wed, 10/28/2020 - 01:30. It may be a little early to start writing about trends for 2021, but I’m going to do it anyway. What’s on my mind? Carbontech, a category of climate tech I’d love to see break through next year.

Tremendously Cheap Solar, Wind, & Batteries To Transform Society, RethinkX Forecasts


A new report by RethinkX explores this topic much further. Here's the one-line summary: "By 2030 electricity systems comprised entirely of solar, wind. Batteries Clean Power Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles Energy Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Market Research Research Solar Energy Solar Prices Wind Energy Adam Dorr James Arbib RethinkX Tony Seba US Clean Energy US renewable Energy US Solar Energy US Wind Energy

Kraft Heinz sustainability chief reflects on 'interdependence'


Kraft Heinz sustainability chief reflects on 'interdependence'. Heather Clancy. Wed, 10/28/2020 - 01:00.

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These Are the Benefits of Going Solar at Home

The Environmental Blog

Are you constantly looking for ways to save money? If so, you’re not alone. After all, these days more than ever before, every dollar counts. Life is expensive, thus it’s important to cut expenses by any means possible. This includes reducing your monthly energy costs.

Ford And GM Lied. The Planet Died. Part One


An exhaustive study by E&E News finds Ford and GM had research scientist on their staffs for decades who warned of the threat posed by carbon dioxide emissions. But both companies ignored those findings and mislead the public and the government about the danger. Climate Change Fossil Fuels Carbon Emissions Climate change Ford General Motors Gilbert Plass Global Climate Coalition Global Weirding Ruth Reck

Zeabuz is launching a self-driving electric ferry in Norway

Inhabitat - Innovation

This self-driving, zero-emission ferry will carry 12 passengers at a time

Iowa’s Largest Solar Power Plant Nearly Finished


Solar power continues to plow forward thanks to record-low costs that have followed a long, long slide (or at times avalanche) in solar panel prices. This week we got news of Iowa getting its largest solar power park to date. Clean Power Solar Energy Solar Power Plants Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) Clénera iowa RES (Renewable Energy Systems

Greenhouse-inspired home harvests rainwater for backyard garden

Inhabitat - Innovation

In the idyllic town of San Miniato in the region of Tuscany, Italy, local architecture firm LDA.iMdA architetti associati has completed a multifunctional home that takes inspiration from the structural technology in greenhouses. The client's dream of growing a vegetable garden served as a major design influence for the contemporary dwelling, which features a gabled shape optimized for harvesting rainwater that can be reused for irrigating the expansive rear garden

SB Energy Powers on Japan’s Largest Solar + Storage Power Plant


SoftBank Group subsidiary SB Energy Global Holdings (SB Energy) has turned on a 102.3 megawatt (MW) solar power plant in Yakumo City, Hokkaido, Japan. Batteries Clean Power Energy Storage Lithium-Ion Batteries Solar Energy Solar Power Plants Hokkaido Japan japan solar energy SB Energy softbank Softbank Yakumo Solar Park US US Solar Energy Yakumo City

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Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping

Inhabitat - Innovation

Oceanbird is a massive sailing cargo ship designed to reinvent sustainable ocean shipping and reduce transatlantic travel emissions by 90

Running An Energy Efficiency Company During COVID: Industry Perspectives


Everyone knows COVID-19 has interrupted the majority of businesses. While solar and other renewable generation companies can continue relatively smoothly (relatively) in this new era, energy efficiency, specifically in the residential space, is a very disrupted industry.

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How Covid-19 Has Changed The Way Americans Use Energy

Jim Conca

Nationally, power consumption dropped 4% compared to the same time period last year but it was different for different states, according to a new study. Power requirements for workdays basically dropped to Sunday levels under the lockdown.

3rd Hurricane Hitting Louisiana, 5th Major Storm, 7th Evacuation — As Election Day Nears


In Louisiana, it's another day, another hurricane. This time, Hurricane Zeta, which is bringing mostly rain to my neighborhood but much more damage to the New Orleans area right now. Climate Change Research Science Election Day Election Day 2020 Hurricane Delta Hurricane Laura Hurricane Zeta louisiana

University in Germany designs an alpine hut from reeds

Inhabitat - Innovation

Reed is a sustainable, renewable resource. Designers are researching its durability for construction

New UN Report Details Environmental Impacts of Export of Used Vehicles to Developing World


Millions of used cars, vans, and minibuses exported from Europe, the United States, and Japan to the developing world are of poor quality, contributing significantly to air pollution and hindering efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Renewable energy is the cheapest source of electricity

Inhabitat - Innovation

Solar plants are cheaper to build than maintaining current coal plants, and clean energy could save households $1,000-$2,585 per year

Which countries are winning the war on waste?

Envirotec Magazine

A glass waste worker in a recycling facility in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2016. Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark have succeeded in recovering over 98% of their municipal waste on average over the last five years.

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EV West unveils Tesla crate motor for EV conversion projects


EV conversion one-stop shop EV West has announced a new Tesla crate motor kit designed to convert V8 muscle cars to EVs. The drop-in package consists of a complete Tesla drive unit, including inverter and mounting brackets.

SEPA household waste statistics 2019 highlight positive trends on recycling, carbon emissions and reduced landfill use

Envirotec Magazine

Carbon impact of waste down 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent from 2011. Less than 1 million tonnes of household waste sent to landfill for the first time. Plastic and glass recycling increase, paper and cardboard continues downward trend. Total household recycling rate 44.9%. Scottish households generated the equivalent of 0.44 tonnes of waste per person in 2019.

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6 CleanTech Alliance Members Named in PSBJ’s 100 Most Powerful, Influential People in Washington

CleanTech Alliance

The Puget Sound Business Journal’s annual list of Washington’s 100 most powerful and influential people included six CleanTech Alliance members from four member companies: University of Washington, Boeing, Perkins Coie, and K&L Gates. James Williams, the managing partner of Perkins Coie was honored for his focus on complex business litigation and civil issues, including volunteer […].


Methane release from UK shale gas site equivalent to 142 trans-Atlantic flights, says research group

Envirotec Magazine

Protestors at the Preston New Road site in 2017. Fracking operations at a site in Blackpool, UK, have caused an unintended release of methane gas into the atmosphere to the equivalent environmental cost of 142 trans-Atlantic flights according to new research.

SAE publishes Wireless Charging standard


SAE International has published a new global standard that specifies both the vehicle-side and charger-side requirements for wireless charging of EVs. The new standard, SAE J2954 , was more than a decade in the making.

Chemical dosing contributes to harmful algal blooms, finds research

Envirotec Magazine

Ultrasonic algae control specialist LG Sonic suggests its time to move on from using chemicals when managing this aspect of the environment. Usage of chemicals in lake management dates back to 1939.

Illinois sparked a solar boom — then it ran out of money 2020 Regional Solar Policy Report

Solar Power World

The solar market in Illinois imitates many in the Midwest — very middle of the pack. Ranked 28th in the nation for installed solar capacity, Illinois does have well intentioned solar legislation but the follow-through has been less than exemplary. In 2016, Republican Gov.

Wood Mackenzie’s Key Takeaways From the Grid Edge in Q3


Each year, Wood Mackenzie’s grid edge analysts release an update on what’s going on in the markets they cover.

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Consultancy awarded the contract for COVID-19 school sewage surveillance

Envirotec Magazine

Aqua Enviro, a SUEZ company, is to be part of a consortium on an important new project, known as TERM*, that is looking for traces of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the wastewater of schools. The study will establish whether this could provide a useful ‘early warning’ system of infection levels.

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Enphase Sees Megawatt-Scale Uptake of Encharge Batteries in North American Debut


Enphase Energy has booked about 50 megawatt-hours of sales of its long-promised Encharge battery in North American markets since launching it in July, tapping a growing demand for energy storage from residential solar customers, and laying the groundwork for a more complete home backup power system set to arrive early next year.

Metals recycler supports the Transport for London scrappage scheme

Envirotec Magazine

Metals recycler EMR is supporting the Transport for London (TFL) scrappage scheme at six sites across the capital. EMR Metal Recycling has Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) in Brentford, Canning Town, Mitcham, Neasden, Wandsworth and Willesden which are supporting the TFL scrappage scheme.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Battery-Based Customer Bill Savings [GTM Squared]


Continuous flow chemistry process picks up French award

Envirotec Magazine

A French-government award that recognises sustainable chemistry initiatives has been picked up by Minakem, a CDMO for active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Philippines announces moratorium on new coal power


Philippine energy secretary Alfonso Cusi said the government will no longer accept applications for new coal power plants. What does this mean for the Southeast Asian nation estimated to have the biggest coal appetite in the region