Sat.Oct 17, 2020

Foxconn Unveils EV Platform; FCA To Build EVs In Canada


Foxconn has announced it is developing an electric car platform that it could sell to other car companies. Meanwhile, FCA says it is making a major investment in EV manufacturing in Ontario, Canada. Electric Cars electric car EV skateboard concept FCA foxconn

British Columbians of all political stripes want a cleaner economy. Parties are missing an opportunity

Clean Energy Canada

When the federal government delivered its Throne Speech in late September, no words were minced: climate action would be a “cornerstone” of this government’s recovery. And it wasn’t just about climate change. It was also about ensuring Canada’s economy would be clean and competitive. But with a B.C.

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China Is Breeding A Herd Of Purebred Trojan Horses To Conquer The Western BEV Market


When Japanese automakers entered the European market over half a century ago, then Korean automakers did so in the '80s and '90s, and lastly Indian brands did so hardly a decade ago, they started at the bottom with low-priced and low-quality products.

Earth911 Reader: Sustainability, Recycling, Business and Science News


The Earth911 team combs news and research for interesting ideas … The post Earth911 Reader: Sustainability, Recycling, Business and Science News appeared first on Earth 911. Original post: Earth911 Reader: Sustainability, Recycling, Business and Science News.

New York Gives Big Boost To Renewable Energy


The Public Service Commission has issued an important order which sets out a roadmap for achieving the state’s ambitious goal of obtaining 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. A press release summarizing the order is available here.

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Electrify Everything — Save Tons of Money!


Running our energy system on renewable electricity will save every family in America thousands of dollars per year, create tens of millions of jobs and make our lives way more awesome.

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Estimating Solar Energy Potential On House Roofs Virtually — Total & Google Cloud Team Up


Total and Google Cloud are enthusiastically sharing that they have pooled their expertise and created a tool called Solar Mapper.

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Offshore Wind: Latest News on Turbines, State Action, & Markets from Coast to Coast


While other news is capturing plenty of the public’s attention these days, there are some headline-worthy happenings in the world of offshore wind, including the first turbines in US federal waters.

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Gemtek’s Tesla Model 3 Will Be Taking On A Targa Rally Once Again


Back in August, I shared the story about a Tesla Model 3 winning a Targa rally for the first time. The race was held at Targa South West in Australia and was divided into different categories. For the first time, Gemtek's Tesla Model 3 won the Targa 130, which featured 16 stages.

My Quest For Net Zero & Beyond With Tesla Model 3 — Part 5


I have now crossed the 30,000 miles (49,000 km) milestone in my 2019 Tesla Model 3, in just over 16 months, and in October I reached one full year on a set of Michelin CrossClimate+ tires, which will give some precise range data, so this is a perfect time for an update.

NRDC Sues US Department Of Energy Over Efficiency Standards Process Changes


Originally published on the NRDC Expert Blog. by Joe Vukovich NRDC sued the U.S. Department of Energy yesterday for once again altering its energy efficiency standards-setting process to make it more difficult to set rigorous energy-saving levels for America’s appliances and equipment.

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My Personal History With Global Warming


I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia from 1964–1966. Being an avid skier from the Adirondack Mountains in New York, I wanted to test my skills at the highest ski resort in the world, Mount Chacaltaya, a 45-minute drive from the capital of Bolivia, La Paz.