Sat.Jan 11, 2020

London Launching A 100% Zero-Emissions Street


When we examine the electric vehicle market and forecast electric vehicle growth, we often think of automaker plans, battery investments, how many models they're rolling out, etc. What we don't often consider is how strong city and country policies are going to get to push people to go electric.

How Oakland's environmental justice movement transformed California's regulatory culture of climate change


Local groups have engaged with regulators, legislators and other experts to drive impact. Books Climate Justice Policy & Politics Policy & Politics GreenBiz Reads

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More Great News For Tesla China — MIIT Minister States No Cut In EV Subsidies In July


Overnight, Miao Wei, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology in China, announced at the EV100 forum in Beijing that new energy vehicle (NEV) subsidies will not be cut in July 2020, as many in the industry had feared.

Australia’s Hellish Start to 2020: The Impact of Bushfires on the Grid and Politics of Oz


It was a hell of a way to start the 2020s in Australia: scorching summer heat and wildfires so bad they created their own weather systems; thousands of people stranded on beaches along the southeast coast on New Year’s eve; a prime minister slow to respond, and quick to dismiss climate change. This week on The Energy Gang , a look at the bushfires in Australia — their impact to the country, to the grid, and to politics of climate.

Mercedes Vans Needs To Reach 50% BEV In 2020 To Escape EU Fines


For the new EU Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) regulations, passenger cars and light vans are in two different classes. Manufacturers can't compensate the surplus in one class to balance the deficit in the other. Mercedes does not have a smaller, more efficient model.

Hummer to be reborn as GM electric pickup truck


We’ve often accused the legacy automakers of lacking imagination, but now we see that at least someone at GM has a sense of irony. The company’s first announced electric pickup truck will be called a Hummer. GM will not be reviving the Hummer make, which choked to death in 2010, but will sell the Hummer pickup under the GMC brand.

BMW USA Sales 2014–2019: Getting Slammed By Tesla Or Not?


For several years, we've considered BMW to be most at risk from Tesla's rise. The BMW brand's trademark "the ultimate driving machine" tagline got stolen away from the German automaker. Even Edmunds went out and called the Tesla Model 3 the ultimate driving machine.)

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Hack A Tesla Model 3 & Win A Prize — The Tesla Model 3 + $500,000


Totally defeat the digital defenses built into a Tesla Model 3 and you can win the car plus $500,000 in this year's PWN2OWN contest from the Zero Day Initiative.

Land Reclamation: A Destructive Force on Malaysia’s Coastlines


Land Reclamation in Malaysia: Coastal development in the Southeast-Asian nation might be doing more harm than good. words Matthew Vergara Nestled in the heart of the Asian tropics sits Malaysia, a country that has seen major economic progress and steady population growth in recent decades.

Audi USA Sales In 2014–2019 — Hurt Significantly By Tesla Or Not?


I recently decided to take a closer look at BMW USA sales over the past 6 years in order to try to examine how much BMW was being hurt by Tesla's popularity in the United States.

Inveteracy of the Gender Gap


As we step into 2020, it is worth reflecting on how far we have come. But how far along are we when it comes to closing the gender gap? According to a study conducted by the World Economic Forum, not very. They predict that it will take another 100 years to close the global gender gap.

The Top-Performing Energy Companies Of 2019

R-Squared Energy

I had originally intended on presenting my 2020 energy sector predictions today, but those aren’t quite ready. I expect to publish that column no later than a week from today. Instead, I present another column I always write at the end of each quarter: The performance of different areas of the energy sector. Since the end of the quarter also represented the end of the year, I will also cover the top-performing energy companies of the year. The S&P 500 returned 8.5%

How Oakland’s environmental justice movement transformed California’s regulatory culture of climate change


Local groups have engaged with regulators, legislators and other experts to drive impact. View original post here: How Oakland’s environmental justice movement transformed California’s regulatory culture of climate change. Business Green and-other books drive-impact- engaged-with experts greenbiz reads groups-have policy & politics