Sun.Sep 13, 2020

A Red State Goes Green — Why Texas Is Adding So Much Solar


In this article, I'll talk about what Texas is doing with utility-scale solar and how the motivation is different than many other states.

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Mutual credit in Colombia: Mercedes Bidart of Quipu Markets

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Today I’m talking with Mercedes Bidart, of Quipu Markets. Mercedes, you’re from Argentina, the project was born at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where you did a Masters; and the project is being launched in Colombia. So it’s a very pan-American project.

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Methane: Lying Liars And The Lies They Tell Us


The natural gas industry says publicly that methane emissions are minuscule and under control. But what they say in private is very different. Natural Gas Climate change global heating Independent Petroleum Association Methane Natural gas

Is Manila’s new white sand coast a threat to marine life?


The Philippines’ department of environment and natural resources has come under fire after dumping dolomite sand, typically used in construction, on the shores of Manila Bay as part of an US$8 million beautification project

Lewis Hamilton Is Driving The Transition To Electric Cars


Lewis Hamilton, star of Formula One racing, is leading his own personal campaign to promote the electric car revolution. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles electric car racing electric vehicle racing ev racing ev revolution Extreme E Lewis Hamilton racing

Myanmar's ongoing land conflict contributed to rapid forest cover loss


Habitats of globally threatened species, including the critically endangered Gurney’s pitta and recently discovered geckos, face destruction due to logging, agriculture and other human pressures

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Is Anybody Listening?

Forbes Green Tech

How much longer will we continue to ignore the impact of our continued refusal to do anything to mitigate the planet’s long-standing climate emergency?

Correction: Solar Power Equaled 37% Of New US Power Capacity In 1st Half Of 2020


At the end of last week, I reported on new power capacity installed across the United States in the first half of 2020. The data for that report came from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). However, FERC's dataset is incomplete.

Slow-Moving Hurricanes Near Coasts Are Flood Nightmares - Why Sally Is A Threat

Forbes Green Tech

Slow-moving hurricanes near the coast often mean major flood problems. Sally looks to be one. Science /science Innovation /innovation Science /science Green Tech /green-tech Editors' Pick editors-pick innovation science

Machine Learning + CleanTech + Climate Risks — CleanTech Talk Podcast


In the first half of this CleanTech Talk interview, Michael Barnard sits down with Paul Werbos, Ph.D. Co-Director of the Center for Intelligent Optimization and Networks, to talk about all things climate change.

Pandemic’s impacts are damaging climate research


Climate research is suffering permanent damage from some of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impacts, a UN report says


Volkswagen To Slash Shipping Emissions. Electrify America Debuts Home Charging Portal


Volkswagen is taking action to lower its carbon footprint and to bring residential EV charging to more people. Electric Cars EV Charging Electrify America Electrify Home EV charging EVSE Renewable Energy shipping volkswagen

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West Coast Wildfires Reveal Massive Governance Failures

Forbes Green Tech

Political polarization and short-termism impede the development of a rational wildfire policy response. State-level zero emissions policies alone will not address wildfires in the short-run. Along with forest management, communities need to enact policies to better prepare for wildfires.

The Mosquito Apocalypse And The Aftermath Of Hurricane Laura


The aftermath of Hurricane Laura continues for those in southwest Louisiana. Many are dealing with a mosquito apocalypse now, while Louisiana has been all but forgotten by the national media.

Fashion industry accused of water pollution blindspot

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Latest CDP report reveals vast majority of top fashion firms are failing to adequately respond to investor concerns over water-related risks across their value chain.

New Generation Of Small Chinese EVs Could Help Eskom’s Push For Mass EV Adoption In South Africa (Video) 


South Africa’s electricity utility company Eskom has been working with other stakeholders to promote adoption of EVs in South Africa. One of the stumbling blocks to accelerating adoption has been the high sticker prices of EV models available in South Africa.

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Online Event - Climate Networking Conference

Green Market Oracle

This event will take place on September 26, 2020. The Climate Networking Conference will include virtual panels, discussions and exhibitions dedicated to ensuring that climate stays at the top of the agenda amid a postponed COP26!

Tesla May Buy Low-Carbon Nickel From Canada’s Giga Metals, Reuters Reports


It's been reported in the past few days that Canadian miner Giga Metals may supply Tesla with low-carbon nickel, and that Tesla could even help with the development of a mine in some way (which could simply mean helping to finance the project).

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Rebooting Britain: Creating a sustainable, resilient, low carbon economy

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As the world rebuild from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to create a fairer, more resilient, low carbon society, writes BT's chief digital impact & sustainability officer, Andy Wales.

United In Science 2020 Report: Climate Change Has Not Stopped For COVID19


New York/Geneva — Climate change has not stopped for COVID19. Greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are at record levels and continue to increase. Emissions are heading in the direction of pre-pandemic levels following a temporary decline caused by the lockdown and economic slowdown.

Winemaker Accolade raises glass to newly carbon neutral range

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Company behind Hardy's and Echo Falls says its core range has been certified as carbon neutral. The company behind bestselling wine brands Kumala, Hardys, and Echo Falls has announced that its core range has now been certified carbon neutral.

Applying the Pareto Principle to Benefit the Planet: Conversion of Commercial Transportation to Reduce Effects of Climate Change


Applying the Pareto Principle to Benefit the Planet: in the US, the transportation sector is at the top of a list of polluters inclusive of agriculture, industry, commercial, residential and electricity.

Do celebrity endorsements really help environmental campaigns? We found no evidence

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University of Oxford researcher which looked at 181 celebrity campaigns in six languages finds no hard evidence that any were effective. Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin recently partnered with a reforestation charity and pledged to plant 3,000 trees every time his team won.

Lucid Motors: Building A “No Compromise” Brand


“We are not just launching a car, but a brand.” — Derek Jenkins, VP of Design, Lucid Motors.

Gap gifts sustainable sourcing 'toolkit' to fashion industry

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Retail giant teams up with Textile Exchange to extend reach of new Preferred Fiber Toolkit. A sustainability ‘toolkit' produced by clothing manufacturer Gap is to be made available industry-wide, in a bid to make it easier for companies to source sustainable textiles.

Fires, Floods, And The Coming Of Zoltan


This morning, the first story I saw was one of Steve Hanley’s latest articles on CleanTechnica, “Should People Be Prevented From Living In Fire And Flood Prone Areas?” It seems a majority of people in the U.S.

CBI tells government: Net zero action 'speaks 1,000 times louder than words'

Business Green

Britain's biggest business group urges government to fast track rollout of host of green technologies, including new CCUS, hydrogen, EV, and renewables projects.

'Now is the moment': Alstom reveals how the UK could pull ahead on hydrogen

Business Green

BusinessGreen sits down with Nick Crossfield, managing director of Alstom UK and Ireland, to discuss why hydrogen could hold the key to decarbonising the UK's railway network by the government's 2040 deadline.