Mon.Oct 19, 2020

The United States Consumed Record Amount Of Renewable Energy In 2019


In 2019, consumption of renewable energy in the United States grew for the fourth year in a row, reaching a record 11.5 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu), or 11% of total U.S. energy consumption.

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Why Gen Z voices matter in making business sustainable


Why Gen Z voices matter in making business sustainable. Isabel LoDuca. Mon, 10/19/2020 - 01:00. Generation Z, those born between 1996 and 2015, are current consumers, future business leaders and the future of this world. Yet, Gen Z is unlike any other generation to date.

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U.S. Department of Energy: EVs Emit Fewer Emissions, Better For The Environment


The Department of Energy has put to rest the myth that EVs are worse for the environment than vehicles that use diesel or gas engines. This is something like the 107th time that a reputable organization has concluded this.

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Finnish stamps shine a harsh light on climate change

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Finnish Post wanted to get the memo out about the climate crisis, but instead of using the internet, it went old school with snail mail. A series of new postage stamps designed by Finnish studio Berry Creative sends the message using a ubiquitous product coupled with basic science

Shanghai Tesla Model 3 With Cobalt-Free LFP Battery May Be Shipping To Europe


Following a Bloomberg News report in September that Tesla planned to ship the Shanghai made Tesla Model 3 to Europe, customer pre-order agreements in France and Germany are now showing up with “Model 3 – China” in the description: Next Model 3 SR+ will come from China, it's official ??@BlogTeslaFr

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Architecture students design a LEED Platinum home with an ADU in Kansas

Inhabitat - Innovation

Every year as part of Studio 804, University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design graduate students design and build an energy-efficient home for the community — and this year’s home not only achieved LEED Platinum certification but also comes with an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to fight suburban sprawl

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Can robot dolphins replace real ones in marine parks?

Inhabitat - Innovation

Proponents of swimming with dolphins cite the thrill of feeling a human-animal connection that verges on spiritual and even claim health benefits like reducing stress and boosting T cells. Animal rights supporters claim that promoting dolphin swims is cruel, unnatural, unsafe for people, and ruins dolphin family life. But what if you could swim with robot dolphins

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India Approves 2.1 Gigawatt Renewable Energy Deal Between Adani Green & Total


A transaction between one of India’s largest renewable energy companies and French energy major Total has received regulatory go-ahead from the Indian government.

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Iconic Farnsworth House gets a conceptual, sustainable redesign

Inhabitat - Innovation

As a design exercise, California-based architecture firm Jeff Barrett Studio has reimagined Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Farnsworth House for the modern times with a sustainable redesign that includes onsite renewable energy and modular construction

New Tesla Model Y Owner Is Highly Enthusiastic (Video Review)


This new Tesla Model Y owner is really happy with his all-electric black crossover. In fact, he says he hates driving and hadn’t driven for years before buying it, but since getting the Model Y, he has driven 2,000 miles and took a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco.

Weekly Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) Bulletin- October 19

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Washington Department of Commerce, October 19, 2020 Announcements Carbon and Electricity Markets Work Group meets Oct. 21 The Carbon and Electricity Markets Work Group will conduct a public work session from 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, Oct. Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission established this group under RCW 19.405.130. The work session […]. Industry News Public Policy ceta ceta bulletin rulemaking workshop notice

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New US Fuel Cell Alliance Blows Dark Green Hydrogen Cloud Over Natural Gas


A new US fuel cell alliance is on a mission to evaporate diesel engines, and a green hydrogen angle would ding natural gas, too.

Meet the latest U.S. thin-film solar panel manufacturer: Toledo Solar

Solar Power World

Toledo, Ohio, has a long history with cadmium-telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar. The “Father of Commercialized Solar,” Harold McMaster, first commercialized CdTe modules through his company Solar Cells Inc. SCI) in the late ’90s in Toledo.

On the Cutting Edge of Vehicle to Grid


Using the energy in our car batteries to power our homes during emergencies and our electrical grid during times of peak usage has felt like the holy grail where electrical vehicles, renewable energy, and efficient buildings all intersect.

I Converted a Home Fully to Electricity. Here’s How It Worked — and What It Cost


Barry Cinnamon is CEO of California's Cinnamon Energy Systems. I’m writing this in San Jose during a Mars-like red sky, light ash occasionally falling, and a faint smell of smoke in the air. Solar output has been down by 60 percent even though the fires are at least 50 miles from here.

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Next-Gen Energy Efficiency Tech Kills Carbon Capture Dream


These slim little slides infused with perovskite solar tech could be the key cards that open the doors to an energy efficiency revolution.

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Funding the Next Generation of Efficient, Electric, Grid-Interactive Communities


homes and commercial buildings consume roughly two-fifths of the country’s overall energy, three-fourths of all electricity, and account for most of the peak electricity demand that drives generation and power grid infrastructure costs.

Don’t Buy Tesla Solar Until You Read This Article — Solar Buying Guide


In this article, I'm going to give you a lot of things to consider before buying solar. Clean Power CleanTechnica CleanTechnica Exclusive Consumer Technology Research Rooftop Solar Solar Energy Solar Panels Tesla Tesla solar

Batteries Can Defer Grid Upgrades, but It’s a Tough Business [GTM Squared]


Sorry, Coal: 66% Conversion Efficiency Eyeballed For Next-Gen “Hot Carrler” Perovskite Solar Cells


The US is going all-in on a plan to dominate the global PV market with next-gen perovskite solar cells that can beat fossil fuels to a pulp.

So, What Exactly Is Floating Offshore Wind?


Onshore wind turbines can be found everywhere from the tropics to the Arctic. Three decades ago, developers started putting them on fixed foundations out at sea, sparking the rise of the offshore wind market, which built 6.1 gigawatts of new capacity in 2019.

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2000 HP Electric Lotus Evija Set to Tear Up Goodwood FOS


The all-new 2000 HP electric Lotus Evija is set to tear up the Goodwood Festival of Speed at this weekend's event! Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles electric cars electric lotus electric supercars goodwood Goodwood Festival of Speed lord march lotus Lotus Evija

Welsh biotech firm announces AD-boosting additive

Envirotec Magazine

Wastewater treatment plant. Cardiff-based biotech company Genesis Biosciences has developed what it describes as a novel and low site footprint solution to help bolster the performance and environmental credentials of anaerobic digestion (AD) systems.

ChargePolska Will Make Polish EV Drivers Happy


“I want it fast and I want it free” would probably be the best summary of how I feel about EV charging. Some of you will say it’s naive and some will say it doesn’t reflect market principles — and I will repeat that I want it fast and I want it free.

Case study: Bespoke analytical trailers for Northumbrian Water

Envirotec Magazine

“The trailers will provide a vast amount of information that we’ve never had before,” said project sponsor Laura Evans.

Up Close With The New 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup


Up close with the new 2021 Ford F150 Hybrid pickup, an electrified truck that turns anywhere it goes into a job site! Cars Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Hybrid Electric Cars electric work trucks Ford ford f-150 Ford F-150 Hybrid Ford hybrid hybrid pickup hybrid truck work trucks

Win a National Park tour for 2 from Inhabitat!

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We’re giving away park passes to Yosemite, Olympic and Zion National Parks plus $1,000 toward travel expenses. Enter for your chance to win


Taking A Regional Approach To Electric Vehicle Readiness


Getting around cities in electric vehicles (EVs) is getting easier as EV infrastructure grows. But traveling between cities is still a challenge as infrastructure, incentives, and policies aren’t always implemented on a regional scale.

Forced labour in Asia comes under fresh scrutiny: Will countries and companies pay a price?


Cambodian bricks, Malaysian rubber gloves, and fish from China and Taiwan have been added to the United States’ list of goods produced by child or forced labour. What does inclusion mean, and how is it different from US Customs import bans

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Pope Francis Picks UpA Hydrogen Toyota Mirai Popemobile


Pope Francis has been a relatively progressive pope — at least when it comes to matters of the environment. I’ve been a fan since Pope Francis traded a Ford Focus for a 1984 Renault 4 that ran on biofuel back in 2013.

A few details about my new climate book


We’ve set a release date, and you can pre-order it now


Women’s Clean Energy Wednesday: Spotlight on Rwanda


On Wednesday, October 21, join C3E International and USAID’s Power Africa for Women’s Clean Energy Wednesday: International Spotlight on Rwanda.

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Chelsea Clinton’s VC fund backs edtech startup Fiveable

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, October 19 – Back in July, Axios reported that Clinton was “kicking around the idea” for a venture fund to invest in two sectors most impacted by the global pandemic: health and education.

India x Cleantech — October 2020


Welcome to another issue of our new India x Cleantech series! On a monthly basis, we are pulling news from across clean technology sectors in India into a single, concise summary article about the country.