Tue.Jan 19, 2021

Can we finally standardize ESG standards?


Can we finally standardize ESG standards? Tim Mohin. Tue, 01/19/2021 - 01:00. Most GreenBiz readers are well aware of the complex sustainability reporting landscape.

2021 Washington State Legislative Session Report: Week 1

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Brad Boswell, January 16, 2021 Week One Today marks the end of the first week of the 2021 Legislative Session in Washington. On Monday several legislators came to a largely empty Capitol Campus to take an in-person vote to adopt rules to allow for a virtual session.

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The Water’s Warm: How Our Ecosystem Is Being Inverted Through Climate Change

U.S. Green Technology

A butterfly flaps its wings. A family in Iowa have their breakfast, then toss the plastic containers in the trash. All across the world, billions of people partake in small, day to day actions of living a life, oblivious to the wider impact.

How My Green Lab is cleaning up R&D


How My Green Lab is cleaning up R&D. Elsa Wenzel. Tue, 01/19/2021 - 00:30. Solutions to the world's biggest problems, including climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, are studied in research laboratories across the globe.

Solar Industry Pushed to Examine Supply Chain After Reports of Forced Labor in China


Labor and resettlement programs targeting Uyghur populations in China’s Xinjiang region have been linked with companies producing a significant portion of the world’s polysilicon, according to a forthcoming report that draws a connection between the solar industry and forced labor in the region.

Biden expected to cancel Keystone XL project on first day in office

Inhabitat - Innovation

Sources close to the US. President-elect Joe Biden indicate that the President plans to cancel the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline project


The energy storage market is blowing up in the United States 2021 Trends in Solar

Solar Power World

In addition to puzzles and alcohol, one product that saw a significant boost in sales during the pandemic was the energy storage system. With more people looking at their homes as sanctuaries in need of reliable electricity, the demand for residential battery backup is on the rise.

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New class of cobalt-free cathodes could enhance energy density of Li-ion batteries


Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers have developed a new family of cathodes with the potential to replace the costly cobalt-based cathodes typically found in today’s lithium-ion batteries.

The Mountain tiny home comes with a skylit cedar shower

Inhabitat - Innovation

Designed and built by CoMak Tiny Homes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this tiny home on wheels packs a ton of cool features into a pretty small package

Final Analysis of California’s August Blackouts Yields Few Surprises and a Tight Deadline for Solutions


The final report on California’s rolling blackouts in August is out — and its key findings for what caused the state’s heatwave-driven grid emergency haven’t changed much from initial findings. Simply put, the heat waves that blanketed the U.S.

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A new LEED Gold civic center will reinvigorate downtown Long Beach

Inhabitat - Innovation

Long Beach Civic Center Master Plan redesigns the downtown area into a vibrant, mixed-use district with multiple LEED-certified structures


Aker Horizons Buys Up Mainstream Renewable Power


Norwegian investment giant Aker announced Tuesday it had taken a majority stake in Mainstream Renewable Power, the global wind and solar project developer.

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US solar panels may be partially produced via slave labor

Inhabitat - Innovation

The production of polysilicon and other solar panel parts in Xinjiang is suspected to be through slave labor. Will the US stop importing these problematic parts


Sustainalytics recruits Marika Stocker to sustainable finance team in Singapore


The former Global Compact Network executive joins a Sustainalytics team rebuilding in Singapore

DOE releases Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap


The DOE has released the Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap , the agency’s first comprehensive energy storage strategy. Announced in January 2020, the Energy Storage Grand Challenge (ESGC) seeks to establish American leadership in energy storage.

What the Philippines needs to do in 2021 to deliver its climate pledges


Ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, Eco-Business highlights some of the major issues the Southeast Asian country must address to attain its vision of a low-carbon future

Carbon 124

Connecticut DOT orders up to 75 New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE electric buses


Bus manufacturer New Flyer has won a contract for 12 Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric transit buses from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), with options to purchase up to 63 more over five years. The purchase was supported by Federal Transit Administration funds.

Women in Pakistan’s Sindh win historic recognition to manage water


Excluded from water management for years despite being a major part of the agricultural workforce in Sindh, women farmers have been granted a role in water governance after the passage of a new amendment

Yo-Yo Ma: Creativity connects us

Impact Alpha

Culture and creativity are already having a positive effect on the serious issues facing our society. But with the right support, they can. The post Yo-Yo Ma: Creativity connects us appeared first on Impact Alpha. Creative Economy Inclusive Economy


As European meat-lovers resist change, Asia shows biggest appetite for plant-based future


An onslaught of Covid-19 disruptions to food supplies and new meat-free innovations haven’t managed to shift European appetites away from their home comforts

Asia 115

Electrify America collaborates with EVNoire to promote EV access in California African-American communities


Fast charging network operator Electrify America has announced a collaboration with EVNoire Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group in a campaign to increase awareness of EVs in African-American communities throughout California.

Evergreen Promotions: Sustainable Promo Items for Companies of All Sizes

Green Business Bureau

In the crowded space of creating promotional marketing materials, Evergreen Promotions , an eco-friendly e-commerce company that sells personalized promotional products, strives to offer their clients a truly green product through their green sourcing and operational practices.

Renewable Resources Group and Capricorn Investment Group float a SPAC

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, January 19 – Investment firms Renewable Resources Group and Capricorn Investment Group have launched Sustainable Development Acquisition I Corp. The special purpose acquisition. The post Renewable Resources Group and Capricorn Investment Group float a SPAC appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Inverter manufacturers make O&M support virtual 2021 Trends in Solar

Solar Power World

Dealing with inverter customer service when issues arise has not been the most pleasant experience for many installers in the past. Long wait times on the phone with manufacturers can waste precious time and increase hourly costs for project owners.

Waste 76

Planet Releases ArcGIS Add-In & QGIS Plugin V2.0

Planet Pulse

At Planet, we’re committed to reducing the friction of using satellite imagery so our users can gain the greatest value from our data. We do this by partnering with leading GIS-providers and delivering the necessary tools and software needed to derive insights from our data.


Indonesia invites China as investor for extended high-speed railway


Indonesian president Joko Widodo has offered China's Xi Jinping an opportunity to take part in constructing the rail line to Indonesia’s second largest city, after Tokyo rejected Jakarta’s initial invitation

Modernization and Inclusion? Informal and Semiformal Transport in Latin America

The City Fix

This blog is also available in Spanish on IADB.org. For most Latin American and Caribbean cities, public transport is the single most important way to access opportunity and essential services for most urban dwellers, from finding a job to education. Continue reading on TheCityFix.com.

The fight for women's rights beyond #MeToo


Collective action against sexual harassment did not emerge with the #MeToo campaign. In several countries, particularly in the Global South, that campaign has overshadowed existing movements and impeded ongoing struggles for women’s rights


Lion’s Head closes $400 million Facility for Energy Inclusion

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, January 19 – Lion’s Head’s Facility for Energy Inclusion launched in 2017 to finance off-grid renewable power producers in Africa with projects of. The post Lion’s Head closes $400 million Facility for Energy Inclusion appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Amazon-Backed Rivian Hauls In Additional $2.65 Billion To Fund Electric Vehicle Push

Forbes Green Tech

The latest investment round pushes the EV startup's funding to at least $8 billion.

New books on the new rules for a new era of business

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Jan. 19 – From the COVID pandemic and climate change to the racial justice uprising and assaults on democracy, the tumultuous events. The post New books on the new rules for a new era of business appeared first on Impact Alpha. Clean Energy Corporate Impact Signals

The Challenge Facing Biden’s Green Jobs Agenda? Green Jobs

Forbes Green Tech

It takes fewer workers to run a wind or solar farm than a coal or gas plant. That and other realities of green jobs pose problems for Biden's renewable energy push, an analysis finds. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech business business

Tree planting pushes out pastoralists in the Himalayas


Poorly planned tree planting programmes in Himachal Pradesh have squeezed pastoralists and put greater pressure on fragile ecosystems


The Brief: Brief birthday, Yo-Yo Ma on creativity and capital, energy inclusion in Africa, sustainable development SPAC, new books for a new era

Impact Alpha

Featured: Creativity connects us: Yo-Yo Ma on creating jobs, raising voices and building hope. The post The Brief: Brief birthday, Yo-Yo Ma on creativity and capital, energy inclusion in Africa, sustainable development SPAC, new books for a new era appeared first on Impact Alpha. The Brief

Recent Deals – 18 January

CleanTech Group

What does the onset of 2021 mean for cleantech’s progress? Is the pandemic slowing things down or is it full steam ahead? Have a look and decide for. Agriculture & Food Energy & Power Materials & Chemicals Recent Deals Resources & Environment Transportation and Logistics

Entegrity Flips the Switch on Solar with Team of Independence County School Districts


The array, a 1.36 MW DC single axis tracking system provided by Entegrity, was inaugurated during a “Flip the Switch” ceremony with students, staff, solar implementation team, policymakers, and the sheep that maintain the solar grounds


As floods hit Borneo, Indonesia urged to boost climate action under Paris accord


Jakarta has said it will not raise its targets to cut planet-heating emissions—which researchers judge insufficient—despite being hit by floods and rising seas