Sun.Jul 12, 2020

Whoosh! Wind Power Wins, Pipelines Implode In Fossil Fuel Week From Hell


New wind power project sails ahead while fossil fuel stakeholders come to grips with record breaking heat and a fresh round of COVID-19 lockdowns.

GRI and SASB are collaborating. Is that good news for companies?


GRI and SASB are collaborating. Is that good news for companies? Joel Makower. Sun, 07/12/2020 - 17:56.

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France’s Recent Order Liberalizing Retrofits Of Old ICE Vehicles Supercharges Phoenix Mobility’s Ambitions For Mass EV Conversions


We just love hearing about EV conversions. This is an industry that promises to play a major role in accelerating the transition to electromobility.

Africa 428

What post-Covid communities could look like, if enough of us want it

Low Impact

Here’s a little story for anyone who’s noticed that things aren’t going too well in our communities. Small businesses are going under, unemployment is on the rise and money’s becoming scarce.

Volkswagen’s Top Software Guy Is Dropped


It is no secret that Volkswagen Group has been struggling with what is truly an enormous challenge. Now rumor is that the company is dropping its head honcho on software and is replacing him with.

The plastic pandemic


Plastic may have helped to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the Covid-19 crisis threatens to stall progress made in tackling plastic pollution, writes Jacob Duer of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

India Looking To Strengthen Domestic Solar Manufacturing, Reduce Dependence On China


With the resurgence of a border dispute with China, the Indian government is now looking to reduce dependence on Chinese imports, including solar cells and modules.

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Mark Your Calendars: Tesla Shareholder Meeting & Battery Day Scheduled For September 22


Tesla has set September 22 as the date for its annual shareholders meeting and the long awaited Battery Day.

Rivian raises $2.5 billion in new funding


Investors are pouring money into EV companies—as shares in Tesla, Nio and newly public Nikola soar, Rivian , which has attracted loads of media attention for its planned electric pickup and SUV, has raised $2.5 billion in new funding in a round led by T. Rowe Price.

Tesla Won’t Produce Model Y Standard Range, But Will Add Model Y RWD


Elon Musk has shared several nuggets of information about the Tesla Model Y this evening on Twitter. We've got all the details below and will add more if Musk returns to Twitter to share more information.

DOE: slightly more CCS chargers than CHAdeMO in the US


At first glance, the Department of Energy’s latest stats on public fast chargers indicate that we’re in the midst of a thrilling standards war, with the two competitors running neck-and-neck.

Can A Government Be Held Accountable If Climate Legislation Is Violated?


If you think about the goal of the Paris Agreement to halve global carbon emissions in the next 10 years to keep the world on track to limit temperature rise to 1.5C, it in itself might seem, and frankly might actually be, impossible.

Return of the Bomb Trains


Read time: 7 mins On July 6th Reuters published an article on the potential for a resurgence of moving crude oil from the Bakken region of North Dakota across the country by rail, due to a judge’s decision to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline over permit issues.


Sweden At 26% Plug-in Vehicle Market Share


Sweden remains an odd plug-in vehicle market in which plug-in hybrids heavily outweigh full electrics. Part of that may be because Volvo Cars only sells plug-in hybrids so far, and Volvo is sort of popular in Sweden.

EKO Instruments Launch MS-90 Plus+ Solar Monitoring Solution


NEW Cost-Saving Package Measures DNI, DHI, and GHI

Azure Power & SoftBank Planning Asset, Stake Sale In Indian Solar Businesses


Leading Indian renewable energy developers are facing a liquidity crunch due to the COVID 19-induced nationwide lockdown and increased competition from emerging players. The country’s debt-ridden discoms are unable to pay off their dues to the generating companies.

Indonesian lawmakers to probe pulpwood firm’s dispute with indigenous group


Members of the Indonesian parliament want to question pulp and paper company PT Arara Abadi about its dispute with an Indigenous community in Sumatra that resulted in a member of the community being jailed on dubious charges


Born & Raised In Sawdust: How Race Affected A Journey To Science & Engineering


Lewis Thigpen's memoir includes commentaries on how racial barriers exist in education and science prevent many people of color from achieving their potential. CleanTechnica Reviews Media Policy & Politics Science Dr. Lewis Thigpen Howard University Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Aldi pledges to halve plastic packaging by 2025

Business Green

Aldi said it would work with suppliers to remove the equivalent of 2.2 billion single items of plastic of its shelves within the next five years.

Debunking Manhattan Institute’s “The ‘New Energy Economy’: An Exercise In Magical Thinking” — Part One


Defund and divest: Banks, investors, and pension funds urged to stop bankrolling meat and dairy

Business Green

‘Big Livestock’ is just as damaging to the planet as the fossil fuel industry, campaigners warn, yet UK banks continue to be among the sector's largest creditors, pouring tens of billions into carbon-intensive companies fuelling deforestation.

“All Energy Matters,” US Energy Secretary Tells Global Conference


At an international conference this week, US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said the US advocates for less government regulation and more acceptance of all fuels, a variation of the trite "let the market decide" concept promoted by conservatives since Ronald Reagan was in office.

Mercedes announces partnership with battery cell manufacturer Farasis


Mercedes-Benz has launched a strategic partnership with the Chinese battery cell manufacturer Farasis Energy , and taken an equity stake in the company. Key elements of the agreement include the development and industrialization of advanced cell technologies as well as goals for cost competitiveness. The technological focus is on significant increases in range through advances in energy density and charging time reduction.

Blockbuster Sunrun/Vivint Merger Challenges Tesla Solar Ambitions


Sunrun has acquired Vivint Solar to become the largest roof top solar company in America.

Protected: The roadmap to sustainable e-commerce

EDF + Business

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: The roadmap to sustainable e-commerce appeared first on EDF+Business. eCommerce innovation online shopping retail technology

McDonald's takes net zero vision to Disney World

Business Green

World's first net zero emission McDonald's opens at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, with solar arrays set to provide as much power as the site uses each year.

Virtual Event - Sustainability Week 2020 Disruption as a Catalyst for Action

Green Market Oracle

Sustainability Week 2020 Disruption as a Catalyst for Action will take place on October 5th - 9th 2020 1pm - 3pm BST (8am - 10am EDT). This virtual event will feature 10 hours of curated content over 5 days.

GRI and SASB are collaborating. Is that good news for companies?


GRI and SASB are collaborating. Is that good news for companies?